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  1. This site has been a huge help to me. I am 48 yrs. old and coming out of a 19 yr. teaching career. I have enjoyed the younger ones and now I want to give some time to the older ones. I think I am leaning toward
    CNA and then LPN or RN. After reading a few comments that was posted to the site; I can see that if I decide to continue this new career in nursing,I know that this site will be a great deal of help to me just as has been in the time that I have spent reading comments from different people.
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  3. by   Papadog
    hi, i signed in today as i saw your comments on , catheters and iv's for aquapheresis, I'm in new zealand and we don't do this procedure, I bought a aquadex flexflow from usa, doctors here won't use it so I HAVE MY GRANDSON wanting to do the procedure, he doesn't want me passing without us trying. fluid retention is what I have, and have no other way to relieve it. we are learning as much as we can as we have no experience other then a possibility.
  4. by   Rachel_Nurse08
    At 48, I would recommend becoming a nurse because CNA work is too strenuous on the body, preferably the back. Best of wishes in your new travels
  5. by   Workitinurfava
    Go for nurse educator but I believe you will need your Masters degree. Floor nursing can be strenuous to the point of forcing early retirement for many nurses and even career switching. Good luck!
  6. by   Male2017RN
    I went from working retail for 9 years to RN. If would be a great idea to be a tech in a acute hospital in my opinion before getting a job as an RN. Plus most hospitals pay like $2-3 more for someone with that experience.
  7. by   victor70
    I'm looking for an combination online RN training with campus: I'm an IMG, MD wishing to quickly complete the training. Any school recommendation that has an accelerated programs for international medical graduates, MDs?
  8. by   2feetunderme
    I went from being a military aircraft pilot and veteran of 2 different conflicts to a registered nurse and I'm, as my 20 something year old daughter would say, "Really Old!". Best decision I ever made though. But, be warned, life is not easy getting down the road late. So, if your going to do it then jump in with only success ever in your mind. Every day get up and fight, claw, take the setbacks, find avenues forward, stay up late, get up early, stay in shape, stay focused, be better at this than the people half your age, get into any school that will have you at the earliest time, get through school, get done with school, take the same NCLEX all graduates take and never ever under any circumstances ever give up!!!! I went through years of some of the hardest flight schools in the military. BSN, at my age, was as hard as flight school books and schedules at "their" age. As I said, best decision I ever made besides having my children.
    (Some days I believe that's debatable either way..LOL)
    I look at my BSN and NCLEX as a job requirement and their schooling and degrees as accomplishments. Hey, you cant put me down for being a parent. They are part of my team no matter how far they roam from home. Get started. Good Luck.