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  1. Rachel_Nurse08

    changing careers

    At 48, I would recommend becoming a nurse because CNA work is too strenuous on the body, preferably the back. Best of wishes in your new travels
  2. Hello nurses, I sat for my boards in 7/7/17, found out I passed 🤗🤗🤗. Then i completed my 3 hours of child clearance background check also BLS. Still havent received anything with my license number. I sat for PA boards fyi. Can anyone help me out with this?? Did this happen to any of you, and how long was the wait. Im anxious yo start working as a nurse already lol
  3. Rachel_Nurse08

    Nervous wreck NCLEX-PN

    I tested on 7/7/17 @8am. I've been on BON website but have yet seen any license number for me. Any advice would help!!!! Cp.**** off at 187 questions witj about 20 SATA, and 2 maths.
  4. Rachel_Nurse08

    75 questions today on NCLEX

    Congratulations. I took mines yesterday. Shut off at 186. I am freaking out. Pray I pass it!!!!
  5. Rachel_Nurse08


    Hello. I am a LPN graduate of year 2010. Yesterday I've took the NCLEX again for the third time. I'm a nervous WRECK!!! The cp shut me off at 186 questions, about 20-25 SATA😣 and 2 maths. I realy am between feeings. Praying I've passed. I do not want to con't being a CNA. I have anxiety to say the least.