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Hi Everyone!

I am starting nursing school in September and I am switching careers from civil engineering to nursing. I have received alot of negative comments from people telling me that I'm "stepping down". I think the complete opposite. I am leaving engineering since it is B-O-R-I-N-G!

I was just wondering if anyone was in the same boat. I believe that nursing it probably one of the most noble careers that one can have. I have really enjoyed my prereqs and I got an 82% on my TEAS V.

Is anyone out there changing careers into nursing? Just hoping I'm not alone.


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You won't be bored,that's true...My advice to you -Take off your rose colored glasses....It may be "noble" to go into nursing "to help people" and " make a difference" but the reality is something different.Lurk on the board here and see for yourself.I am not downing it,it's all I have ever wanted to do and I am loving my current gig but you have to go into it with a realistic expectation.

My brother was a chief aeronautical engineer and told my sister and I that he is going for the accelerated nursing program 12years later he loves working at a CVICU

I realize that nurses can go through rough days and an emotional toll. I was referring to dealing with the "disappointed" reaction I get when I tell people that I am switching from engineering to nursing. I don't have rose colored glasses on for what I am getting myself into. Engineering wasn't easy either. I worked in wastewater treatment plants, coal plants, trash incinerators, and crematoriums. I would sometimes need to climb 300 feet and not pee for 12 hours. I'm use to hard work. I'm not afraid of that, but I feel as though when I tell people that I'm switching to nursing they act disappointed.

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad it worked out for your brother. I hope I have the same luck! Do you mind me asking what he does in the nursing field??

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Why do you care what others think? It is your life and you are making an educated decision on what is best for you. If someone doesn't like it how does that matter?

Who are these "people" anyway? friends? family? You tell them you are doing it and they are either on board or adios. It truly does not matter.

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You're not alone. There are many career changers, myself included (3 more semesters to go before NCLEX). I worked in finance for 10+ years and invested a lot of time and effort into it. Some of my friends and family think I wasted a lot of effort, but I don't see it that way. Some of my coworkers were excited for me and thought I was courageous to make such a huge change; some thought I was crazy; one said, "oh nursing is easy, you'll wipe butts all day though sorry." It doesn't bother me.

Now I work as a tech in psych (my main interest) while going to school. I see that nursing is a very tough job, but so far even working as a tech allows me to experience some aspects of healthcare that I thought I would like and I do enjoy it very much. There's no question it's a better fit for me than finance.

Good luck!

Well, I'm a nurse, and I'm sorry to say it, and I don't like feeling this way, but I think that going from engineering to nursing is a step-down.

At least as far as prestige, and being viewed as a professional. A step-down in wages, too, in most cases.

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I guess my question is you are leaving a lucrative career for nursing because you are bored? I'm not trying to be a smarty but I do get where your friends and family are coming from.

Too many people are under this impression that somehow their job is their identity as a person. If they are bored or unhappy with their job that means they are unhappy or bored in all aspects of their life and they should switch to this fulfilling career because then you will be fulfilled in all aspects of their lives. Then they are disappointed to find that nursing is a career like any other. It is a job with the negatives and positives of every other job out there.

What kind of expectations do you have of yourself and the job? Do you think that this is going to drastically change your life? You are in a well paying respected job.

You are obviously very smart. Nursing is not a guaranteed job. Many areas of the country are saturated with new grad nurses right now. Not all, but some.

You are the only one that gets to live your life. No one else can. So your decisions are yours and yours alone. You cannot worry what any one person thinks. But I guess if it were me, I'd ask myself some serious questions so you don't end up spending a bunch of money on a career that just isn't going to be what you are looking for in life. This may be a little deeper than a simple career change.

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kh112079 said:
Do you mind me asking what he does in the nursing field??

They did:

devhrt12 said:
12years later he loves working at a CVICU

CVICU stands for cardiovascular intensive care unit.

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I am changing careers to nursing also, but I mostly get support because people think I don't make as much money as a nurse.

Not everyone understands the desire to change careers if you're making a good living.

I completely get it. I built up a business for the last 12 years. Now I want to learn something new. For me, life is about mastering new skills, and it was time for me to venture this path.

It's an exciting time! Don't let the negative Nancies take away your joy. You're doing this for you.

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