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  1. RB2000

    Accepted...have concerns

    I recently received my acceptance letter into a local university NP program. The university has been around for some time, but the program is new, so it is not accredited as of yet. I am concerned about eligibility for sitting for the boards once finished. Has anyone else had any experience with this kind of situation? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and assistance with this situation.
  2. Does anyone know where in the country is hiring new grads if you are willing to relocate? I have no healthcare experience, but I have a lot of customer service experience. My family has nothing tying us down to our current location, and we are willing to relocate anywhere in the US. I do have my RN license in the state of NJ only at the moment. Thanks Everyone! : ) Oh...I must add that I only have my associates degree. I am currently in an RN-BSN program. Thanks Again! : )
  3. RB2000

    3rd shift clinical...Will i get enough experience?

    I did my transition to practice overnight and loved it! Tons of experience!
  4. RB2000

    Will an internship be helpful?

    anything that can set you apart from the rest of the pack is good! Also, any additional experience that you can gain is beneficial! Go for it! Good Luck! : )
  5. RB2000

    Question about med math classes

    We were allowed to use a calculator, but it had to be a basic calculator.
  6. RB2000

    Should I take medical terminology as an elective?

    It can't hurt! I took it twice! My school offered a 1 cr and a 3cr. I took them both. It can only reinforce what you learn, and it can boost your gpa. It wasn't required at my school either.
  7. RB2000

    First day of my REAL Nursing classes..scared ):

    like everyone else is saying fear and anxiety is natural. most are a little shy when it comes to their own bodies. the truth of the matter is, so are our patients. this exercise will definitely help you see a glimpse thru the eyes of your future patients. i remember practicing on fellow classmates for the first time. you should have seen our vs readings. i actually had an instructor tell me to relax and to slow my breathing. i was ready to pass out! lol nursing school can definitely feel overwhelming, and the first semester can be very scary. keep your head up, face your fears, and keep the ball rolling! you will be so happy that you pushed thru it in the end! good luck! : )
  8. RB2000

    Feeling Not "good enough" Good?

    well, first let me say that you are experiencing what is called “nursing school blues”. this is a normal thing even as far as into your last semester. when you are ready to graduate you are going to think, “oh man, am i ready to do this on my own?!” listen, almost all of us have been there so you are in good company! : ) should you practice more…yep! should you study more…yup! is that going to make a difference…probably not! you know what is? 6 months-1yr as a nurse you are going to realize “wow! i can do this!” you will have good days and you will have some rough days. however, there is light at the end of the tunnel! : ) you will feel confident some day. i think for me i started to feel a little better when i was doing my capstone. i had a preceptor that i was working with, but they gave me a full patient load. i realized that i really can do this. the good thing about where you are it usually makes you safer, because you are afraid of doing something wrong. don’t ever lose that! remember, we need to keep our patients safe! good luck! there isn’t anything wrong with you just because of the way that you are feeling. i would actually think there is something wrong if you don’t feel that way from time to time.
  9. RB2000

    Question about med math classes

    Honestly, what it really comes down to is that you get the math correct. I don't know if a school would require you to do it a specific way or not. If they do then you would have to learn it that way. However, in the world of nursing what matters is that the math is correct. There are some meds (peds, critical care especially) that just a little bit off can make a world of difference. I would ask your instructor. Again, I personally wouldnt think that it matters. The things that matters most is that the math is correct. The decimal is in the right place, use rounding rules properly, and understand leading and trailing zeros. Again, I would just ask your instructor. Just like if you had a question about a med order you would ask the provider.
  10. i agree with the others. i applied to only one school, and got accepted to that school. however, acceptance was totally based on hesi entrance and grades. there was nothing about preference based on residence. if i were you i would definitely apply as if you are a strong candidate they may take that into consideration. i would look into other schools too. remember nursing school is as much what you put into it not just what school you go to. good luck! : )
  11. I can't tell you how many time I heard during school, during review, etc. that there will never be 1 answer and that it will never be all answers with sata.
  12. RB2000

    advanced practice nursing in DE

    Hi, I can't speak to the scope at which they practice. I believe some of it depends on the facility that you are working at too. However, NP's of all nature are used around here quite a bit. DE, PA, and NJ.
  13. It is not hard at all. The thing that gets a lot of people is the shear length of the exam. Relax...breathe...and crush the exam!
  14. Well, I would think that you have a pretty good shot at it. It is really hard to say, because it totally depends on the applicant pool. It depends on how strong everyone's portfolio is, and how many applicants there are. There are so many things that go into it. There are some that will be accepted, and for some reason or another will not attend the program. That opens up more seats. There will be some that will accept the seat and then will decide that it is not for them when they get to orientation. Have you all attended an information session yet? Good luck to you all! :)