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Air Force NTP 2014


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jfratian - thanks for your response. I did get the initial email with the checklist and forms from my recruiter (after some persistence).

I guess I feel like a lot of the CV/resume examples are geared toward the FQ applicants with RN experience...

Does anyone who was accepted into NTP have an example of a resume that they'd be willing to share? Scrubbed for personal identifiers, of course!

Hi littlemissfit,

it has been a while since I last posted here but I wanted to ask you if you ever got called for NTP? After speaking to my recruiter you were right I was alternative #9, not 8 lol he overlooked and after many sleepless nights I decided to move overseas and withdrew my application. But in the back of my head I always have that "what if".


No I never did :/. But oh well, everything happens for a reason. Luckily I got a job in boston so Im happy where I am at for now.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, everything happens for a reason and maybe life has other plans for us :)

Good luck on your new job :)

Anyone else from last year applying again for NTP?? I know me and littlemissfit ar applying again, was curious if anyone else would apply for NTP 2015

yeah, I'm pretty sure my package was submitted today (EEEEEEKKKKK!!!!)

EDIT: ooops... I just realized you said 'from last year'... This is my first (and only chance) for NTP.

Good luck!

Haha no problem JoJo, and yes all of our packets should be submitted now since it's about a month from the board meeting. Hopefully we will know in about 7-8 weeks!

yeah, my recruiter told me the 19th was the package submission cut-off date (but of course I didn't want to wait until the last minute so that it could get scrubbed). Do ya'll still have July 14th listed as the board date?

Yes July 14th is the date I was given for he board meeting. Tentative release date of August 3rd. We shall see, last year took a month longer...but that didn't seem normal

Our information seems to match, so that's good! :up: Fingers crossed that there is no delay this year