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Holistic and Aesthetic Medicine
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sethmctenn specializes in Holistic and Aesthetic Medicine.

I've worked in hospitals, retail compounding pharmacy, doctors' offices, and my own holistic health clinic since 1995.

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  1. sethmctenn

    Massage courses for nurses

    In many states nurses are exempted from the massage practice act and can practice without a massage license. Some schools will give you credit for the A/P portion which accounts for 1/2 of most massage programs.
  2. sethmctenn

    Best MD note

    in FNP school, I had a preceptor who used fat to indicate fatigue in ROS. I was always afraid a patient was going to see my notes for him which use his same terminology
  3. sethmctenn

    Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs)

    What I usually tell people is that while I believe E Cigs are probably less harmful than cigarettes, there is little data on the effects of the chronic glycerin exposure to the lungs from the vehicle. The nicotine we understand. As glycerin is a humectant, it may pull more moisture into the lungs. I think they can be a great way to get off smoking IF you start at an appropriate dose of nicotine AND wean the nicotine down. I usually have them do so on a 2 week to 1 month basis. I recommend that they vape nicotine free for 2 weeks to 1 month after getting off the nicotine then stop. The thing I most hate about vaping is that people feel like they can do it anywhere and I find the smells of the flavors to be offputting. I also do not want them exhaling nicotine in my presence. It's still important to go out side and not do it around your children (or me). I think the FDA will take action in the next year due to flavors being enticing to children.
  4. sethmctenn


    I took it after a year and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. I also did the Laura Gasperis Vonfrolio DVD. I studied for about 3 days.
  5. sethmctenn

    CCRN Self-Assessment Test?

    I don't remember my percentage but you only had to get 89 out of 150 questions right to pass because of the survey questions.
  6. sethmctenn

    CCRN Self-Assessment Test?

    It was way easier than I expected. I watched the Laura Gasperis Vonfrolio DVDs. There were tons of swan-ganz questions that gave art line pressures, wedge pressures, CVP, and you had to know what was going on based on them. Other than that, I was surprised how much was pretty obvious to anyone with any experience at all.
  7. sethmctenn

    No more piggybacking zosyn?

    We typically run a loading dose of 2.25gm then a continuous infusion at 8.3cc/hr after the loading dose.
  8. sethmctenn

    FFP off the pump?

    We use Alaris pumps and typically give blood products on the pump
  9. sethmctenn

    How to get practice starting IVs / drawing blood

    When I was in school, I volunteered at my doctor's office in the lab for a while. Although doing blood draws and starting IVs are different skills, it did help at the time
  10. sethmctenn

    Washing patient's hair!!!

    I use 2 pads that are normally placed under the patient. I fold it into a J shape with the bottom part of the J under their neck like a cervical pillow. The water will collect in the loop of the pad. You can place a yankauer into the fold. Use a toomey syringe filled with hot water to rinse. The yankauer sucks up the water. It's a no mess method. I can usually do it without even having to change the sheets afterward if they are already clean.
  11. sethmctenn

    If you know someone is going to be fired - do you tell?

    If you don't want to get dragged in but feel somehow morally obligated to inform him, consider doing so anonymously by email from a hotmail or yahoo account you set up then delete later. If you do so, I wouldn't tell anyone that you did
  12. sethmctenn

    Concerns about 'modeling' pictures

    I have a male friend who was recognized from some website modeling he did. When the patient asked him if he had been on the site, he just replied, "that is so kind that you think I could be on a site like that" and walked off. Even if she is recognized, she doesn't have to respond to that recognition by acknowledging or denying it. She will not be under any requirement to talk to patients or staff about every aspect of her personal life.
  13. sethmctenn

    Pharmacists giving injections!?!

    Nursing scope of practice overlaps almost every other health profession. Almost nothing we do is exclusive to nursing.
  14. sethmctenn

    Spanish with emphasis on medical issues / assessment

    Chulada77- what podcasts have you found most valuable?
  15. sethmctenn

    New grad taking ACLS course??

    I took ACLS, PALS and NRP while in school. It did help me get an ICU job. the class isn't that hard IF you understand EKGs, know your rhythms, and learn your basic algorithms before class.
  16. sethmctenn

    NSO Insurance

    They take FOREVER to respond to emails (1-2 weeks). Their coverage is pretty good and affordable though. Thankfully, I can't tell you how it is if you have a claim