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  1. **All Heart RN**

    Do nps make money?

    I work at a large medical center in the midwest and all salaries are posted online along with job description. New NPs at my facility begin at $71,400 and max out at around $114,000.
  2. **All Heart RN**


    Have you tried applying to OSU Med Center? They hire the majority of their new grad RNs through the Internship/Residency Program. If you google the hospital, and click on Careers, you'll be able to gather all the info you need to apply. The Internship/Residency program has several tracks (Cardiac, Med Surg, Critical Care, Mother/Baby). On the application you'll be able to select which track you want to apply. The Internship is held a few times a year. I believe one may begin in August. Good luck!
  3. **All Heart RN**

    When does your salary go up??

    I'm in the Midwest, work in the hospital, and am also a New Grad. Working day shift, I earn $23.07/hr. Night shift, which I will begin permanently in a few days, is 28.07/hr. Weekend Nights is 33.07/hr. I also get "Double Pay" after 52 hrs (so after an additional 12 hr shift, I'd receive double pay). I guess I'm not too disappointed by what I'll be making working night shift...
  4. **All Heart RN**

    Internship Program

    I"m also curious to know why some people have discouraged you from pursuing an internship program. If I had it to do all over again, I would still go through an Internship. The program that I'm in now is absolutely priceless. I've interned on 3 different cardiac floors and have learned sooo much. I've also taken classes regarding various Cardiac issues...these classes have covered topics that were barely covered (or not at all) during nursing school. Most teaching hospitals have Internships (I think alot of non-teaching hospitals also have them). I'm not sure when the next Internship class begins (I think there might be a group that starts in May and in August...however, I believe they've stopped interviewing for those tracks). When in doubt, just call HR. Again, I would highly recommend going through an Internship program...The support that these types of prgrams provide new grads can really make a huge difference in the difficult transition from nursing student to new grad Nurse. The pros greatly outweigh the cons ; ) **As far as advice for getting into a program--I sought advice from a professional in putting my resume together. I also made sure that during my senior year I attended conferences that were geared toward my area of interest (Cardiac Nursing). I also put together a portfolio that included letters of reference from Nurse Managers and Clinical Instructors, special presentations, papers, my best care plans from throughout my nursing school experience. I then had Kinkos bind it up...the finished product looked great. The Nurse Managers that I interviewed with loved it. Good Luck!
  5. **All Heart RN**

    Calling all Open Heart RNs...Please help

    Yikes:down: My "lack of knowledge"...hmm well, you're right! I'm a new grad RN. Passed the boards on Feb 8 and began a Cardiac Internship on Feb 15...two months tomorrow. I begin my final rotation on an Open Heart floor tomorrow which will last 3 wks. The purpose of the Internship is to prepare new nurses who don't roll out of school with all of the knowledge/experience that they will need. Not that I need to justify myself to you, especially since you seem extremely...um, well, I won't go there but I have been preparing myself, I've been studying, working my b-u-t-t off and asking questions...which brings me to the point of why I posted this question on Allnurses. I ask tons of questions to people who have experience, to people that I work with and to people online (in this case, experienced Nurses). You've made alot of assumptions about me. I have several that I can make about you as well but I won't go there. Relax a bit, take a deep breath....now, take a few more....maybe go on a vacation. Thanks to everyone who was helpful. I appreciate the feedback guys and gals:)
  6. **All Heart RN**

    Internship Program

    I'm currently in an Internship Program in Columbus. It is a full-time paid staff RN position that lasts 16 wks. The Nurse Interns at my hospital rotate to 3 units for 3 wks each (where we work alongside our Nurse Preceptor and are expected to grow more and more independent). At the end of the rotation, we interview once again for a permanent position for one of the 3 units we rotated to and are guarenteed a position. Before I began interviewing I absolutely knew that I wanted to go through an Internship program. So far, I have not regretted the decision. We have been taking specialized courses (that are also paid) that relate to our specialty. It's almost been 2 months and I've learned so much! If you have any other ?s just let me know. Good luck!
  7. **All Heart RN**

