Another milestone I want to share with my peeps here ...

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So today I took the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) exam. And I passed!!! YAY! :) :) :) And passed very well. I'm quite pleased with my score! It's really a pass/fail exam, but ... yeah, you know how I am. LOL

I also just realized that two years ago today (May 14, 2007), I took my first Excelsior exam (A&P). Too freakin' funny! :D I've come a long way, baybeeeeeeeeee!

Well done, Lunah!


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Good job!


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congratulations!!!!! like i've said about you before you are awesome!!! :yeah:


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Very cool. I bet the Paramedic background helped on that one!


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Congratulations Girl!!!! I have to have 2 years of experience before I can take the national test.

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Congrats! But, I am not surprised. I have come to expect only the best from you, because that is how you deliver. You are admired greatly. Traci

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Congrats again! :up:


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One more for the short chick. Congrats!!!

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Congrats! The RNs at work say this is harder than the NCLEX. Well done!

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