And What Did YOU eat today?

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Today, I ate a frozen breakfast sandwich in the car during my 45 minute drive in. Lunch was a handful of peanuts standing up in the breakroom. Dinner - 2 slices of cold pizza,eaten in the car ,on the way home.

Fluid balance probably not so great either,as I was running up and down the halls for 13 hours and we are not ALLOWED to even have a bottle of water at the desk!

We cant even have time for our basic needs, yet we had better cater to the whims of doctors, patients,visitors and administration!:eek:

Chik-fil-A nuggets reheated for dinner

Carmel corn popcorn for snack

3 Red Bulls and a Gatorade for hydration...most likely went negative on the hydration with all the caffeine.

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There are so many days that I realize on my way home from work that the last thing I had to drink was 14 hours ago when I brushed my teeth that morning. Food? Who has time for that? Sad, isn't it?!? I feel your pain!

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I work nights and weekends when the rules are a little bit more relaxed so we usually eat at the desk while charting. On a regular night, I run off of 5hr energy shots, coffee, chocolate milk, and a nutri-grain bar. On a good night, I might actually get to sit down and eat one of those hungry man microwavable dinners.

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Instead of loading up on caffeine, I usually go for high protein/healthy fat to keep my energy up. Avocado, cheese, lean meats (turkey chili is great, with lots of beans!), salads topped with feta cheese, toasted almonds (no salt), etc. If you think about food as energy, it really helps you eat the right things.

wow, I guess i have been lucky. The last two places i worked, i was able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner within 12hr dayshift. It sure made my days go faster. Now that I am on nights, I eat less, probably b/c the cafeteria is closed at night. Also adequate bathroom breaks Thank God cos I cant hold for too long and I refuse to hold.

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Funny someone brought up using the bathroom. There have been so many times I have gone almost an entire shift, then realize I really have to go. My "eyeballs are floating" as I have heard some say. If a patient had not voided for that long, we would be scanning that bladder and getting an order for an in and out cath.

How do we make it these long shifts on so little? As far as eating, I am not a big breakfast person, but I try to make myself eat a piece of fruit or a bagel, along with a Coke or Mountain Dew. Usually, no lunch, but another Coke. I try to get in at least some water during my shift, but we cannot have food or drink at the desk as well. Luckily, when I get home from work, my husband will have something good for supper ready for me.

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A pack of Starbursts and a can of coke :o I work 3-11:30p, and I usually eat a sensible dinner at work, as they have a stacked salad bar and healthy entrees. Before work, it's either nothing or crap like today.

coffee, corn flakes and half a banana with milk (at home), an apple (the little bagged kind), a cheese stick and one very large fountain diet coke (in the car --- homehealth nurse). I plan a decent dinner, but dh is out of town, so maybe a handful of lime corn chips and a diet coke.

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-Cereal with berries and soy milk

-Small glass of OJ


-Baby carrots

-Go Lean granola bar


-Peanut butter sammie on wheat bread

-Ativa yogurt

-Cheese stick


-100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels




*I drink water throughout the day

*I am a nursing student and had 6 hours of class today and went to work afterward for a bit (I can eat during school and work)

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Nothing for breakfast.

Spoon full of peanut butter between cases since I know my lunch relief will not be available till after 1300

Salad for lunch if I get lunch relief

Too tired to eat dinner usually, but hubby makes me eat something.

Realized I hadn't peed all day...oh no...there go my kidneys!

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Breakfast: nonfat greek yogurt and way too much coffee

Lunch: Left over chili made with extra lean ground turkey, reheated and eaten 2 bites at a time as I made a point of passing by the break room

Dinner: Most likely more left over turkey chili with some tortilla chips.

Snack: I keep a large bag of pretzels in my locker at work and when I find even 30 seconds I grab a small handful and much before anyone realizes.....

I cook large quantities of soups, chili, healty casseroles, enchilitas etc, portion and freeze in single servings whenever possible. If not I end up living on burger king, ick.

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