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  1. Scared2020

    License Suspension

    Thank you Indiana, you said it better than I could have! I am making $17/hr in the only non-nursing job I could find. I got rejected from Costco, gas stations, Target, and many work from home jobs. I was making $34/hr as a nurse. So I ...
  2. Scared2020

    License Suspension

    Plus I’ve already gone through outpatient treatment, counseling, etc. I originally signed a four year contract so I am really hoping it’s a three year contract when I get my license back.
  3. Scared2020

    License Suspension

    I don’t have to drug test until I re-enter monitoring. I was in it for 5 months before my license was officially suspended. Testing cost $20 and my color was called 4 times in those five months so it wasn’t bad. Yes I’m worried about t...
  4. Scared2020

    License Suspension

    I’m not through it yet, only about 6 months in! But I already completed IOP treatment and found a non-nursing job. I go to NA meetings 1x a week and see a therapist 1-2 a month. I have to get a pain management assessment within 60 days of petition...
  5. In my situation I diverted and the whole situation is posted on my license for the world to see (even though I self-reported, signed a four year contract with my state’s alternative to discipline program...my license got suspended and I was kicked ou...
  6. Scared2020

    I Need Help

    I hate this for you! My history is also public with my state board although I diverted. I was able to pass a background check and I currently work with children. I disclosed to the HR lady that I was a nurse in recovery and she basically told me I...
  7. Scared2020


    Did they report you for suspected mental health issues or do they suspect substance abuse?
  8. Scared2020

    KNAP and Sponsorship during COVID

    I’m one of the Lionrock hosts and I’m very happy to hear you had a good experience! Please keep coming back!
  9. Scared2020


    Did you self report to tpapn or did your employer report you?
  10. Scared2020

    License Suspension

    I am in Minnesota. I am still in outpatient treatment and have not been approved safe to practice yet. I did not apply for unemployment because one of my state’s rules is you cannot have been fired for failing a drug test. I will check...
  11. Scared2020

    License Suspension

    So my license is going to be suspended for 12 months by the board for diversion. I self reported to my state’s alternative-to-discipline program but I’m getting disciplined anyway. I can apply to have it reinstated at 12 months and the requirements...
  12. Scared2020


    Your case manager probably determines the length of time or refers that decision to your doctor. I would just ask your CM.
  13. Scared2020

    Is PMHNP license post discipline possible?

    PERMANENT? God I hate these programs/boards of nursing so much. sorry I don’t have answers but congratulations on your recovery and keep fighting the good fight!
  14. Scared2020

    Double the trouble

    That has to be the worst advice from a lawyer I have ever heard! What in the world....does this lawyer specialize in nursing action?? I also diverted. I am undergoing 4 years of monitoring with a year suspended license. Most BON are punit...
  15. Scared2020

    Monitoring (voluntary) vs. probation

    How many times did you not document controlled meds properly? Why did this happen?
  16. Scared2020

    New Grad in recovery, is PNAP mandatory?

    I agree with the above. Keep quiet! Sober for 8 years is an awesome accomplishment, don’t give them any reason to make you undergo monitoring.