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  1. mississippiRN71

    RN- Letter of Reprimand in GA

    No I haven’t , I like LTC. I used to work in dialysis though and they hire nurses in recovery
  2. mississippiRN71

    RN- Letter of Reprimand in GA

    Yes as a charge nurse at a long term care center
  3. mississippiRN71

    Test suspended /unavailable results on affinity lab test

    I messaged them and they are checking on it . They said it looks like the wrong test panel was marked on the COC form but the copy I have has the correct one so I don’t know what happened
  4. I just messaged affinity lab to see what I need to do about my result- test suspended/unavailable. Apparently something was wrong with the coc number , the copy I have looks to have the right number and panel on it so I’m confused. Will this go ...
  5. mississippiRN71

    May be reported ?

    The investigation process does take a while. I am in Mississippi. I was reported to BON Jan 2016 for diversion of narcotics . I met with an investigator in March 2016 then I didn’t get a notice from the BON til oct 2019!! I worked the whole time sinc...
  6. mississippiRN71

    reported to board

    Knurse - did u have write ups while on probation? I just did and I’m worried.
  7. mississippiRN71

    Write ups on probation

    I have a question for those of you so are nurses on probation. Did y’all ever have a write up on the job ? Did the nursing board say anything about it and did it affect your probation? Thanks in advance!
  8. mississippiRN71

    Guys, I made it!

    Hey. Did u ever have any problems on probation ? Like get fired, or have an employer write a bad review on you? I got fired last month - nothing alcohol or drug related though . I have a new job now thank God
  9. mississippiRN71

    Terminated while on probation. Scared!

    So if u are terminated , it doesn’t affect your probation?
  10. mississippiRN71

    Guys, I made it!

    Congratulations 🎉 Did u ever get in trouble while on probation??
  11. mississippiRN71

    Terminated while on probation. Scared!

    so what happened with you if u don't mind me asking?
  12. mississippiRN71

    Probation questions

    Have any of you on probation ever gotten your probation extended due to reasons like bad employer reports or a wasted narc error? I had a wasted narc error - didn’t get a second signature back in aug - haven’t heard anything from the board and it wa...
  13. mississippiRN71

    Anyone recovering by choice?

    Sounds like you do need help. Please seek it before the board gets a hold of you. I wish I had gotten help and told no one I’m a nurse . I’m on probation with the board and it sux. I’m afraid even with the slightest screw up I will get thrown out of...
  14. mississippiRN71

    False positive urine

    Hi. I have a question. Did u have a dilute urine? I’m freaking out! I’ve been on probation a little over year and now I have an abnormal dilute urine!! I didn’t take anything so I’m just worried! I drink coffee and water a lot so guess I need to...
  15. mississippiRN71

    value out of range

    Hi. How did you turn out with the BON? Did u have to retest?? And did the BON look upon this as bad? I’ve been on probation about a year and this is the only dilute urine I’ve gotten. I’m on probation so it bothers me .