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Affinity drug testing


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I have entered a probation with monitoring agreement with the board of nursing. I am to have random drug testing for a year including possible hair testing. The board uses Affinity testing. Do they usually do hair tests first thing when you start? I would assume they wouldn’t because obviously I would have had meds/alcohol in my system. Would they require hair testing towards the end to ensure compliance? Not sure how ‘random’ these tests are.

rn1965, ADN

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I use Affinity.  I have never had a hair test (9 months in now), but I was sober for a very long time before even starting. 

I have to check in EVERY DAY, weekends included.  I have never tested on a weekend.  Mine are usually 2-3 per month, and ALWAYS the day after ANY holiday, or that Monday if it is a weekend. 

Random, I am not sure.  I have not seen much of a pattern in mine.  Although they do seem to hit me right before payday, LOL!


I have been on probation/monitoring for a year now and so far only urine screens, no hair tests.  I have 1 more year left! Yay!


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Thanks for the feedback guys! May I ask you both how much did drug screens cost on average? Just so I can prepare budget wise. 

Mine are 70.00 total each test.  35.00 for test through affinity and 35.00 for clinic fee.  I test 1-2 x month, 2 x month here lately. Thats here in Mississippi. Some clinics charge less but I chose the one thats closest to me.  Good luck!

Indiana RN, BSN

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I use Affinity. 2 years and 10 months in. only urine so far. I pay $48 to affinity and $28 at testing site. Usually 2x a month. 

Jesus this makes me so grateful...my testing is just the cost of postage at my treatment center ($14) plus the lab fee of $20.  I started monitoring 9/14 and have only been called twice.

we call in Monday-Saturday but there has only been one Saturday so far where they called a color.

Cindy Weltman

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My testing is usually $40 for the test and $10 for the lab fee.  It is 738868, and I think is the most commonly ordered test from what I've heard from colleagues.  One day at a time is how I take it...good luck!



rn1965, ADN

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I am in TPAPN (TX). My tests thru Quest (Affinity Monitoring) are $55 a pop. If I have to go to an urgent care for some reason (cannot get in at Quest), they add between $25-50 per specimen.

I have ONLY had urine (one year in) and I have had 2 months where I had three, but all the others were 2 x month.

We check in online seven days a week, 365/yr.  Never been picked on a weekend or holiday yet.

KyBeagle, ASN

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In 2019, I completed the 5 year KARE program (KY). They utilize LabCorp (Affinity). I never had a Hair test & only one blood test in 5 years. Otherwise, it was urines 1-2 times/month (3X/month once). Urine tests were usually $41.50. Three - four times per year I would have a $65.00 urine test (I’m guessing these included etg). Tests were paid directly via the Affinity app.  Collection site fees were $10 at Labcorp sites. However, the closest Labcorp was about 45 miles away from me.  Thus, my specimen collections were always done at a nearby occupational therapy (OT) office. Collection site fee were paid directly to them each visit. Fees were $20.00 for a “Dry room” collection or $45 if observed (had 2 observed in 5 years). 

The one blood test (PEth) that I had was  $120 or $130 for the test (can’t recall exactly) & $20 for the collection site fee. 
Since I never had a hair test, I don’t know what KY’s actual hair tests cost but heard they were expensive. The collection site fee for hair at the OT clinic that I utilized would have been $40.

In 5 years with KY’s program through Affinity, I had a total of 104 urines, 1 blood test, & no hair tests. I had to check in 7 days/week. I couldn’t see a pattern to the “randomness”. Sometimes I was picked after a holiday & sometimes not. I was never picked on a holiday or weekend (although,  in the past year or so,  I’ve read on this site that one nurse in the KARE program was picked on several Saturdays in the last 2 months that she was in the program). I was never picked out-of-state when on vacation although I knew a nurse that was. 
I guess that I could see a difference in the frequency. In both the first AND last 12 months of the program, I had 2 tests/month (with 3 times in one month about 3-4 months before finishing). The middle 3 years I would have 4-5 months each year with only 1 test (2X the other months). With the exception of no weekend selections, I still never saw any type of a pattern with the randomness.