Am I too old to be new in the ER?


I am currently a school nurse and before that worked for five years in urgent care. It was hospital based and we occaisionally saw chest pain and other real emergencies but of course, shipped them via ambulance to the main hospital lickedy split. I am 48 years old and I want to work in the hospital over the summer. I am thinking ER would be a good place. I like the variety, the turnover. Anyone in ER start there later in their career? I have critical care, ACLS, educator and mangagement backgrounds as well as the school nurse thing. What do you think?

ohmeowzer RN, RN

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no you are not to old... i think it would be very interesting for you.. go forr it and keep me posted..

bill4745, RN

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I went to the ER at 52, after ten years of ICU. Your years of wisdom and patience will be a benefit. I work 11am-11pm and it's always fun the see the twenty-somethings yawning by 9:30pm or so, and us oldfolks are still going strong.


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I'm 40 and just started in the ED a few months ago. We get a GREAT ED "school" training program for 4 months, then a preceptor for another couple of months if we need it. I'm really excited to keep learning and learning.

You, and me, are not too old!

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Well, if that ain't the truth, Bill! I find some of the "twentysomethings" dragging butt around after a few minutes! PAHLEEZ! :lol2: ...and y'all don't slap me! ;)


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I'm encouraged, i'm a student,hoping to specialise in ER nursing. You are not old,age is just a number.


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Well, I appreciate the thoughts! I know I have different things to offer at this age than I did ten our twenty years ago. I wondered if it would be too crazy to keep up and too overwhelming with the pace. Thanks for the encouragment.

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I am 52 & just started in the ER....I love it!:heartbeat I have only been a nurse for about 1.5 yrs. I worked ms/tele before that. My orientation was short & sweet but I know if I need help all I have to do is ask. I can say I have no problem with the pace & it is busy! We only have 3 verified trauma centers in the state & I work at one of them. So give it try! & good luck.

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I transfered to ER a little over a year ago, age 40. Of course your not too old!!! Some of the jr high drama might get on your nerves, but you are mature enough to just laugh at it an move on! :)


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43 here... just started in the ed jan 08, i love it, i just hate the drive there and back.


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I have been a nurse for a little over 2 years I started in the ER almost 1 year ago, I will celebrate my 41st birthday this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love the fast pace and all the excitement. I have been off all week (illness) I cant wait to get back on Saturday!! I can honestly say I will NEVER, NEVER go back to floor nursing!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck and enjoy the ride:roll:clpty::anpom::chrs:

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I think brushing up on a clinical part of nursing will be a plus during orientation, but you have some qualities which are absolutely a bonus in the ER.

#1 you know the pediatric population. If feel they are the hardest, because they sometimes can not tell you what's bothering them and you need the skill of just looking at a child and coming up quickly with a plan of what to do.

#2 because you are not walking the block for the first time, your life experience helps tremendously in dealing with verious types of people.

I think you will make a great ER nurse. Good luck


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