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I hate mornings..LOL!

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  1. M60802

    Georgia BON

    Well they said they mailed me a letter concerning "deficiencies" last week and to follow the letters intructions to "properly" complete the app. I have been 100% honest and concise. I have no clue what they want. This is such a joke. No wonder there is such a shortage. SOOO frustrating.
  2. M60802

    Georgia BON

    I am so glad I'm not alone on this. I passed NCLEX Dec 5th, applied for reciprocity for my Texas lic. on Jan 15th, STILL have not been granted a Ga. lic. going on 6 weeks now. I'm tired of working as a medic. Everything in this state is slow.
  3. Try Grady. I have had a few lpn offers from some ED's in the metro Atl. but I've been a medic for 10years and they took that into consideration. As far as LTC goes I've found that they pay better than hospital positions. I've been offered anywhere from 16-20$ Hr. Good luck in your quest.
  4. M60802

    Is Atalanta good for jobs for New Grads?

    I dont know if LTC is your thing but they all seem to be hiring LPN's. I'm working as a medic while waiting for my Ga. lic. and I go to lots and lots of facilities and have been made a few job offers on the spot in the 18$ to 20$ an hour range. It helps to apply a face to your name so go talk to them in person. Good luck.
  5. M60802

    Is there any correction jobs for a new LPN?

    I thought that there was only one nurse so I assumed the workload was heavy. it's good to hear that you have some help. I'm used to Govt employment, part of the appeal for me. I'll continue to do more research. Thanks again for the replies.
  6. M60802

    God Bless America

    ......I have worked with "volleys" many times over the years and the one thing that stands out is how willing they were to help, and how genuine there concern for others seemed. As a paid medic/firefighter we place a lot of emphasis on training and the latest greatest toys and gadgets, but we should never forget a sincere compassionate caring attitude is something that cant be paid for. The traditional volunteer fire/ems system is going by the wayside due to call volume and increased funding requirements, sad to see them go.
  7. M60802

    Is there any correction jobs for a new LPN?

    I'm considering it. It seems to be a somewhat difficult position to get. How are the bennies?. Is it a depressing place to work? Stress level?. Thanks!!
  8. M60802

    MCCG Clinicals

    I recently graduated from the US Army practical nurse course. Half of our rotations were at Eisenhower army medical center and the other half were at MCG with some VA rotations thrown in here and there. I would say that MCG was a good experience, but they seemed to be a little hesitant to engage us in conversation, and seemed to pretty much let us do our own thing. We had to approach the staff multiple times to enquire about procedures. It's almost like they didn't know how to act around us. We had a lot of previous medical experience in our class because the prereq for Army nursing school is that you have to be a combat medic and we had lots of students with combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan so we got the impression that this made them feel uncomfortable. Maybe it will be different for you. My rotations at Eisenhower were awesome!. The Capts, and Lt's repeatedly drilled us and were absolutely relentless. Plenty of one-on-one counseling and tons of instruction. We had no choice but to do everything by the numbers correctly and were called out if our performance lacked. This is the kind of intensity that nursing students need, that I didnt get at MCG. Maybe you will have a different experience.
  9. M60802

    Is there any correction jobs for a new LPN?

    I assume thats male nurses for male inmates and female nurses for female inmates?. A friend also said that his corrections system in Fla. is looking specifically for male nurses. ( for obvious reasons ). How is it in the Gwinnett system? Thanks.
  10. At least I'm not the only one lol!. Anyway, I have a Texas LVN lic. that I submitted first week of Jan. Last week got e-mail saying they received it but it had to go to review because I got busted for drinking underage. ( 20 years ago! ) Dont know how long it will take but at least the balls rolling. Hang in there. I'm working as a medic while I wait. What are you doing for work?. Maybe you could get a position as a nurse graduate while you wait. Goodluck.
  11. M60802

    Does Ga. honor online schools?

    Thanks for the advice studytime, I'm sorry you are one of the victims of this decision which will only serve to worsen the shortage in Ga. Goodluck to you.
  12. M60802

    Does Ga. honor online schools?

    I spoke to a rep from Indiana state university today and their distance program through the college network looks good and is honored in Ga.
  13. M60802

    Does Ga. honor online schools?

    I'm a new LPN looking to get my RN ASAP for a commission in the military, more specifically, my ADN. I was really planning on doing this online as much as possible. From the looks of it I may have to spent a considerable amount of time in a brick and mortar school. What is up with Ga. not honoring Excelsior? I know some experienced LPN's that were planning to go this route. >:-(
  14. M60802

    GA Nursing Roll Call

    Greetings to all! Ga. native here ( N.E. Atlanta ) brand new graduate of US Army nursing school ( reservist ) looking forward to networking and learning! HAPPY NEWYEAR!
  15. M60802

    Does Ga. honor online schools?

    Hey everyone. Sorry for the vague thread title, but I'm meeting with an advisor tommorow and wanted to know where I could find out which online/distance learning programs are honored in Ga. I already know about Excelsior being a no-go...that sucks. Anyhoo, thanks for any help. :-)
  16. M60802

    Any chance in heck of getting an ER position?

    I should probably mention that I'm an Army reservist just in case anyone was confused about that.:)