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  1. cebollita

    Odd requests

    Haha his words. This was in acute rehab btw
  2. cebollita

    Odd requests

    Ah, that's almost what happened to me the other week! I'm a nursing student, in my first semester, and my first patient assignment was an 87 year-old man who had been prescribed an ointment be applied to his testicles. I had to do it for him, and he told me I had to apply it to "the tip" as well because he felt like it was getting a bit red! haha That part was not in the TAR at all.
  3. cebollita

    Tips for completing and passing labs

    Hello everyone. So far I've passed all of my tests, but I've recycled 2 of the major labs that I had to preform in front of the instructors. Both times were because I forgot little things, but the sad part is...I know it al, I just get SOOO nervous when the teachers are watching me, that I get flustered and almost in panic mode, and can't remember everything. I practically shake. I have to re do some of them before clinicals to be able to go, and to pass this course (first semester, 11 credit course, Human Needs 1). Do any of you have any hints or tips about preforming the labs in front of teachers like this? I do study how to do it and practice...maybe I need to get them to watch me practice in front of them more before I actually do it. Anyway, if someone could tell me some hints or tips for making myself calm down and focus during this, it would be great! Thanks.
  4. Wow, there are a lot of judgemental posters on this thread.
  5. cebollita

    I'm I getting this right

    I had trouble with the whole care plan/nursing diagnosis thing too, but I somehow managed to past that test with an 80%, even though I was confused. The teacher said we don't have to memorize the Tabler's chart of nursing diagnoses words...but it's confusing to me that we could know what to say if we don't memorize it! I mean I know about PIE and all that, but something about it still isn't clicking for me. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  6. cebollita

    To sell m nursing books or not to sell them...

    If you do decide to sell them, do it online instead of at your school bookstore. You'll a lot get more money for them, and most companies pay for shipping.
  7. cebollita

    My daughter is quitting nursing school!

    You'd be surprised how many of them can!
  8. cebollita

    Weirdest, funniest, grossest male teenager pt. Stories

    Haha no Kiwi, gross doesn't mean something different in the usa. I'm American and I was also wondering what was so creepy and offensive about the word.
  9. cebollita

    Failed! 4days before grad!

    It does sound like you have a lot going on, and I think a lot of people in your shoes wouldn't have even gotten the 74.5. Maybe there is someone you can talk to about it? If not, January is only 5 months away...and I'm sure the 2nd time around, since you almost passed it the first time, you'll get an A or a B+.
  10. cebollita

    Suicide and nurse's reaction

    Wow, I hope that mean nurse doesn't treat her kid that when when it's born!
  11. Is anyone else here starting the nursing program at Delaware Tech in Georgetown this August?
  12. cebollita

    im selfish? hmmm

    It's amazing to see so many other women who don't like kids, or who don't want to have them!!! Unfortunately, getting knocked up super young is the norm where I live. Sadly, it's due to people being uneducated about birth control and things like that...
  13. Psychology classes aren't really that difficult, but they usually require a LOT of writing! If you're up for it and have absolutely nothing else going on this summer, I'd go for it. But if there's a chance you might even work part time, I'd only take 2 of those classes.
  14. cebollita

    needing a prescription for vaseline??

    Thats insane. I'm actually wondering if they do this so they can nickle & dime people and charge them for it.