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  1. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    You can go to the Oct COT date even if NTP. I did back in 2015 and was medsurg NTP
  2. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Officer Training was difficult, but not nearly as difficult as basic is for enlisted. It's 5 weeks total, and you go through phases. Each time you phase up, you get more privileges as a group. The first two weeks were the toughest, that's when most o...
  3. Nursing student wanting to join military.

    Jfratian is correct, the AF and Navy take a very small number of new graduate nurses without experience each year. By very small, think 35 medsurg and 5 OB for the AF. ROTC is always an option, no guarentee you are selected at the end but gives you a...
  4. Nursing student wanting to join military.

    You could also look into ROTC and the Air Force. AF takes new grad nurses through the NTP program, I just finished it in January. It's competitive, everything is right now. But you could look into it as an option, doesn't hurt to see options. Talk to...
  5. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    I commissioned and started COT in October, then started NTP in November. Originally I wasn't going to commission until January, but I specifically requested to go sooner if possible and they found an opening!! At NTP there were 14 of us total, and on...
  6. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    I think somewhere a month ago someone asked about GPAs for people who were accepted? I had a 3.74 GPA. When I applied the minimum required GPA was 3.4 I think. If anyone has other questions about the application or how to improve chances, let me know...
  7. AF COT/NTP Questions/Answers

    Yes they'll cover the flight if you fly. I drove my own vehicle, so I was able to pack more items and on weekends when you do have base privileges, you can use your own car to drive around
  8. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Oh, and my first duty station is SAMMC on Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio TX
  9. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    I'm already in COT, I arrived Oct 5th and graduate Nov 6. My NTP is in Tampa, FL at MacDill so I'll be there in a few weeks. There's lots of great forums on here about how to apply and be competitive. Biggest points are high GPA, strong CV with extra...
  10. AF COT/NTP Questions/Answers

    I wish I'd brought food items like granola bars, energy gummies, and beef jerky. You don't get phased up for the first two weeks, so you aren't allowed to just go buy food whenever. I just bought candy for Halloween last weekend, after week three en...
  11. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Those numbers sound about right, maybe on the low side but they changed the standards so less people were able to apply. I applied first in summer 2014, when there were over 300 applicants but only 35 medsurg spots and 5 OB spots. Then I applied in 2...
  12. AF COT/NTP Questions/Answers

    Hey guys, been a bit since I was on here. I'm about done with COT, then off to NTP at Tampa, FL. I'll be stationed at SAMMC afterwards. I thought I'd start a new thread for people to ask questions specifically about COT/NTP because in the last year ...
  13. AF Nurse Corp

    From first day I talked with a recruiter till this Sunday (my leave day) the process took 1 year 10 months. I applied twice for the NTP program, for new nurses without experience. If I were accepted last year it would have been about one year total b...
  14. Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    Sweet, I'm joining then. My name is Suzanna
  15. Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    JoJo, would that page be for any NTPers or just your specific COT class? As in, I'm COT class 16-01, but I haven't found anyone going to this one yet