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  1. Rimzy

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    My school has not notified us yet...They sent us an e-mail saying we will know "Early November" argh, when is Early November!??
  2. Rimzy

    Medication Evaluation help!!

    Thank you so much :) Will do asap.
  3. Hi guys, i have to do an med evaluation on Flouxetine, i am doing good so far, but i am stuck at the mechanism of action, whether or not it is Enzyme, Receptor or non-specific, i was wondering if anyone could explain this to me, thanks a lot. This is for pharmacology.
  4. Rimzy

    UNM college of nursing

    They accept students every semester. Deadline is Sept 15th for Spring and Summer and i think February 15th for fall.
  5. Rimzy

    UNM college of nursing

    Does anyone know how long it takes before u know if you are accepted, say you apply in september for spring, is october/november a good time to hear back from them?
  6. Rimzy

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    Still waiting to hear from school, i may have applied early, the deadline is September 15th, hoping to hear from the around October, November.
  7. Rimzy

    For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    I am in love with this car, hopefully when i graduate, i will be able to afford a brand new one for under $25,000. Seems doable. How hot is it btw.
  8. My plan has always been to go to nursing school, then pharmacy school. If i dont get into nursing school, i will continue taking the pre-reqs for pharmacy, i already am taking some of them. I do hope i get in though...Don't want to spoil the plan
  9. Rimzy

    HTC Incredible

    you know, instead of uninstalling an app, you can download a task manager, what it does is close all your background apps, and increase battery life, also go to your e-mail, facebook, twitter, and reduce the ammount of times they are updated to like every hour, also u can use these widgets, to trun off wifi, bluetooth etc, all these suck you battery life. hope it helps. from the htc incredible website: this is the task killer, if you need more help watch some videos on youtube. [table][tr][td][/td][td]advanced task killer by rechild >250,000 downloads, 125182 ratings (4.6 avg) [/td][td]free [/td][/tr][/table] this is the switcher pro widget, which helps you manage wifi, data, bluetooth, there is a lot and it is paid, but it helps. a lot. [table][tr][td][/td][td]switchpro widget by droid shogun 10,000 downloads, 1274 ratings (4.4 avg) [/td][td]$0.99 [/td][/tr][/table] if you already have these, just ignore me..hehe:yeah:
  10. Rimzy

    HTC Incredible

    I wanted to get the incredible, but i am such a gadget freak that i was waiting for something new to come out, and so the Droid X is here with that massive sexyness of a 4.3 inch screen, woah! I just fell in love. i might be getting that, still waiting for whats next, i've been due for an upgrade since june, but i can't just do it! The droid x is looking like the one though.
  11. Rimzy

    Need opinions for school

    I use google calendar really, i have a smartphone, android, so i just sync it and with all thw widgets i can see what i need and add stuff, easy. Save paper, but, thats just me.
  12. Rimzy


    Why are u posting the same thing in all the threads, your credibility is really below zero right now.
  13. Rimzy

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    Hello Guys, i am also a 2011 hopefull, i am applying after summer school, deadline is september 15th, first time applying, i still have some classes to complete, but we only need 16 of the science credits to apply... I have thought about this for a while and i was nervous, but the more it approaches the calmer i get. There really is nothing more i can do...
  14. Rimzy

    Your desired specialty

    I am mostly interested in Oncology and Trauma/Surgery. I eventually want to go to pharmacy school and specialize in oncology too.
  15. Rimzy

    Help, I've got a crush!

    Oooh, I mean i don't know much about this since i am still in pre-nursing, but ethically it seems "not right".