    Calling all Open Heart RNs...Please help

    Thanks everyone for all of the replies. I really appreciate it!
  8. **All Heart RN**

    Calling all Open Heart RNs...Please help

    Thanks so much for your reply...your post was really helpful!
  9. **All Heart RN**

    Calling all Open Heart RNs...Please help

    I'm a new Nurse in a Cardiac Internship program and will begin my last rotation in a few days which will be on an Open Heart floor. I'll be working with patients that have just received some type of open heart surgery or transplant. I'm wanting to know what are some typical protocol orders that I should be familiar with, along with typical meds that are given on this floor...and any other words of wisdom you may want to share concerning this type of floor or patient population. Thanks for your help!
  10. **All Heart RN**

    Help!... OSUMC RN Internship/Residency Graduates

    Hi Scott, Congratulations! I've been accepted into the Cardiac (Ross Heart Hospital) Internship track and will be starting on Feb 15, too:) I wanted to find a place and move by Feb but it looks like that's not going to happen. However, unlike you, I only live a little over an hour away, so commuting for a few wks won't be a big deal for me. Columbus is such a nice city...I love it. There are so many places to live. Not sure if you're a city guy or a 'burban guy...but there's a lot to choose from--it just depends on where you'd prefer to live. Upper Arlington, Worthington, Dublin, and Bexley are all nice suburbs. I've lived in the burbs all of my life and so I'm hoping to find a place in the city. If you need any help, just let me know.
  11. **All Heart RN**

    ADN versus Second Degree BSN with non-nursing degree

    Future123, If you'd like, I can send you a PM regarding the university I attended. Yes, they do require a certain GPA and it is competitive. However, as I stated earlier, they only calculate the GPA obtained from your nursing pre-reqs. So, let me know if you're interested.
  12. **All Heart RN**

    ADN versus Second Degree BSN with non-nursing degree

    Before you make any final decisions, check with the Nursing Departments of the schools you want to attend. The university that I obtained my BSN from did not take my previous GPA from a non-nursing degree into account for admissions. The university I attended only considered my GPA obtained from the pre-reqs I took to get into the Nursing program (Microbiology, Chem, Organic Chem, Anatomy/Phys). So, don't give up hope yet!
  13. **All Heart RN**

    what to take nursing or pharmacy??

    Ok, I'll be brave and go against the grain... Nursing! Even though the economy is horrible right now, one of the reasons I chose to obtain my BSN (and in the future my MSN and possibly a Doctorate) was all of the choices one can pursue within Nursing. With a Nursing degree you are not just limited to floor nursing you can work with the Centers for Disease Control (on their website you'll see that they are recruiting for RNs), the World Health Organization, a pharmaceutical rep, TeleNursing, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, a Nurse Entrepeneur... The possibilities are absolutely endless.
  14. **All Heart RN**

    Am I being snotty?

    I don't think it makes you snotty at all! I think all education should be recognized...it's a sign of achievement! Ofcourse there are bigger fish to fry but I think this small fish is important, too:)
  15. **All Heart RN**

    Not sure how I'm going to survive

    Hi Babylady, I just wanted to provide a few general resources that may be of some help to you. I used to be a mental health case manager and through linking my clients to community resources I found that there were some local churches that were often willing to help with rent (on a short-term basis). This may buy some time for you while you search for a 2nd job. Also, there are churches that operate as Food Pantries (these churches provided food to families regardless of income). I've found that as the economy has grown more and more sour, people from all walks of life have needed this type of assistance. Your local YWCA may be able to provide some helpful resources for you, as well. Generally, every metropolitan area has a general resource line that you can call. This resource line can provide contact numbers to various community agencies/buisnesses--This is a valuable resource because this hotline can provide links to everything from food pantries, agencies that assist with rent/utilities, to affordable mental health services (if one doesn't have insurance). I hope that you're able to find the support that you and your family need. Take care of yourself.
  16. **All Heart RN**

    Relocating to Columbus...Old Towne East?

    Thanks foreverLaur...this site is awesome! I never knew it existed:up: