Am I allowed to take NCLEX RN in different state after failing all 3 max attempts?

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Am I allowed to take NCLEX RN in different state after failing all 3 max attempts?

I'm In California but I attended school in Florida and took my boards in Florida. But, they only allow 3 tries for NCLEX test takers. My plan was to take Florida boards and endorse it to Cali. I was just wondering if I have option to apply to different state for (ex: Nevada or Texas) if I happened to reach the limit of 3 tries in Florida and then eventually endorse it to California. I haven't taken NCLEX yet but just looking at my options.

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Yes you can. New York will allow an unlimited number of attempts. But the goal is to pass on your first try.

16 hours ago, KittyLVN2 said:

I m In ca but I did the school in florida and taking florida boards but they only allow 3 tries. My plan was to take florida boards and endorse it to cali. ...

If this is your plan, why not apply for initial licensure in CA?

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6 hours ago, KittyLVN2 said:

@chareLong waiting time for aproval compare to florida

You'll still have that long wait when endorsing, so really all you're doing by going to another state first unless you intend to work there is adding additional time.

Additionally, you didn't take "Florida boards"; you took NCLEX in Florida. NCLEX is a national exam and it does not matter what state you take it in.

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CA is notoriously tough, at least on foreign schools, for needing to meet their requirements

Hello Kitty. I am also in the same situation as you. Because I applied for BON Hawaii just recently this September 2021 and they also have the same guidelines that was applied just Oct 2018, wherein they require that if you failed 3 times will be needing a remedial course. 

I was also wondering if I could switch to a different state. I am living here in Las Vegas. The reason why I chose BON before was because they had an unlimited NCLEX taking before, unlike in Las Vegas they require remedial courses if you failed 3 times. But Hawaii's NCLEX taking changed over the years into 3 times. I wasn't able to keep taking due to personal real life reasons which halted me to stop. And when I finally gained confidence to try again this happened. 

Even if I wanted to take the remedial you will also need to do the clinical portion. But I don't think I can fly over to Hawaii or Florida to take clinicals.

And my other question would be is if you apply to a new State do you need to pay for another CES to send out to the BON that you are applying too? And if you can still apply to other BON even if you recently sent Hawaii a recent CES report. Because if I remember they said that if you sent one in a BON that you need to wait for that to be finished before applying for a new one. 

Because if they still require a remedial courses I want to apply this time in the state that I live in so that I can be comfortable to do clinicals here. 

I am hoping to hear from you to see what you did and if I can also apply it to myself. Because I am stuck and stressed out. ? This is what I finished and what I want to pursue. 

On 10/3/2021 at 11:41 AM, Kim Myers said:

If you don't pass after 3 attempts,  is it possible that you may need some remediation? It is not the worst thing in the world that could happen. 

It's OK to take remediation if I have the means too. But for the remediation classes it might probably costs $2k dollars. And since I am not able to work due to personal reasons it's somewhat hard too. And luckily in Nevada they will allow you to take the NCLEX and start anew with no need for any remediation courses. Unless you fail four times in their state then that's when they will require to take a refresher course.

On 10/5/2021 at 8:40 AM, alogic34 said:

Try Nevada

Yes I have contacted Nevada BON. And they told me I can take the exam as long as I do Toefl and pass its min score. That's the only requirement for me. Which I am happy for.

@chareLong waiting time for aproval compare to florida

@Rose_Queen Yes I meant to say applied to florida boards to sit for national NCLEX exam. The reason why I applied with florida boards was their clinical requirement. As for california they required more clinicals hours which I don't have due to covid so they were not gonna approve my application. Since the school existed in flordia so the whole process is easier plus I got my att in a week and they required minimum clinical hours

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why not just take whatever refresher course is required to re-attempt in Florida? If you've failed 3 times it couldn't hurt

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If you don't pass after 3 attempts,  is it possible that you may need some remediation? It is not the worst thing in the world that could happen. 

Try Nevada

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Hi Princess Kweenie,

Is there any update on your application in Hawaii and Vegas? I also applied for NCLEX in Hawaii. unfortunately, I didn't pass the first time. I am really interested in this topic, tbh I am not sure too If I can pass it right away due to personal matter. I just wanted to know what my options are. Thank you!