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No more CPNE at Plano


I was scheduled for 2-12-2010 in Plano and just got a call telling me that Medical Center in Plano has not renewed their contract with Excelsior. The reason stated is they could not get enough patients for Excelsior.

So, now I am being moved to 2-26-2010 in Lubbock. I will enjoy the two additional weeks of time to practice, but Plano is one hour from my home and Lubbock is seven hours.

I wanted to post this message to give others here at allnurses.com the heads-up. If you are scheduled at Plano, expect a call.


Well this is nice news. Add this site to the ones in PA, and now there is more of a backlog. Good luck. Maybe the change will turn out to be a good change in the long run!

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hummmmm..i did my cpne at plano.....their reasoning seems a little off.....

I just learned that it isn't the lack of patients but the lack of physical space that caused the end of CPNE testing at Plano.

I don't want to spread any wrong information.


I can't see lack of patients, as they just rotate the patients around to the people being tested and substitute adults for peds. Probably after a trial run for awhile, they just decided that accommodating the process was more trouble than it was worth for them. Too bad for all the students that will be inconvenienced by this decision.

I had a CPNE date in Plano, Tx too but they gave me a new date in Lubbock. I live in Dallas and now I will have to travel... I just hope to have a great experience..

Tom could you please email me? thanks.. Milly