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  1. CCRN exam and Laura Gasparis lecture

    ANY course put on by Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio is worth the time and financial investment. Laura is one of the nursing greats! You will learn a ton and have a fun time while doing it. I highly recommend her courses. GO FOR IT and good luck on your...
  2. How I Wrote a Book and Became a Nurse Author

    Congratulations, Beth! You have so many gifts to share with the world. Thank you of taking the time to put your experience into print. Your book will help many nurses in the years to come!
  3. What Quick References do you have available at Triage?

  4. What Quick References do you have available at triage? For example, pediatric vital signs, ESI or other triage decision making criteria, Burn Rule of 9's, a picture of a hand with associated joints etc... More importantly, what do you wish you had ...
  5. Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    Ellie G~. Sounds like you have witnessed some amazing recuperations. Thank you for sharing those stories that are obviously near and dear to your heart. Wonderful that they are both doing so well.
  6. Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    Thank you for your very thoughtful comments that clearly come from some great experience. Much appreciated!
  7. ESI practice thread

    Thanks for sharing! I love it when the opportunity arises to learn about the rare stuff.
  8. ESI practice thread

    AWESOME idea for a thread!!
  9. ESI practice thread

    Great cases Amy! Keep them coming! I'd make him level 2. Stat CT scan needed for sure. He meets the ESI criteria Decision point B for high risk situation and confusion.
  10. ESI practice thread

    Yes, level 2 and immediate continuous observation put into place.
  11. Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    BSN16, Thank you for adding in the point about the many patients who have a poor prognosis but who may or may never meet brain death criteria. That is wonderful that you are now working with transplant patients. The final piece to this donation se...
  12. Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    So glad your nurse friend is alive and well...and working! Awesome! I wonder if there was a confirmatory test done when the statement "no flow to the brain" was made. Sometimes terms are used loosely when in fact there is nothing loose about brain de...
  13. Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    sunny time~ Breakfast? Wow!
  14. Dead or Alive: That is the Question

    Ellie G- I definitely can't imagine being a patient and hearing the discussion about me possibly being an organ donor, and obviously I cannot personally speak to any of the cases mentioned in this article. However, these cases did bring to mind the ...
  15. ESI question

    1) Triage acuity levels are determined by the information obtained and provided not with the help of a subjective opinion like "she is here all the time". That is the type of behavior that will get a patient killed and an ER nurse and facility caugh...