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Air Force NTP 2014


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Ohhhh maybe! I texted my recruiter to ask anyways. I don't know that I'll get a response sometime soon but when he does I'll let you know.

He said there is only one person per number and he said he knows for a fact I'm number 8. He said he'd take a picture if I wanted lol.


My package was not nearly as impressive as johnro's....

-3.9 GPA, Graduated in May, passed my boards in June.

-Brand new nurse and college graduate, only 22 years old. Have worked as a CNA throughout nursing school.

-Spent my final semester of nursing school on a high risk OB/ L&D unit (I applied OB)

-Letter of rec from OB nurses and a retired OB AF Nurse

I do believe some of my stronger points of my application were my letters of recommendation and I think I interviewed really well with the Chief Nurse.

Anyone doing NTP in Tampa?? Or first duty station in San Antonio?

Also....who were the Jan 19 COT people?

I got Med-Surg, Jan COT date, NTP in Tampa and then Eglin. I recruited from Arizona.


I didn't have the impressive GPA, but this is what was in my packet, and I hope it helps.

I worked as a PCT for 8yrs

13 yrs as an L&D scrub tech and 3 yrs as an Anesthesia Tech

2 LOR's from my nursing school instructors, 1 LOR from an OB-Gyn that I had worked for, 1 from a nurse midwife that I work with, and 1 from an 0-6 Nurse in the Air Force

I have been in the AFR for 15 yrs, I manage physical fitness program, I am a CPR instructor, and I am the NCO of training and education for the Surgical Tech's in the unit

For the essay, I got with our Chief Nurse in our unit, who had help another nurse in the unit write her essay, and she gave me pointers with the wording.

Then I interviewed with the Chief Nurse in Wichita Falls, and she gave me the thumbs up on my package, but told me to apply for OB instead of Med Surg.

I do not know where my orders are to yet, because my recruiter is out of town, and he had someone from his office call me with the news, but they didn't give me all the info.

I really hope this helps, and please don't give up, because the Air Force is a great place to work.

I have COT Jan 19th:) see ya there!


I have COT Jan 19th:) see ya there!

Anyone have the list of selectees?

Camo-angel, my qualifications look almost identical to yours, based on your description in a previous post. I'm sure I won't get in either. :(

Thank you guys for the posts. I do want to reapply next year, I'll be just able to apply NTP with almost 6 months exp, so hopefully having my BSN and license will help out. Plus working experience. Unfortunately I can't really change that I have no enlisted experience or CNA experience, but maybe it'll be enough next time. I also don't know any officers in the Air Force, so not sure how I could get a LOR from one...instructing CPR would look good, and some more volunteer work.

Any other suggestions on strengthening my packet for next time? My 5 LORs were all professors, so next time I'll only have 2 or 3 professors and then nurse supervisors or something.

jfratian, MSN, RN

Specializes in ICU. Has 8 years experience.

Take ACLS and PALS! Certain nursing specialties don't have a minimum experience requirement to get board certification (ex. Emergency Department and the 'CEN'); if possible get that board cert.

Also, I would recommend that you wait to apply as a fully qualified-nurse at this point. If you wait to apply after 1 year of experience, you won't be forced into OB or med-surg (for example if you wanted to do ICU/ED/OR). Just make sure the job you get as a civilian new grad is in the nursing specialty of your choice.

With 1 year of experience, you also will enter as a fully-qualified nurse...rather than a new grad. You won't have to go to NTP for 12 weeks, and you won't have to do that pointless DCO program for your first year. There is a night and day difference joining with 1 year of experience versus joining as a new grad.

Switching nursing specilaties in the Air Force is a nightmare! The ICU and ED fellowships are 1 year long and require 5 additional years of commitment to the Air Force.


Specializes in Invasive Cardiology. Has 11 years experience.

I wonder if anyone can advise me: I was selected for direct commission in Air National Guard as RN. I have 8.5 years in this Medical Group as 4N TSgt ( no slots for promo) deployment with Expeditionary Forces to Operation Northern Watch and Enduring Freedom. Been out for 8 years. Also have 4 years AD Army as 91 Bravo. BSN with 11 years in critical care high risk cardiac cath lab (no CCRN yet but + ACLS), 4 years full time, part time since 2007 with a lot of extra time and call, tremendous experiences with leadership roles. I have reviewed AFI 36-2005 which is confusing. I want to ensure I come in at the proper rank as I have heard stories of those who were not properly compensated. How do I go about this diplomatically and with finesse? My recruiter who does not seem experienced at bringing in direct commissions and the MSC officer will be determining my rank. Please advise, thankyou!!

Johnro, forgive me as I'm a bit late to this thread (congrats to all of the latest selects, btw!). I plan to apply for the July '15 NTP board and was wondering if I might pick your brain re: resume, essay, and LOR formats/details. I'm in contact with a recruiter, but he told me he doesn't plan to start gathering my paperwork until March. I refuse to wait that long to get started on my end! Lol Does this seem a bit late to anyone else? I have 13 years prior AD AF (flight engineer) and a 4.0 GPA thus far. I graduate from my BSN program in August. Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated (I've been scouring these forums)! Like many, I've had this dream for so long! Again, congrats!

jfratian, MSN, RN

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Your rank is determined by 50% of your full-time RN experience. The military isn't going to use your enlisted time for rank...except to determine time in grade and award your 'E' to your pay grade. Any time you spend as a civilian LPN or nurse aide isn't worth squat.

If your 11 years of cath lab was as an RN, then I would say you're a definite O-3E. Based on your enlisted time, you'll max out your TIG.

The recruiters don't actually award your rank. They just assign you a number of credited years based on your experience. Just make sure the credited time is at least 4 years (if my assumptions about your experience are correct) on your paperwork. RNs really don't start out as O-4s very often, partly because you'd need 24 years of experience (putting you over the age limit). I don't think it's rude to ask how many years of credited time you are eligible for.

jfratian, MSN, RN

Specializes in ICU. Has 8 years experience.

It's a little late, but I think you could easily ask for a copy of the application package. Get started on the forms, essays, transcripts, and medical documentation. That stuff is 90% of the work anyway. You'll have it ready for him come early this year. The only thing you really need him for is your chief nurse interview and your MEPPS physical; you can do those 2 things as late as weeks before the app is due. You can't do either of those until your paperwork is done anyway.