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  1. Job search after revocation or surrender

    I got a 12 month suspended license for diversion. That was 18 months ago and I’m awaiting for my approval for a board hearing to reinstate (I started my petition after the 12 months). I have worked in a facility with kids with autism for ...
  2. Hi, I got caught diverting in MN in 2020. Suspended my license for one year and I’m now in the process of getting it reinstated. If they reinstate they will make me enroll in HPSP for probably like 5 damn years. Drug tests, support meetings, quarte...
  3. ATP and non nursing job

    Easiest way around that is to find a lab that is open outside your work hours or close enough to go on your lunch break. I work 8:30-4:30 and my lab is about 10 minutes away. They close at 5. You do not have to disclose ATP to a non healthcare...
  4. Affinity drug testing

    Every state is different but in MN they assign you a color and you call a number each morning. There is a recording with the color of the day and if your color is stated then you have to take a urine test that day. I believe color is based on subst...
  5. Affinity drug testing

    With monitoring you basically have to get permission to go on vacation or find a lab who will do your testing if your number/color gets called.
  6. License Suspension

    Are you talking to me?
  7. License Suspension

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's awful, humiliating, and frustrating. First of all- Did you sign a monitoring contract? I'm going to assume you did. In your contract, does it state you are to abstain from all mood-altering...
  8. License Suspension

    Yes I am sure I will go under monitoring and probation. I'm not going to hire a lawyer, which I know many disagree with. Maybe I should have originally, but I am truly an addict and made my bed so now I will lie in it! I truly wish you all the bes...
  9. License Suspension

    Nope not being monitored. Once my license was officially suspended they sent me a letter kicking me out. I had signed a four year contract, so I am really hoping they also give me credit for a year (but I doubt it).
  10. License Suspension

    I am currently working with children with autism in a facility. Blackpear my situation was the opposite- I self-reported (my employer also reported), signed a four year contract for monitoring, only for the BON to suspend my license any...
  11. License Suspension

    I am currently in the petition process for having my license reinstated. I am submitting all of my paperwork this week. I'm sure it could take months to hear back. I am currently very happy in my current job (except for the pay) so I am just takin...
  12. License Suspension

    Thank you Indiana, you said it better than I could have! I am making $17/hr in the only non-nursing job I could find. I got rejected from Costco, gas stations, Target, and many work from home jobs. I was making $34/hr as a nurse. So I ...
  13. License Suspension

    Plus I’ve already gone through outpatient treatment, counseling, etc. I originally signed a four year contract so I am really hoping it’s a three year contract when I get my license back.
  14. License Suspension

    I don’t have to drug test until I re-enter monitoring. I was in it for 5 months before my license was officially suspended. Testing cost $20 and my color was called 4 times in those five months so it wasn’t bad. Yes I’m worried about t...
  15. License Suspension

    I’m not through it yet, only about 6 months in! But I already completed IOP treatment and found a non-nursing job. I go to NA meetings 1x a week and see a therapist 1-2 a month. I have to get a pain management assessment within 60 days of petition...