Nurse Outside the Box: Unique Career Plans for Your Nursing Future

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Nurse Outside the Box: Unique Career Plans for Your Nursing Future

With over 100 types of nursing careers to choose from, the sky's pretty much the limit-and yes, that includes being a flight nurse. One of the great things about nursing is that it can pave the way to so many career paths and possibilities.

Maybe you already know what you'd like to do and have it all mapped out, and that's wonderful. But what if you want to explore your options before you graduate? What other meaningful careers exist in nursing along with the hospital or surgical unit, obstetrics practice, or public school?

Glad you asked! Here are just a few of the fascinating options available to you. Keep in mind, not every job is easy to find, and they don't necessarily mean you'll make more money. Still, they're viable choices that may let you use your degree in different ways that better suit your personality.

Addictions Nurse

This challenging but deeply rewarding role could be for you if you're committed to preventing and treating addictions such as alcohol dependency, eating disorders, and gambling.

Camp Nurse

There's never a dull moment in the world of the camp nurse, from treating injured staffers to handling anaphylaxis, all in a most unusual-and usually seasonal-setting.

Corporate Consultant

Your days involve helping corporations bring about positive change in the health care industry. You may find yourself working with a hospital's leadership team one day and doing product training with health care providers the next day. One of your main roles is to make sure you're connecting the corporate business strategy with effective delivery of patient care.

Domestic Violence Nurse

In this relatively new and fast-growing discipline, you'll care for children, women, the elderly, and other patients who are dealing with the physical, emotional, and mental wounds of domestic violence. Along with examining and supporting the victims, you'll also document patient injuries so you can provide detailed records when they're required for the judicial system.

Information Technology Nurse

As a nurse who chooses to work in information technology (IT), you could be a systems trainer, consultant, or informatics nurse specialist. You'll work with medical records software and medical imaging systems.

Insurance Company Nurse

Insurance companies need nurses to manage certain cases and perform medical coding, clinical research, and insurance audits. You may also get involved in developing treatment plans and evaluating illnesses.

Medical Sales Representative

If you're looking for a more flexible schedule and higher earning potential than many traditional nursing jobs, sales could be the route for you. You can help put the right product in the hands of the right customer and build lasting relationships with other medical professionals.

Nurse Entrepreneur

If you're resourceful, want to combine nursing with business, and enjoy exploring your creativity, this is an exciting career path to consider.

Nurse Writer

You'll help develop textbooks, create articles, or edit and proofread technical material. You could also consult on television shows and movies, craft books, and produce blogs.

Parish Nurse

When you want a spiritual dimension to be central to your career, consider becoming a parish nurse. You'll focus on promoting health while sharing the values, beliefs, and practices of a faith community.

Research Analyst

Leverage your nursing degree to evaluate data, gather information, and research technology. You may be called on to help hospitals determine the best way to acquire technology or services, or you may choose to teach in clinical or academic settings. If you enjoy the idea of partnering with scientists from other fields, you could join with them to address complex questions within disciplines such as pharmacy, nutrition, and engineering.

With so many choices available, you're sure to find a career path that makes the most of your passions, aptitudes, and the time and energy you spent earning your nursing degree.

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