Any chance in heck of getting an ER position?


As a new LPN?. Has anyone managed to do this?. From what I gather it's very difficult to get ER positions as LPN's. Do you think my years as a medic would have any pull?. I plan on going on to get my RN with the goal of working ER, I'm just impatient! :-)

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Well I don't know what area you live in but my LPN clinical instructor had a ER job waiting for him two months before he graduated. I guess he did clinicals there and they saw how darn good he was. I believe it was with the JPS system in forth worth. He has worked there for a while now with GREAT pay and the hospital is paying for his RN.

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It does depend on your area and I'd ask around. The real jam up here is when hospitals are going for Magnet status. It never hurts to do some networking, as corny as that sounds, because the best positions are often not advertised but instead procured through word of mouth. Good luck!


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Thanks for the replies. I live in the Atlanta area so hopefully I can find some leads.:)

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I have to echo Jules A. It REALLY depends on where you live. It may be difficult to get an ER position with no experience at all because LPNs (in theory...not necessarily practice) are basically meant to deal with stable patients with predictable outcomes. My ER still uses LPNs but they are limited to monitoring the telemetry patients; they were much more active in the ER before.

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Well around here you can't even step foot into a hospital as an LPN anymore. All they seem to hire are RN's and CNA's so either you aren't qualified enough or too qualified for the job.. It's awful


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Well around here you can't even step foot into a hospital as an LPN anymore. All they seem to hire are RN's and CNA's so either you aren't qualified enough or too qualified for the job.. It's awful
I know what you mean! In school my transition to practice area was the ER at Eisenhower medical center and I spent almost a month there. not to mention that the Army uses their lpn's in ICU and forward surgical teams overseas. oh well, I will try to get an ER position, but I'm not holding my breath. besides we all have to pay our dues. As a new nurse I just want to get some experience while i work toward my RN. Thanks again for the replies.

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My ER has 2 LPN's one is a primary nurse and she ROCKS and the other is a darn good "tech"...The primary nurse was working in the ER prior to our hosp making the "only RN" rule--she is in RN school--very part time, she is so good though that of course an exception was made for her. the other is also a darn good nurse, but since she does not have her RN she can not work in the role of nurse--at least not if you really want in, you may have to take a tech job and show them what you got!!--Good Luck


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I should probably mention that I'm an Army reservist just in case anyone was confused about that.:)


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The last hospital I worked at in the Seattle area, did hire LPNs in the ER. I'm not sure what their role was though. I would imagine that your experience you would make you a very desirable candidate if you were to apply some place with an opening. Good Luck and welcome to nursing!

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We have a new grad LPN in our ER. She had worked as a tech there before going to school. She takes care of the fast track pts. and helps out where ever she to work with her.....does a great job!


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I was lucky enough to get the chance to work in every area and the ER was my last stop. I loved it. I didn't have to put up with someone constantly on the call light. I hated to float back up to the floor and help. So there is a chance.

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