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  1. Can't speak to that specifically, but I can say I've seen all manner of overqualified people forced to do military training they don't need to check boxes. Imagine a physician assistant being forced to take an EMT-P course for the AF's pararescue ro...
  2. Airforce VS Navy Nursing

    So I assume that means NP adult-gerontology? Seems like you would want to do ICU in either case. I think your best bet is to start in a civilian ICU for a year...start applying about 6 months into working at your first job (app takes 6 months). Th...
  3. Nah, go for it. I've been an Air Force nurse for 8 years now. We work with civilians all the time. If you are a competent nurse, then you'll do just fine. I'm sure any education you'll be doing is healthcare related.
  4. Airforce VS Navy Nursing

    "I want to get a DNP" is a pretty broad goal. Depending on what you want to do...NP, CNM, CNS, CRNA, management, research...would change my advice. If not already in ROTC, I always recommend 1 year of civilian RN experience in the specialty o...
  5. USN Nurse, feel stuck in psych specialty.

    Not the best person to ask probably...I went reserves after 7 years as an AD Air Force ICU nurse. I had different reasons than you, though. I wanted to do CRNA and didn't get picked up for the USUHS program. If leadership doesn't work for you,...
  6. Please critique my Motivational Statement- Navy Nurse Corps

    I would add a something to the effect of 'I understand and am prepared for the personal sacrifices months of deployments and military training will require.' Dodging deployments is a constant issue in the military I feel. I think the first para...
  7. L&D RN: Air Force or Navy Reserve?

    The bottom line with L&D is they make you deploy as med-surg nurses. That's a pretty common theme across all 3 branches from what I've seen. When I was in Afghanistan, half the med-surg nurses were L&D nurses. Obviously, that chapter has c...
  8. USNR Nurse Corps Specialties

    In general, ICU experience is typically the most desired for nearly any military nursing job. Other than operating room, ICU RNs can pretty much backfill any other role. I would go with that.
  9. Air Force nursing FY2021

    6 years is standard from Captain (O-3) to Major (O-4). Nurses in the reserves usually fill Major billets (meaning they are all funded for up to that rank), so it is not very challenging to get promoted. I have personally not heard of any reserves A...
  10. O1 -O2 Promotions Army Reserve Nurses

    O2 and O3 promotions were automatic for me. Once you attain the required time in grade, often 2 years for each, your officer career brief and email will automatically show the promotion. If you commissioned on Jan 1 2020, you'll promote Jan 1 2022....
  11. Army Reserves CRNA

    You might have better luck on the Government/Military nursing page. I'm an RN in the AF reserves. Seeing as how they offer 15K per year for flight nurses in the AF, I think it's highly likely you can find loan repayment or sign on bonuses with one ...
  12. CRNA Pain Management Fellowships

    I'm starting to look at post grad CRNA fellowships for pain management. I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of each of the programs. There appears to be 3 programs: Texas Christian (TCU), South Florida (USF), and Middle Tennessee (MTSU). Can som...
  13. Air Force - Keesler Medical Center ICU

    Deployments these days are few and far between with Afghanistan now closed. COVID support 'deployments' are coming to a close as well. For Air Force nurses the most common deployments right now are natural disaster support (hurricanes), Germany, an...
  14. Air Force - Keesler Medical Center ICU

    Keesler is small community hospital with <50 inpatients in all units for average census. Their ICU is tiny and many of the patients are more step-down level. The patient care will be a piece of cake for any experienced civilian ICU nurse. ...
  15. Air Force RN with family

    I would recommend reserves for you. Active duty might be a bit too much. If you can manage 2-3 months of initial training (one time) plus 1 weekend a month and 2 extra weeks per year...the reserves will be be fine.