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  1. mississippiRN71

    Chemical dependency eval

    I have a chemical dependency eval coming up. Wonder what my odds are of being recommendation for further substance abuse treatment. I finished an IOP but never finished an inpatient, I did complete 60 days of a 90 day program. I am clean now and have been a very long time . If my urine screens are negative - which they will be- surely they won’t recommend tx.
  2. mississippiRN71

    How long is the longest anyone has heard of regarding BON investigation

    What might have you been reported for?
  3. mississippiRN71

    Signed Board order- update

    Hey guys. My order is a little more in depth than what I initially thought - but still not bad. I can keep my current nursing job as long as I am compliant with my order. My board order states: 1) 500.00 fine 2). 2 addiction courses 3). 24 months probation 4) chemical dependency evaluation - which I know I will pass since I’ve been clean a long time- just hope and pray they don’t recommend another rehab since I didn’t finish an inpatient . I did complete outpatient so I will definitely have my certificate with me when I go for my evaluation. 5) monitoring/ random urine drug screens for 3 years 6) 3 signed AA meetings per week 7) Quarterly evaluations from my employer/DON RN license will remain active and non-restricted as long as I am compliant . So glad I can keep my current nursing job! My DON said she has no problem with doing my evals! So I’m going to be ok! So glad I have this forum to check in and ask questions! thank y’all
  4. mississippiRN71

    OIG exclusion list

    Good!!! Thank you
  5. mississippiRN71

    OIG exclusion list

    Question.. can the AG office still try to put me on the OIG exclusion list even though I don’t have any criminal charges? I admitted to diverting lortab from home health pts from back in 2015. The DEA contacted me and I hired a criminal lawyer. The DEA never did arrest me or anything. Now that then nursing board is having me to pay a 500.00 fine plus put me in monitoring I’m wondering if the Attorney Generals office might get involved. Because on my settlement proposal it states I admitted to diverting lortab from my patients . When it’s signed it goes to all the federal data bases Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  6. mississippiRN71


    Thank you!
  7. mississippiRN71


    Is benadry excreted from the body pretty fast? I took some within the last few days for allergies. I know once I’m In monitoring I can’t take any so I better get used to it now.
  8. mississippiRN71

    Discipline on license

    That’s great! Congrats!
  9. mississippiRN71

    Received board order via email , feeling overwhelmed!!!

    Rebecca , find an AA meeting, get a sponsor . Are you a nurse and does the board of nursing know? You can do this!
  10. Hey guys I finally received my board order via email and it’s a lot more to it than what the lady told me over the phone ! When she told me that My board order stated 1) A penalty fee of $500 2) , 2 approved addiction courses I specifically asked about probation and monitoring and she said there was nothing on there . I guess that really got my hopes up because when I receive my order I was expecting a short summary of those two things . I am feeling very overwhelmed to know that I am on probation for two years and will have to be in the monitoring program. I’m clean so monitoring really shouldn’t be a problem I guess I’m just scared of false positives . I am thankful that I get to work with no restrictions and have an active license so I really should be concentrating on that part but it’s just the monitoring and the meetings and all of that has got me really overwhelmed. I have to be evaluated by a board approved addictionologist or treatment center So I’m really hoping my clean time will have a good effect on my outcome. I’m sorry for the long post it’s just that y’all are very supportive and I know we’re all in this together!!!
  11. mississippiRN71

    Do you miss it?

    In a way I miss it, but no way in HELL am I going to pick up again. I only miss the relaxing feeling I felt when I was drinking or taking pills. I could have royaly screwed my life up if I would have kept going. Ive been given grace by the Mississippi Board of nursing, It's hard to believe I'm getting only a 500.00 penalty and 2 addiction courses. However I have worked very hard at staying sober and I am definately going to do so! Good luck to everyone out there!
  12. mississippiRN71

    Board order - great news!!!

    Oh yes!! I’m very blessed! Wish you the best my dear! You deserve it!
  13. mississippiRN71

    Michigan HPRP newbie

    Dialysis is recovery friendly!
  14. mississippiRN71

    Board order - great news!!!

    Amen!!! I’m so happy
  15. mississippiRN71

    Board order - great news!!!

    Thank u!!!
  16. mississippiRN71

    Board order - great news!!!

    Well I have great news! I heard from the nursing board but I will officially have it in writing via email tomorrow. My board order states: 1) 500.00 fine 2). 2 addiction courses I asked the lady who called if anything was mentioned about probation, monitoring, restrictions and she said no nothing like that on there! Praise God!!!