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  1. mississippiRN71

    Home health??

    Hi peeps. Just wondering how recovery home health is. My BON contract doesn't prohibit home health and my license is active and no restrictions other than no more than 88 hrs a pay period. I have the usual daily check in for drug screens, 3 AA/NA meetings a week . The group is LHC. Its Mississippi Home Care. Anyone have any insight? Thanks for your help. 🙂
  2. mississippiRN71

    Companies that hire nurses on probation?

    I'm on probation with the Mississippi BON for 2 years. I found a great job as in infection control nurse at long term care facility- its a small one and its a great place to work! Good luck! There are places who hire nurses on probabion - as long as you aren't on that OIG list! Good luck to you!
  3. mississippiRN71

    Probation Testing

    It’s usually 1-2x month- the papers you receive from the nursing board just state- mine says 1-2 x month. I check in on an app everyday - am- to see if I’m selected that day and I have til 7 that night to get the test done. I haven’t been selected since 3-13 though - prob because of the corona virus crap . Good luck!
  4. mississippiRN71

    Anyone go to a settlement conference?

    I didn’t have a lawyer. Couldn’t afford one. I did the settlement conference and got 2 years probation , paid a fine, doing random ua’s and 3 na aa meetings a week- online now of course. And I’m working as a nurse.
  5. mississippiRN71

    Kentucky Board KARE

    My addiction was in full force in Nov 2015 and I self admitted in to an inpatient rehab. I self reported to the board , met with an investigator in Feb 2016 . And I didn’t hear anything else from the board until 10-08-2019 !! In the meantime I worked with no problem and was blessed to have a job as an infection control nurse in a long term care facility. When the board contacted me in 2019 I had inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab behind me so when I got my board approved chemical dependency eval , the psychiatrist didn’t recommend any further treatment. I’m on probation for 2 years from 10/2019 with random drug screens where I check in everyday and I attend 3 n/a or aa meetings per week- they’re online now of course. My board order is public . I’m in the disciplinary section because I didn’t self report while in rehab and I didn’t complete the inpatient rehab. So I’m really blessed I didn’t have to repeat inpatient. I did complete outpatient. just do all you can now and it will definitely help your case. look up your license online and if it says active then you can work , I did. good luck! 🤗
  6. mississippiRN71

    Panicked. Missed check in

    Thank y’all! I got an email response from my caseworker and all she said was write a letter explaining what happened. Shew! Thank God! 🙌🏻
  7. mississippiRN71

    Panicked. Missed check in

    Where u OK after the missed check in
  8. mississippiRN71

    Missed check in

    I’m freaking out because I missed check in this morning . Has anyone done this and still been OK? I emailed my caseworker .
  9. mississippiRN71

    One more bat outta hades

    Just be careful! You sure don't want to get summoned back to this hell!
  10. mississippiRN71

    TPAPN and COVID 19

    I agree!
  11. mississippiRN71

    TPAPN and COVID 19

    Good! I wish MS was on lockdown! I don’t wanna go into any clinic right now. If I get selected anytime soon I will be wearing a face mask! LOL. Thank you!
  12. mississippiRN71

    U/A's/ COVID-19

    Hey everyone! Mississipi hasn't been on lockdown so I am assuming we still do our random drug tests. Alot of businesses here are just doing call in/take out orders but I know our clinics and urgent care centers are open . I did my last U/A on 3/16- right when this all began! So I am just wondering whats gonna happen now that there are more and more cases every day and more deaths! If this all gets worse I sure dont want to go into clinics and get exposed! But I will do it if I have to of course! 🙂
  13. mississippiRN71

    Kentucky Board KARE

    Hey I know it’s frustrating. My first job in recovery was dialysis. I worked their 2 years. Then a job as an infection control nurse in an assistive living center came open really close to me Just a few months ago , so I applied and got it. The best places are dialysis clinics, psych facilities, LTC, fast care clinics and case manager jobs . The BON took so long getting to my case that by the time I was placed on probation this past October - I was already working at a LTC facility , I had to explain to my don that what I was put on probation for happened back in 2016 and that I’ve been sober a long time and went to rehab and such. She was very understanding. Luckily I knew her well and had worked with her before at a another LTC center. Keep trying something will come up. Do you have nurse friends who could put in a good word for you where they work? That’s how I got the dialysis job- a friend helped me . Hang in there. God bless!! 🙏🏻❤️
  14. mississippiRN71

    When does it end? I mean really end?

    I definitely understand it cats! I started over too . At the time I went to rehab for alcohol and opiate addiction I was doing home health and about to land a case manager position - was making $31 an hr which is awesome here in Mississippi. I’m in my late 40’s also and been a nurse for 25 years. I’m starting over as an infection control nurse making $27.50 an hr. I’m blessed to have a job since I’m on probation for 2 years, I know this. I just feel sometimes like a big failure. I try to focus on the good things and not let the BS of the program get me down. I’m blessed to still have my husband of 27 years and 2 awesome children . And I’m not in the hell of addiction any more. Hang in there! Hugs!
  15. mississippiRN71

    Formal Charges Filed

    Places like dialysis clinics and long term care facilities are most likely to hire nurses in recovery. I’m an infection control nurse at a LTC facility. I was already employed there when I was placed on probation from alcohol and opiate use in 2016. My DON was very understanding and knows I’m a different person now.
  16. mississippiRN71

    What shows up on license after probation?

    I was already employed as an infection control nurse when I was placed on probation. I told my DON that I was being placed on probation for a previous alcohol and opiate addiction from back in 2016. She was very understanding and is gladly doing my quarterly evals that the Bon requires.

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