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sethmctenn specializes in Holistic and Aesthetic Medicine.

I've worked in hospitals, retail compounding pharmacy, doctors' offices, and my own holistic health clinic since 1995.

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  1. Massage courses for nurses

    In many states nurses are exempted from the massage practice act and can practice without a massage license. Some schools will give you credit for the A/P portion which accounts for 1/2 of most massage programs.
  2. Best MD note

    in FNP school, I had a preceptor who used fat to indicate fatigue in ROS. I was always afraid a patient was going to see my notes for him which use his same terminology
  3. Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs)

    What I usually tell people is that while I believe E Cigs are probably less harmful than cigarettes, there is little data on the effects of the chronic glycerin exposure to the lungs from the vehicle. The nicotine we understand. As glycerin is a hume...
  4. Ccrn

    I took it after a year and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. I also did the Laura Gasperis Vonfrolio DVD. I studied for about 3 days.
  5. Alternative Therapies with Western medical model

    I've worked where massage and acupuncture were both available in the hospital and it was very helpful. 5 years ago, the sacchromyces we give C. Dificile patients was alternative medicine. Acidophilus, now often recommended with antibiotics, were alte...
  6. favorite treatments to do?

    I am curious what your favorite treatments to do are. Mine is probably a liquid lift with Pelleve', fillers, PRP, and botox.
  7. CCRN Self-Assessment Test?

    I don't remember my percentage but you only had to get 89 out of 150 questions right to pass because of the survey questions.
  8. CCRN Self-Assessment Test?

    It was way easier than I expected. I watched the Laura Gasperis Vonfrolio DVDs. There were tons of swan-ganz questions that gave art line pressures, wedge pressures, CVP, and you had to know what was going on based on them. Other than that, I was sur...
  9. Suggestions on RN starting up as a Holistic Nurse,

    A great place to start with using herbs in diet is to look at ayurvedic "kitchen cures." Graduate to Vasant Lad's textbooks if you like a basic book on the topic. That way, you have some dietary tools for supporting constitutional health and working ...
  10. CCRN testing help

    Just don't tell anyone you are taking it and give it a whirl. Think of it as a practice exam that will let you know how you need to do. Plan on taking it again. If you pass, it'll be awesome. If you don't, your pride isn't hurt. It's just to get the ...
  11. No more piggybacking zosyn?

    We typically run a loading dose of 2.25gm then a continuous infusion at 8.3cc/hr after the loading dose.
  12. FFP off the pump?

    We use Alaris pumps and typically give blood products on the pump
  13. Sleep bundle

    Is anyone using a sleep bundle of any kind. I'd love to hear what your facility is doing to encourage better quality sleep. If you have a standard order set and would consent to emailing it to me, PM me. I'll send you my outside email address. Thanks
  14. IV Push Lasix

    That is a high dose for IV push. It can be given at 20mg/min but I typically add 100mg (10cc) to a 50cc NS bag and run it on a pump over an hour.
  15. Detectives and PD- how much information can we give out?

    This is a great question for the risk management department at your facility. That way, you are sure that you are complying with the law and with your facility policies.