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  1. Rdsrn

    Purpose of the counting of days....

    Ive got so much longer left..I started in October and have a 3 year contract BUT i do know i only have 11 quarterly reports to go and that doesnt seem so bad!
  2. Rdsrn


    plasma/blood donation centers
  3. Pretty sure this is a hard no. But just in case someone says yes im posting this. I work at a plasma center right now and i hate it. I think I am going to have to stick with it a while until my case is over with.
  4. Rdsrn

    Diversion for Criminal Charges

    @nurse.etc I am REALLY hoping for a diversion agreement. I would even be happy with drug court in order to get a dismissal. Although my public defender thinks that's a bit overkill with me already being in monitoring. . Im to the point where I just don't want the felony, as long as its reduced to misdeameanor I would be happy. Im only charged with one. But at the end of the day I know I only have myself to blame. I do believe that whatever is supposed to happen will happen though. Learning a lot about just accepting things that I cannot control. I am doing absolutely everything I can do. The rest is out of my hands. But I do enjoy getting other peoples input and stories.
  5. Rdsrn

    Diversion for Criminal Charges

    Just curious...how many people here have been charged with a felony for diverting at work and recieved diversion for these charges. My public defender is trying to get this by showing im in an extensive rehab program aka monitoring. I just wandered how likely it is or if anyone else has gotten this. I know it doesnt mean i will but I am curious.
  6. Rdsrn

    Medicaid Fraud Investigation

    You are doing everything you are supposed to be doing and it will work out in time. I am right in the middle of it right now and I am doing okay! I was caught in September 2018, signed contract with IPRP October 3 2018, and on December 17 was when the investigator from the Medicaid Fraud Investigation Unit of the Attorney General Office told me to I had a warrant. So it takes a bit of time. And they may or may not have enough to file any charges.
  7. Rdsrn

    Medicaid Fraud Investigation

    No I did not. I wrote a letter stating that I was pretty much guilty so there was no need. However, I only admitted to taking the medication that was brought up in the incident that they were questioning...they later went back and found a lot more instances where I improperly wasted for another nurse. So im not sure it would have really mattered if I didn't admit guilt. I would say if you can get a lawyer definitely do so. They know a lot more how to deal with these situations. I have a public defender now and he is working on getting my charges dropped (diversion) or at least lowered. Its all part of the process, well for most of us.
  8. Rdsrn

    Medicaid Fraud Investigation

    I am in Indiana as well and am in IPRP. I had the same thing happen to me. Do not talk to them. If they want to investigate and press charges they will find something on their own. I was investigated, and eventually charged with a felony. I am not on OIG exclusion list and Ive heard there are ways to get off of it if you are not convicted of a felony. But I do know that a lot of IPRP participants have been charged criminally lately. If they can find something to charge you with during the investigation they will, and they will let you know if you need to turn yourself in. I got an email saying I had a warrant and needed to turn myself in. I was able to get OR'd out and go back to court soon. I have heard from others that have been through monitoring in the past that they sometimes would close the investigation if they knew you were compliant with monitoring...not the case anymore.
  9. Rdsrn

    EEP vs TPAPN?

    You could try a nursing support group...the nurses in there have likely been through similar situations.
  10. Rdsrn

    Scared to death

    There is no way to tell and every situation is different but all i can tell you that as long as your license is active you can work. I can tell you in my situation I knew i was in the wrong and had a problem so i self reported to my states monitoring program. I knew that i was going to be reported and the attorney general was going to investigate and i would eventually go in front of board. Ive been in monitoring since October but have yet to hear anything from board. After the AG did their investigation..i was charged with a felony and am dealing with that. I knew i would end up in monitoring either way and wanted to get started ASAP. But that may not be your route. I would definitely start with getting a lawyer. I could not afford one and didnt find this site until I was in monitoring.
  11. Rdsrn

    Not reporting an employer to KNAP

    From my experience any time ive lied or hid something ive felt bad about it and it never leads to anything good. I think if you choose the honest path things will work out just how they are supposed to.
  12. Rdsrn

    Scared to death

    When i got tested they could see exactly what i took so they will see that what was in your system is not what you were being accused of taking. BUT without valid prescriptions for the medications it doesnt really matter, youre still abusing substances to them and for all they know you took it from someone else and they may investigate further. When I say they i mean your job will report you and the attorney general with investigate extensively into your documentation, pyxis record, mar, etc. Like they said dont talk to anyone, get a lawyer. That way maybe you can save yourself from getting any criminal charges.
  13. Rdsrn

    pregnant in monitoring?

    @catsmeow1972 yes ive seen that recently with someone who had oral surgery they did same thing and said they wouldnt approve her hydrocodone...well by the time the CM got back to her it was 3 days later and she had already taken it acter having a tooth taken out. Thats why im going to give my absolute best shot at natural labor...i know i wont need any pain meda after because i havent before with the last three if anything i can do ibuprofen.
  14. Rdsrn

    pregnant in monitoring?

    Wow that would be really tough to go through while in monitoring. So its mainly the narcotics that cause the interupption? I plan on doing without any. I think its doable in this particular situation.
  15. Rdsrn

    pregnant in monitoring?

    @1nurse4job I wouldn't be working during the interruption and I don't think I will have enough time at my job to qualify for any paid time off. Ill have to save up some money for drug screens and what not. Im sure I will be off work longer than the interruption.