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  1. Mystery_nurse93

    Passed NCLEX - but felt like you failed?

    Congratulations. I’m taking mines again
  2. I couldn’t believe it. But they are offering a free NCLEX RN review course for free! https://www.chamberlain.edu/NCLEX-RN-review-course
  3. Mystery_nurse93

    NCLEX-RN March 4th 2020

    So I’m taking the NCLEX RN In 2 days. I’m super nervous. The plan is to take it this time just to calm my nerves for next time. I’ve been out of nursing school for 2 years. I haven’t studied how I should’ve. So here goes nothing!
  4. Mystery_nurse93

    My nursing school is not accredited.

    be honest
  5. Mystery_nurse93

    My nursing school is not accredited.

    has anyone graduated from a non accredited nursing school and pass the NCLEX-RN?
  6. Mystery_nurse93

    RN license expiring July 2016

    hey what did you study to pass the nclex rn?
  7. Mystery_nurse93

    Took NCLEX 9 times, passed 10th time 265 questions!

    I'm so happy for you!!! You have no idea how much you have inspired me😍