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  1. thinwildmercury

    Plan B!

    I did not have a plan B! Sounds kind of crazy considering how difficult it is to get into nursing schools in my area. I had many academic advisors tell me to pick a back up major or to change my major all together. Somehow, I never let that get to me. I knew I wouldn't enjoy any other career as crazy at it sounds. I wouldn't discourage having a back up though. I think it's pretty smart.
  2. thinwildmercury

    Anyone excited about your RN life ahead?

  3. thinwildmercury

    PICC line: flushes, but no blood return

    Our PICC RN tells us that this is a partial occlusion which puts pt at risk of clots if not corrected. If MD has not ordered alteplase prn we are to rrequest it. It has worked for me every time. ETA: This is after trying to change the cap and repositioning the pt's arm a million different ways. Every pt with a PICC has an order to never use anything other than a 10 ml syringe on the PICC as well.
  4. thinwildmercury

    Was It Worth It?

    This was absolutely the best choice for me. I was 22 when I graduated nursing school and making 6 figures. What other degree can you get where you can say the same? I also love nursing. I love helping people. I love the physical skills. I love learning and teaching. I would not recommend most people I know to pursue nursing however because I don't think most people are cut out for it nor would they enjoy it. But if anyone asks me I don't try to dissuade or persuade anyone, I just tell them the truth. I would have loved to work in journalism or theater somehow but I can't take the chances or put in the time necessary to be successful in those jobs. This was a "sure thing" where I could still enjoy my job.
  5. thinwildmercury

    Short Rant Alert!

    I have been feeling bad lately for thinking the same thing. It's a relief to have someone else say it lol. I love my job but it's almost embarrassing the way people treat nurses like we're this holy breed. I usually go pee when I have to and when I don't it's my fault for not prioritizing correctly--I can always spare the two minutes. I have also never missed a lunch break. We have a great system in my facility for lunch breaks. Every nurse gets 1 hr each 8 hr shift. No exceptions. If you try to skip your lunch you will get everything short of physically forced off the floor. Yes my job is physically and emotionally demanding. I am expected to do 10 things at once. I am expected to mourn with my comfort care pts family and 2 minutes later celebrate with my pt who realized they don't have cancer. I feel stupid frequently (new nurse...). But, I get paid very well for what I do and I am grateful to have such a wonderful job. I don't think anyone needs to celebrate me. I would never do this job if it didn't pay well. My boyfriend does outside sales and he complains to me frequently about how he gets overbooked which causes him to skip lunch and go without the restroom for hours at a time. He is outside a lot of the time in the heat and cold. He has to go into peoples homes which are in all sorts of conditions that he and I may think are "unlivable". His wages are dependent on how much he sells. On a bad month he feels awful about himself. Makes my job seem pretty cushy until we remember all the vomit, blood, and feces I encountered on my shift. Hehe
  6. thinwildmercury

    What time do you clock in?

    Yep. Like I said, I'm aware of the rules of my facility. Thanks.
  7. thinwildmercury

    What time do you clock in?

    I, along with many of my coworkers come into work about half hour early to prepare and look up our pts. It's not about being nice to anyone but ourselves because it makes us feel more prepared. However, we would get a good talking to if we actually clocked in when we got to work. We clock in as soon as 5 minutes before the shift begins. We are late if we clock in one minute passed shift start time. So we are there before clocking in. We are not to open charts until we're clocked in but we can see a snapshot of a pts chart and meds without opening them up. Honestly, I do open them up a little early sometimes....
  8. thinwildmercury

    What to do when you fear going to work?

    No advice, but just know it gets better!
  9. thinwildmercury

    What do nurses bring during duty?

    on me i usually have several black pens, a permanent marker, bandage scissors, my "brain sheet", alcohol swabs, a couple of saline flushes, a carpujet, pen light, wrist watch, my cell phone, work phone, and chapstick or lip gloss. If my hair is not up, i have a hair tie around my wrist. In my work bag I keep my stethoscope (gets put away after initial assessments), advil, floss, gum, tampons, deodorant, and glasses (I wear contacts). Maybe a few other things I missed.
  10. thinwildmercury

    Do not order scrubs from scrubland beyond.com

    Good to know, thanks!
  11. thinwildmercury

    What are the 3 most dislike RN duties in demand?

    My least favorite nursing tasks have to be inserting ngs/dobhoffs and fingersticks. I don't know why but I haaate fingersticks.
  12. thinwildmercury

    Who here works both part time and per diem?

    I have to give them 4 days, including 2 weekend days per 4 week period. Also 2 holidays per year. They don't have to schedule me any of those days. I imagine it would be different depending on the facility.
  13. thinwildmercury

    Boyfriend of a Nursing Student

    I have never before even thought about my boyfriends penis and a patients penis at the same time. Two completely 100% separate things. You have nothing to worry about.
  14. thinwildmercury

    Scrubs or Business Casual for Orientation?

    I wore business casual but no one told us anything about what to wear. When we had skills days they told us to wear scrubs. I would definitely wear scrubs if they said that's ok. Much more comfortable! lol
  15. thinwildmercury

    Walking from school at night with deer and no street lamps?

    Lol, thank you but I see nothing wrong with my advice. It is ridiculous to be this concerned with leaving a 3 hr class 2 minutes early. OP is making her life unnecessarily difficult.
  16. thinwildmercury

    Walking from school at night with deer and no street lamps?

    You really need to relax, college is not that serious. Leave early.