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Am I to old to complete this?

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I've been an RT for 20+ yrs. but need and want to change to nsr. My family is almost raised. I am 48:eek: and plan to enter nsr school 2012 after my pre-reqs (2nd time). which places graduation at 2014. an I'll be how old?????

I guess as long as my health is maintained w/ a full and prt. time job(s) I might be OK. Going to feel weird in clinicals again w/ students, some of which are probably younger than my children. waddya think??

Hi there, there is no age limit to getting an education, the only person that could limit you from your goals is yourself, i do not see why you cannot become a nurse as long as you are devoted to the proffession. Good luck in Nursing School :)

The time is going to go by anyway...why not get what you want along the way. And, somehow I don't believe you'll be the only "wise woman" in the class.


Why wouldn't you. You have the time and this shift in careers will make you happy. I say do it. I agree with the other post, their is no age limit on education. Heck, I'm 27 and I feel like I'm falling behind cause I haven't gotten accepted. :icon_roll


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I am a grandma, I am 45 and i just graduated in May as an RN. Go for it. Some of my best friends from school are younger than my kids!

Age is just a number. Health is the key factor. People are working later in life these days. 48 is not that old anyway! : ) It is not like the industrial age anymore where by the time you were 50 the factory was killing you. GO FOR IT!!!

I knew someone that went back to school at the age of 48 to become dr I don't ever think it is to late to go back to school. If that is what you want to do you should do it

No way you're too old! I'm a first semester pre nursing student, and I've meet several 50 year olds (and people in their early to mid 50's) that are just starting in their first semester. You have a few years ahead of them.

I agree with the other posts, age doesn't matter at all.


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You're never to old to further your education! I'm 49...will graduate at like 52. One elderly aunt said to me "you're going to be to old when you get out." The other one said "What are you talking about? She's going to be 52 regardless of what she's doing." (She's a retired Nurse Anesitist) I also find that there are many "olders" - between the ages of like 30 & 55 going back to school. I'm in my 3rd semeser of pre-reqs/co-reqs and enjoying almost every minute of it!

Go for it!! :yeah:

PS - I'm also a grandma!

i have to agree with the above posters. the time will pass, so how would you like to spend it? when 2014 rolls around, you will regret not having gone back to school. there are several older adults going back to school, especially with this economy so go for it!!


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I'm 51 and going for it. You will be such an asset to any facility having experience as an RT and being a nurse. Shoot for the stars. You are never too old to learn!


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I feel very strongly that it is important to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! No matter your age (or whatever else may seem to stand in your way), it's important to do what's important to you. Plus... it's never too late to get an education! You age (or anything else for that matter) can limit what you do with your education.

I miss you much luck and success in nursing school!

I'll be 48 this semester and have just one more class next semester left to take before my prereq's are finished. There is a 52 yo woman in my A&P1 class in the same boat, too. She told me it's always been her dream to be a nurse. :) We older students have, among other things, a really great asset the youngers don't: we'll automatically be perceived by our patients as having a wealth of experience in the field! ;-)

(My high school Chem teacher was in his 50's and had only been a teacher for a few years, due to a career change -- but we all thought he was VERY experienced!) Go for it and don't let your age stop you -- you'll be older ANYWAY!


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I'm 48 and I love being an older nursing student.

I can put my focus onto school since I'm single and my kids are grown. At our age we also have wisdom to know the difference between what's important and what's not. :)

We had people in my class who didn't always do a good job keeping their grey hair camouflaged, probably because they were too busy studying. You can do this as long as you want to do it. The only stumbling block would be you. You are also your best cheerleader. Go do what you want to do.

I would say that almost half of the people in my prereq classes are your age or older. They usually turn out to be the best students, too! They have the dedication and the life experience to do well as nurses. Plus, they are usually quite fiery ;)