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Am I being snotty?


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I say go for it...I made sure to tell the lady at HR to add BSN to my nametag because I've seen other BSN nurses with it on their nametags...I worked too hard and payed enough money for it NOT to be on their, granted I feel like a fetus nurse right now who doesn't really deserve the right to use BSN because I feel like I know NOTHING, but I put it on there! :)

I personally think its rediculous to have BSN behind your name. No one really cares if you have that or not. In the end, your still an RN. I find it amusing the letters some of these nurses have behind their names... It doesn't make you more important than anyone else. Heck most people don't even know what the letters mean. I am going for my MSN in the fall, and when I am done with that, you will still only see FNP behind my name, not John Doe, RN, BSN, ACLS, MSN, FNP. Get over yourselfs. I heard a group of doctors making fun of some nurses one time because of all the letters behind their name. I tended to agree with the docs on that one.


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Where did you go to school?


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i still feel the same way i did in the last thread... that it's pompous and pretentious, to have bsn on your name badge because a bsn is an entry level degree. it's silly and you'll end up looking elitist in the end. the people who need to know, already know, plus which, payroll knows.

for the record, i have a bsn and a msn and don't care that they are on my badge or not. ditto for the certifications being on the badge ...

same example i cited in the last thread:

my dad was a physician/attorney who practiced law but used his medical background as he needed it

in his law career. he had a national reputation in his chosen specialty, but about 30-40% of his day-to-day practice was gratis "everyday problems" and he did not believe in charging a fee for adoptions.

he went to an ivy league law school and was editor of the law review. he was equally comfortable with

a wealthy client or the farmer who came without taking off his manure covered barn boots and they with

him. what was his wall you wonder? his law degree, another certificate required by law, his eagle scout award, and his fourth grade writing certificate.

when he graduated from law school, he turned down many fantastic offers so he could come home and

practice what he called "old fashioned country lawyering." sixty to seventy per cent of his specialty practice allowed him to do what he really wanted... the part where he was often paid in jams, jellies,

homemade slippers, fresh garden produce etc.

what would he have thought of putting bsn on your nametag?

i already know.


shar pei mom:paw::paw:

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Ahhh the story of your Dad brings back fond memories when people weren't only concerned with having two huge SUVs in the driveway of their McMansion. I was raised in a similar way. Thank you for sharing a bit of him with us today.

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You earned the alphabet soup, so go ahead and have it added if you have the extra cash.


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ahhh the story of your dad brings back fond memories when people weren't only concerned with having two huge suvs in the driveway of their mcmansion. i was raised in a similar way. thank you for sharing a bit of him with us today.

i'm glad you enjoyed my stroll down memory lane, jules. he suddenly and unexpectedly dropped dead at age 52, as the result of a massive mi. i miss him to this day and that was in 1974. he was buried on the day of my first ba degree graduation (a writing degree.) people kept saying, "charlie was such a good guy but so young!" or "he had such a brilliant mind but he was too young..." even through my terrible grief, some part of my brain was thinking, "young? they're nuts! he was 52!!" now, i realize how terribly young that was.

i can still hear his voice in my head telling me that if i didn't pull up my calculus grade from a low b to an a, i wouldn't get into a decent university and would end up working behind the ribbon cutting counter at the dime store... because i probably would remember my 4th grade math pretty fast.

oh we had the sports cars, land yacht cars, big house etc. but i was never awareof them back then because my parents never made a big deal of them.

op, no, i don't think you're "being snotty," but, rather, immature and new to/on the job. i've had family members ask my about my credentials and i tell them, but other than that, it just doesn't come up. an adn is just as much a nurse as i am, but i just added some additional education so i would have more options and gain more knowledge, and not to have more initials after my name.