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Indiana RN has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med/Surg & Psych.

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  1. Indiana RN

    Funny not Funny

    I drink a bang energy drink everyday at work. I also use hand sanitizer dozens of times at work. I have left work, tested and haven't tested positive. Indiana I get tested for everything. I don't use soy sauce but eats lots of Chinese food. I don't use hairspray very often but I dye my hair monthly and use bodyspray almost daily. The beginning is always the worst! I've been doing this for 2 1/2 years and now I forget I'm even in this program most days....unless I'm picked to test! LOL
  2. Indiana RN

    Hand Sanitizer

    I was super nervous about this in the beginning but after awhile I found myself using it frequently. With everything that's going on I use it alot. I haven't had any issues. I do, however, hold my breath when I use it until it's dry.
  3. Indiana RN

    Affinity drug testing

    I check in 7 days a week and I hope I'm not jinxing myself but in the 2 1/2 years I've been in this program I've never had to test on the weekend.
  4. Indiana RN

    Indiana agreements

    If you can afford it, absolutely.
  5. Indiana RN

    TnPap (Tennessee)

    In Indiana, the narc restriction starts when you start working. So ultimately you have to work for 6 months with a narc restriction.
  6. Indiana RN

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    SMART recovery online meetings offer verification for free and there is also a meeting ID code. Indiana is doing the same, online meeting acceptable but check in and testing as usual.
  7. Indiana RN

    Recovery in Indiana/IPRP

    I had an "abnormal" about a year ago, which meant ( if I can remember) my creatinine was abnormal. Me and my caseworker think it was from my bp med. No repercussions but I did notice an increase in testing for a few weeks. I wouldn't recommend having more than one and I do believe they consider a dilute a positive. I've been in a little over 2 years, so it was ISNAP when I started. I have different UDS's with ISNAP but since it went to INPRP I always get the same test but I'm not sure what they test me for. I'm not a drinker though, I was a pill popper. And DEFINITELY download the affinity app. I have my notifications on for affinity and I get a notification every morning to remind me to check in. Good luck! let me know if I can answer any questions for you. This is hard and costly but you CAN do it!! These 2 years have flown by!
  8. Indiana RN

    ? Positive urine screen

    about a year ago I got a abnormal it was d/t my bp medication. no issues I just noticed a increased testing for a few weeks
  9. Indiana RN

    Pre-employment drug screen suboxone

    I would be upfront with them and explain your situation before you test. Make sure they are OK with it and will not say anything to the BON. when you took the NCLEX they usually ask if you have a h/o alcohol or drug abuse. If you answered no you don't want them to find out any different. I'm in my states program and although getting clean saved my life, it's a long, expensive program.
  10. Indiana RN

    Check in at AA/NA meetings??

    yes. On affinity if you scroll to the bottom there should be a calendar and on the top right corner a circled plus sign and meeting. hit that and check in ( make sure your GPS is on)
  11. Indiana RN

    How long before test results are posted?

    I use affinity and it usually takes about 1 week. You won't see actually results but it will say negative, positive or abnormal.
  12. Indiana RN

    1st pee test today

    it shouldn't, I've had to test several times during my cycle. You will probably have observed tests too. awkward at first but after awhile, no big deal.
  13. Indiana RN

    Probation/monitoring $$$

    I wasn't working my first 6 months, some days when I was picked to test I would literally sit there and cry! I was actually counting change from our change jar to test! I'm sooo grateful to be working again!
  14. Probation sucks, so does the system. I have a drug charge on my background but I consider. myself pretty ( so does my husband:) ) Do you think maybe your pointing your anger at the wrong people? Again, lumping a large group of people in the same basket?
  15. FEMALES subscribe to a group-thinking mentality´╗┐? That's a large group of people to lump in one basket.
  16. Indiana RN

    Received board order via email , feeling overwhelmed!!!

    3 1/2 years of sobriety, which you did on your own and maintain on your own and they still want to "monitor " you? ridiculous! I'm sorry this is happening to you but I promise, you got this!! And yes, it will be overwhelming and scary at first. My first 3-4 months were the worst. It gets better, I promise. Sometimes I forget I'm even in this program ( until I have to do a test) Remember we're here and don't be afraid to ask questions or just vent bc your pissed off!

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