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  1. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Sign On Bonuses

    Great question. I don’t have an answer. Like you, I’ve only noticed them in those same facilities. In the facilities known in my area as “bad” they all have sign on bonuses.
  2. BarrelOfMonkeys

    HELP!!!!! PANICKING! Career change??

    I’d look at my facility policy on time in position before recommending a move. You definitely don’t want to burn your bridges.
  3. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Medical Marijuana: Understanding the Six Principles of Essential Knowledge

    Great overview, thank you!! I don’t have experience with it but dispensing has just started here and some patients are asking about it. This article gives me a quick overview and a direction for more info.
  4. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Conflict of Interest

    Was that a Hee-Haw tv show reference?
  5. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Blast from the past...

    I went to the studio lot where that was filmed. Fascinating how they did it! Loved that show as well.
  6. BarrelOfMonkeys

    How to retain nurses?

    True story. I've seen this many times as I'm sure many others have as well. Recognition is nice, of course, but long term retention will truly need to incorporate better staffing and real monetary compensation for real performance. -Neither of which is happening in a lot of places. Recognizing someone for a job well done with a note or novelty items and then putting them on for excessive days or mandatory OT or whatever really takes away that moment of recognition. At least with long term monetary commitments from employers (using true performance driven raises) those employees are recognized for adding value because of their experience and dedication and not just because they picked up an extra shift that month.
  7. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Preparing for nursing school

    I think all the above posts are brilliant. I’d only add two things: 1. getting familiar with your college campus and what’s offered and study spaces, where departments are, etc if you’re not already familiar. 2. What I had done before each semester is retrieve my books as soon as available and start looking up extra free resources (apps, question banks, etc) on their websites for those books. It helped me a lot as it provided more information to help me better prepare and retain information. Good luck!
  8. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    This is truly a multi-level failure. It would seem the nurse and the institution failed the patient. Even if not agreeing to the same level of failure. I mean, who do you trust? As a patient? As an employee? Yikes.
  9. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Trigger Warning!

    I'm triggered by this. I find it ridiculous we have to preface something we are about to say because it may offend someone (even in a professional setting). It will be obvious when it's spoken and has happened for, I'm guessing, hundreds of years and people have managed? I feel that "PC" has gone overboard in some areas of life and have made some areas/convos/environments not worth getting involved in for many. If someone has an opinion I don't feel it should be that persons responsibility to assess everyone else's emotions before speaking or engaging. I realize this isn't just in professional circles and I DO realize there are people who will purposefully trigger others. I'm not referring to those intentional moments but more to the professional and/or unintentionally triggered crowds. It would seem completely strange to me to start every sentence/action/breath with a warning.
  10. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Per diem as a new grad

    I know when I started my first job as a nurse everything was overwhelming. From the hours to the learning to building staff relationships to the mandating it all took a while to get used to. I spent a lot of time getting to know everything I could about my career field in that facility and get to know other staff members. It was through building rapport with my colleagues that I discovered how many of them use OT at work and other PRN work to supplement their income and where to go and which places to stay away from. I learned this after a year of working there. By then, I felt comfortable enough to even think about about a second job in another facility.
  11. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Tips or resources for managing an addiction group?

  12. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Scope Of Practice Question

    So, as a sitter that’s a nurse, for example, you have to call for help from another nurse? That doesn’t sound right. If a sitter were to call a nurse for help then wouldn’t that nurse come in and help?
  13. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    I must say with all the passion, professionalism, experience, and thought provided on this topic - thank you! It’s been eye opening, thought provoking, and making me question how I perceive things. You’ve all contributed such value to this profession. It’s because of your passion for nursing that this is so polarizing and clearly why you’re all in the right field. To make changes and provide better outcomes for our patients. I don’t doubt for a moment you all want that same thing. I hope with this case changes will be made that we all can stand behind.
  14. I was curious if anyone has resources or tips on how to manage groups of patients suffering from addictions while trying to educate them on various health topics? Essentially managing the group while educating them. Or any resources on educating similar groups in general?
  15. BarrelOfMonkeys

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    Great illustration! I was off by one and didn’t even notice the last piece. Ugh.