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  1. It's been a long road to get to this point, but... I have turned in my ADN application!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I need to do my own little (private) celebration dance. I'll find out next month if I got accepted. I feel confident about it. :) If all goes as planned, I'm sure I'll be visiting this website more often.
  2. jriccardi

    Nursing School options

    Like one of the others said... if you're parents are not claiming you on their taxes you are an independent student. I've been independent since I was 19 yrs old. If I were you, I would do the pre reqs at a community college. It may take you what seems like forever but it's probably the best option.
  3. jriccardi

    Is this a good idea?

    I would volunteer for sure! That's what I did before I applied for a job at the hospital I volunteered at. (I got the job. No prior experience).
  4. jriccardi

    Volunteering @ a hospital ?

    Thanks for all of the encouragement and advice! I really appreciate it. I am turning in my volunteer application on Monday! There was a section on the application where I was able to specify that I wanted patient contact. Thanks for that tip!!
  5. jriccardi

    Thoughts and ramblings from a tech/student

    This is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing this! You should feel good about yourself!
  6. jriccardi

    CNA with no nursing in the future?

    I don't think there is anything wrong with that. The skills you learn as a CNA can be very helpful on many different levels. I think it would be a good experience. When I was in my CNA program there was one woman who was there to learn how to care for her ill Mother (at home).
  7. jriccardi

    CNA courses online?

    I agree with the other reply that a CNA program is hands on. That's the point of it really- to get that experience. That's what way the programs are set up. Sorry the timing isn't working out for you. I'm sure there are private health care companies that offer the training. Those are usually more expensive though I hope it works out for you!
  8. jriccardi

    CNA pulse reading question

    A few people in my CNA class had that same problem. Use your middle three finger to palpate. Place the stethoscope where you feel the pulse and place the stethoscope in that spot. Honestly- most RNs probably don't even have to palpate but when you are just getting started with BP it's a good thing to do. Plus, I'm sure they'll want to see you doing that for your exam. Also... make sure you aren't holding the diaphragm with your thumb. You could be hearing your own pulse if you do that. I hope that helps some! When in doubt though... go to the instructor about it. Maybe they can show you some tips that can help you. You need to make sure the readings you get are accurate.
  9. jriccardi

    So Confused?

    In the area that I live in I've heard many LPNs are being "phased out" and being replaced with CNA II. I've heard this from many RNs lately. I'm sure it has to do with money! The CNA II can do many of the things LPNs can do and require less pay.
  10. jriccardi

    CNA or Volunteer work?

    I've heard from many RNs that being a CNA is very valuable. In North Carolina (where I live) it is a newer requirement for the nursing programs and I've heard from many people that they wish they would have done the CNA program. The hands on experiences seem to be worth it to many people. I took a CNA program and was certified in October. As of right now however, I have yet to be employed in that field. I am also looking into volunteering at the hospital here I did my clinicals for my CNA program. In my opinion... I think doing both is a great idea.
  11. jriccardi

    Taking Notes - By hand or by Laptop?

    I was use to hand writing everything until I broke myself of the habit. Now I use my laptop to type my notes during class. I find that printed notes are easier to study.
  12. jriccardi

    My Time Has Finally Come

    This is wonderful news!!!!! You should be very proud of yourself and all of your hard work! Congrats to you and the best of luck!!!!
  13. jriccardi

    Volunteering @ a hospital ?

    These are really good points! Thanks for your reply!
  14. jriccardi

    Volunteering @ a hospital ?

    Hello everyone! I have a question about volunteering at a local hospital... When I went through my CNA program I did my clinicals at a local hospital. I had a wonderful experience there and have been thinking about volunteering. I am currently unemployed so I thought that would be a great thing to do, to make use of my free time (when I'm not doing stuff for school-of course). I'm also thinking that it would be a good thing to add to my resume when it comes time to look for a job, which will be after the summer. Has anyone done this or is anyone doing this now? Do you think it will help my resume stand out from others? Thanks for any input! ~ J
  15. jriccardi


    I can't offer any advice about the NOVA course. I am also taking Nutrition this semester at a community college. However, I have know a few people to take it on line. They said it wasn't a bad class to take on line. I'm pretty sure they did well in the class. Good luck to you !
  16. jriccardi

    Should I just forget it?

    I do not think you should just forget it. Even if you tried to "forget" it, you probably wouldn't be able to. This sounds like something that is very important to you and means a lot. Therefore... it's something that's in your heart. You have to follow your heart and not let anything get in the way of that. Being a male should not limit what you can do in nursing. The only thing that can limit you is yourself. Don't let that happen! I wish you much luck and success in all that you decide to do!