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  1. mauxtav8r

    Vent thread "universal" health care

    So now if this could please be on the Times Square Jumbotron. Thanks nicurn001
  2. mauxtav8r

    Vent thread "universal" health care

    Gotta vent here. Three times this week a patient or family member who was looking for more and more benefits added to their (already insured and covered and provided for) health care needs told me "THIS IS WHY WE NEED UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!" Ok, now, simmer down. Universal health care will do some good things. It will allow the working uninsured access to at least SOME medical care. "Universal" does not mean that you or your loved one will get EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE!!! So sorry, didn't mean to shout. Thanks for the safe place to vent.
  3. mauxtav8r

    Red bulls, No-doz, Coffee and Caffeine pills!!

    Warm drink and protein snack between 2 and 4. I always felt a "low" and had a hard time thinking toward the end of the shift but this seemed to help. Sleeping in the daytime was never my strong suit. Best of luck.
  4. mauxtav8r

    anyone have an idea how to ....

    There's also the trump card "You know, I really made the decision based on my family's needs." They are sort of boxed in then, because they are not supposed to ask about family junk.
  5. mauxtav8r

    Nursing vs. Teaching?

    I am not sure why you say that it would definitely be a pay cut. Working 10 months a year, all holidays off, starting pay in my area is close to identical starting RN pay. Follow your passion. As was said above, you can teach nursing. If it is interaction with children or younger students that gets you going, have you considered peds home health or other peds patient education?
  6. mauxtav8r

    Pharmacology made easy????

    Caliotter3 makes an excellent point. If you lay the groundwork you in the science underlying the pharm you will find pharm much much easier.
  7. Read Dave Ramsey's books. Any of them. Get out of debt today. Travel nursing comes to mind, and frankly it might pay similarly well enough to pay off your loans pretty quickly, if you get some marketable experience first. Kudos to you for expecting to pay off your loans rather than looking to your dad. Good luck.
  8. mauxtav8r

    New grad doesn't want to work on the floor...

    Consider your first year in the field working as an extension (and completion) of nursing school. Then, no one can argue that you are not a "real"nurse. Take a year of med surg nursing on a floor, consider it a class that pays you, rather than vice versa. It is a means to an end.
  9. mauxtav8r

    And What Did YOU eat today?

    coffee, corn flakes and half a banana with milk (at home), an apple (the little bagged kind), a cheese stick and one very large fountain diet coke (in the car --- homehealth nurse). I plan a decent dinner, but dh is out of town, so maybe a handful of lime corn chips and a diet coke.
  10. mauxtav8r

    Eliminating the Charge Nurse on a Med-Surg unit

    1) The first dayshift nurse to arrive. Like it, or get there earlier. 2) By team agreement, seniority rules, call the house super if you are peeved or swamped or somebody's crashing. In low census, by definition, there is less work. No, I did not like it. No, I no longer work there. Yes, it can be done. Yes, I am surprised that a hospital with Magnet status would try this. Best wishes.
  11. mauxtav8r

    Why do doctors office pay nurses pennies to work for them?

    Like the law of gravity, economic laws will rule. Nurses are willing to work these jobs because on balance the it is overwhelmingly worth it to work in the healthier environment than to risk further injury. Same reason that oil riggers and coal miners are paid very well.
  12. mauxtav8r

    not looking "put together"

    > we watched Breakfast At Tiffany's recently. Hepburn's eyebrows were way bushy by modern standards. I'll keep mine, thanks. >
  13. mauxtav8r

    home remedies you would NEVER try

    Rub a wart with a chicken gizzard to make the wart go away.
  14. mauxtav8r

    Are nurses allowed to wear "doctor-like" lab coats?

    Looks great to me. I have several styles, was required to wear one of them for clinicals. Got used to the pockets. If you feel comfortable and confident it will look fine. I have heard of facilities with rules about who can wear what (student docs in short coats, "real" docs in longer ones) but I have never encountered anything like that where I've worked.
  15. mauxtav8r

    Days vs nights

    i found the exact opposite to be true. bottom line: day shift has more staff so work is shared. on nights i was the rn, lpn, cna, unit secretary, admit nurse, line nurse and anything else. you name it, if somebody has that job on days and it's a specialty, then on nights the rn gets to do that in addition to assessments/charts/md contacts, etc. best wishes and throw out those blackout curtains. day shift for me!
  16. mauxtav8r

    how do i say this job is not for me??

    This is also the "work version" of the old line "It's not you, it's me" when breaking off a relationship. Saying "This is not as much of a fit as I thought it would be" is also truthful and a safe comment.