Reaches Epic Milestone - 1,000,000 Registered Members!!

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    Founded in 1996, is the leading networking site for nurses and nursing students. We thank you, the allnurses members, who over the years have helped us to become the largest online nursing community where nurses and nursing students from around the world can network with one another and share their knowledge and experiences. Reaches Epic Milestone - 1,000,000 Registered Members!! has accomplished a lot in the past 20 years of its existence. Founded in 1996 when the internet was in its infancy, allnurses has become the largest online community and peer-to-peer networking site for nurses and nursing students around the world. We are very excited and proud to announce that earlier today allnurses surpassed the 1,000,000 registered members mark. We are all pleased to see this tremendous growth.

    Our members are what has made allnurses so successful in achieving this and so many other previous milestones. We have several members who have been with the site throughout their nursing school days and continue to participate on the site throughout their nursing career, sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Many of our seasoned members see allnurses as "their community", a place where lasting friendships are made and stories are shared.

    Students often find their way to allnurses while searching for a nursing school, seeking help with the challenge of classes or clinicals, or looking for advice on how to study for NCLEX. It is a great place for students to network with other students as well as interact with nurses.

    Ninety-nine percent of the content on is user generated, with topics ranging from personal stories to career advice, student questions to professional educational opportunities. The site averages approximately 375 new users and topics per day.

    The continued growth of the allnurses community tells us that we offer the right resources, networking opportunities, and content that nurses are looking for. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve the site.

    Besides the allnurses forums, our network also includes additional resources such as the Nursing Insights e-newsletter, Facebook pages for and Nurses Rock, and a robust Jobs website where users can create job alerts and upload their resume to facilitate their job search. These allow followers to engage in conversation about serious nursing topics as well as more fun, lighthearted subjects. allnurses in continually enhancing the site for an improved mobile experience for its users which allows nurses to stay connected and find immediate answers and information they need while on-the-go.

    For those of you who have been with us for awhile, THANK YOU. You have seen us go through many changes and growing pains. For those who have been members for only a short time, we hope you stay around.....and invite your friends. We have lots of new things in the plans for this year and years to come. Let's see how soon we can reach the next million members.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Does # 1,000,000 win something? Can you introduce us?

    To whomever is the lucky one, WELCOME!
  4. by   Buyer beware
    Congratulations. One million registered members is quite a milestone to cross.
    I know that with that kind of following it also means more revenue opportunities and that is always helpful in paying the bills and helping to facilitate AN as a valuable informational conduit for all present and future nurses.
    And there is no doubt that due to its enormous subscriber base AN will continue to have a substantial influence in the area of nursing education.
    Unfortunately, by runnings the ads of certain schools the site tends to give a tacit imprimatur to those schools that may not be worthy of this valuable passive endorsement.
    I suppose my question is what policies are in place by AN or contemplated to help protect earnest but uniformed students from being exposed to some of the bad actors in nursing higher education today that frequently troll this site seeking new recruits?
    As the saying goes, "with great power comes great resonsibility."
    Again, best wishes for your continued success.
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  5. by   KatieMI
    Well, if there is a million of us here, can we finally do something for real instead of explaining the zillion-th time that the Pearson Trick is a fake? Suggestions:

    - public campaign about dangers of "customer service" excesses in healthcare?
    - "A Total Idiot's Guide to (acute, LTC, home, etc) Healthcare" written by those who provide said care?
    - initiative to stop bullying and lateral violence in nursing, profession-wide?
    - black list of poorly performing schools/NCLEX courses/facilities which abuse nurses?
  6. by   NurseHeart&Soul
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is an amazing accomplishment and goes to show how many of us need support, want support, or are available to give support. This site is a wealth of information for individuals of all ages and in all stages of their careers. Thank you for providing this valuable resource. Cheers!
  7. by   Guy in Babyland
    Here is the video from the Allnurses Headquarters when the millionth member signed up.

    The Social Network - 1 Million Users Scene - YouTube
  8. by   rhinoroc
    Haha! I joined this day, makes me feel special! Congrats to everyone involved with! It's such an amazing place to be and the sense of community is one that can't be beat!
  9. by   nursel56
    Yay! My involvement in this community has taught me so much, created a circle of friends, and helped me gain perspective from many points of view. Congrats, AN!
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Congratulations, Allnurses! I praise you for staying around these many years, and for providing so many of us with so much help, advice and encouragement when we needed it. As a long time member I can truthfully state that I have loved you from the first day I found this website.
  11. by   Esme12

    We've come a long way baby.....LOL
  12. by   VKALA
    Hurray! It is a great news to know that AN has reached it's epic milestone.Congratulations!
  13. by   compassionresearcher
    Bravo!! Thank you for letting me share my research survey with your readers. My dissertation committee was very impressed with your reach into the nursing community.
  14. by   VivaLasViejas
    As a longtime member, I am thrilled to have seen AN develop over the years. I lurked around here in its early days, but didn't join until September of 2002, when I became totally hooked on the site and never looked back. I've been a moderator and now serve as a Guide, which is an honor and a privilege.

    Congratulations, AN! May we continue to grow throughout the years.