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  1. @Rose_Queen Yes I meant to say applied to florida boards to sit for national NCLEX exam. The reason why I applied with florida boards was their clinical requirement. As for california they required more clinicals hours which I don't have due to covid...
  2. @chareLong waiting time for aproval compare to florida
  3. I'm In California but I attended school in Florida and took my boards in Florida. But, they only allow 3 tries for NCLEX test takers. My plan was to take Florida boards and endorse it to Cali. I was just wondering if I have option to apply to diff...
  4. KittyLVN2

    Sitting for NCLEX in different state

    Hey I was wondering if one is allowed to take the NCLEX RN in different state if already did the 3 limits in their state. I was just wondering as I m close to graduating in a state where there is only 3 attempts. Like california has unlimited attempt...
  5. KittyLVN2

    ICHS June 2021

    No one gets approved especially the loan company that they refer you to. They don't have FAFSA so its gonna be all out of pocket. They increased the tuition as well. I am a current student let me know if you have any questions!
  6. KittyLVN2

    ICHS June 2021

    Jessih, good luck if you think u gonna be traveling together and split the cost for traveling. Thats what I thought too but you ll be choosing your clinical dates that are so scattered out that you ll be lucky enough to find a partner the same dates....
  7. KittyLVN2

    ICHS June 2021

    Let me put it this way, 90% of the students have only negative things to say about it and many of them don't wanna talk about it because they are still in the program. My whole batch is so pissed off at school due to unannounced changes that took pla...
  8. KittyLVN2

    ICHS June 2021

    Stay away from ICHS. This school is the worst. I was suppose to graduate in march and won't be graduating anytime soon. My whole batch has nothing but negative thing to say about them. The batch ahead of us have been waiting for long time already and...