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  1. No more CPNE at Plano

    I just learned that it isn't the lack of patients but the lack of physical space that caused the end of CPNE testing at Plano. I don't want to spread any wrong information. Tom

    I bought used College Network books off EBAY and liked them. If you are not LPN background, you should purchase the full "Fundamentals of Nursing" text. I went to Paramedic school and the nuring text helped me start thinking like a nurse. Tom
  3. Passed CPNE in Albany (AMC) 1/17, No Retakes!

    Congrads and thanks for the write-up. It gives those of us following behind you hope.
  4. No more CPNE at Plano

    I was scheduled for 2-12-2010 in Plano and just got a call telling me that Medical Center in Plano has not renewed their contract with Excelsior. The reason stated is they could not get enough patients for Excelsior. So, now I am being moved to 2-2...
  5. Very cool. I bet the Paramedic background helped on that one!
  6. CPNE Workshop Reviews

    if you do a google search for cpne, you will likely see a new website that claims to compare the different workshops. the website says "this is the official cpne workshop review site, written by students for students to help you know the real deal...
  7. Health Differences Across the Lifespan 3

    i passed lifespan 3 saturday. as always, taking the official practice exam will be very helpful. i do recommend the practice exams. the one thing that surprised me was the number of questions on the live test that required some drug knowledge....
  8. Anyone doing EC from the D/FW area??

    Still remaining is Lifespan 2 & 3. That is the old NC5 & 6.
  9. Anyone doing EC from the D/FW area??

    I'm from Denton and have completed all but two of the tests. I'll be glad to lend a hand to someone else; it will help me as well as it helps you. I need to get moving on the exams again.
  10. Help

    Debi23, How long ago did you sign up with the college network? Less than three days and you can exit your contract. Their materials are good, but you can get them used cheaper on EBAY. If past the 3 day limit, then let the contract with them mot...
  11. Excelsior

    As another medic, I would second the advice given. Sign up directly with Excelsior. Don't sign up with any of the third party study guide providers. Good Luck and keep coming back to this Forum. There are always lots of helpful people here. T...
  12. Lynn's CPNE workshop Dallas

    i attended lynn's cpne workshop in dallas this week too. i learned lots of stuff from it and plan to retake it when i actually get near my cpne date. one of the big things i learned from her workshop is to make sure you have a plan of attack for the ...
  13. Soooooo much reading!

    The reading you are doing is good review, but likely much more than you need to do in order to pass your first EC test. Pick up a good study guide for NC1 off EBAY and study from it. It will be much faster. Then if there are any areas that you kno...