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  1. holmla

    Gwinnett Tech Nursing Program

    I am happy to see other at my age as well(48) going back to school. I am looking to start a new career after 19 yrs. in education and now really wanting to get into an LPN program for starters.
  2. holmla

    changing careers

    This site has been a huge help to me. I am 48 yrs. old and coming out of a 19 yr. teaching career. I have enjoyed the younger ones and now I want to give some time to the older ones. I think I am leaning toward CNA and then LPN or RN. After reading a few comments that was posted to the site; I can see that if I decide to continue this new career in nursing,I know that this site will be a great deal of help to me just as has been in the time that I have spent reading comments from different people. Thanks, allnurses.