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KyBeagle has 27 years experience as a ASN and specializes in ED RN and Case Manager.

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  1. KyBeagle

    Hair follicle

    Regardless of the debate, this absolutely would NOT be accepted by the BON. Per Quest Labs: Is there a risk that the results of a hair test can be affected by environmental contamination (external THC)? A: No. Quest Diagnostics utilizes several independent approaches to rule out the possibility of a positive result from external contamination: —- ALL samples are washed prior to analysis —- Some confirmatory assays involve analysis of the wash solution and a “wash correction” —- Some confirmatory assays require presence of metabolite to be reported positive*** Taken together these procedures are designed to AVOID false positives due to external contamination if the test is positive. Most hair tests don’t test for THC anyway. They test for THC-COOH. That is a THC metabolite that enters the hair follicles/shaft via the blood. By checking for the metabolite, it eliminates the argument that you were around someone who smoked. OP needs to get a lawyer (with BON experience). Lying isn’t going to work. It’s only going to dig the OP into an even bigger hole. You’re better off not saying ANYTHING until you speak to an attorney.
  2. KyBeagle

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    And one other thing... we don’t have personal hairstylists to fix our hair before going to work. On my 2nd or 3rd night in a row— I’m slapping my hair back in a messy ponytail and dragging myself in to work! TV nurses and MDs don’t have a hair out of place. I’d love to see a REAL portrayal sometime (but that may not be great for ratings 😂).
  3. KyBeagle

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

    I didn’t apply for SSDI or unemployment but I did use other community services. Being unemployed in my early 40s was a humbling experience. I essentially wanted to hide my head in the sand & not come out. My husband started shopping around at our local community resources. I was off work for the first 3 months of the KARE contract. One organization paid for our electric bill for one month. We qualified for food bank/community pantry services with 2 different organizations. At each place I had to explain WHY I was out of work (especially for a nurse). Since it was drug related, I had to show proof of SUD treatment in order to get benefits. So-very humbling when going from the autonomy of an ED Trauma RN to showing proof of IOP enrollment at our local food banks. I had one volunteer ask me about the KARE program, which flabbergasted me since most KY nurses don’t even know about the program. (The local food banks had seen KARE nurses before). I also qualified for KY Medicaid for 3 months for our family & the federal SNAP food assistance program. Again- very humbling. And embarrassing. And it’s an humiliating memory when I think about the reaction of my teenage kids when we came home with one of our big boxes of donated food. They were excited to dig through the box to see what food we got for THIS month. We pulled through it and, now, I wonder WHAT we would have done without those community resources. Personally, I could have lived on only ramen and Mac & cheese for 3 months (especially since I got myself into that mess), however, it wasn’t fair that I dragged my husband & kids through that nightmare, as well. So I am very grateful for all the services we received. And it was a great lesson to me, as I didn’t realize how prideful that I was until I had to set me pride to the side & beg for help. This was a little off topic. But I did have to show proof of a Vocational Rehab interview to qualify for one of the food banks & to obtain assistance for my electric bill.
  4. KyBeagle

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

    @catsmeow1972 Sorry to hear about your shattered wrist, Cats. Thank Heavens you’ve at least “graduated” & won’t have navigate the complexity of a pee test collection while you’re wrist is in a splint/cast/sling!
  5. KyBeagle

    Discipline and Expired License

    @snoopy76I know that it is. There are many of us on this site that have been in your shoes. This is a wonderful community of support. Keep us updated!
  6. KyBeagle

    Affinity Testing

    peTH can detect ethanol for up to 21 days.
  7. KyBeagle

    Blood test with affinity

    If it’s a peTH test, it’s looking at alcohol consumption. It can detect ethyl alcohol use in the blood for up to 3 weeks. Per the literature, Phosphatidylethanol, or peTH, is a biomarker in the blood that’s only created in the RBCs in the presence of ethanol. At this time, it’s considered to be more accurate than urine etg/ets. I’m thankful that I only had one peTH blood test in my program. Alcohol wasn’t my DOC. When I had a peTH in 2018 with Affinity, the fee was around $120 through the KARE program plus $20 at the collection site. It also took about 1 week to receive the negative result.
  8. KyBeagle

    Thinking about moving to TX/TPAPN

    💧💧🥤 🥤🔥🔥🔥🌧️🌧️🚿🚿 @catsmeow1972 Sending some emoji water your way, Cats! We won’t let you burn !!
  9. KyBeagle

    Meltdown at work, does TPAPN need to know?

    If you handled it as exactly as you reported above, and there was another nurse available to which the patient could be reassigned, I see no reason why this would be reported to TPAPN.
  10. KyBeagle

    Ohio probation

    I believe you’re going to have to check with the Ohio BON for a straight answer on this. It would seem that the RATIONAL answer to this would be no. You’ve already completed probation so why would you be re-sentenced for the same “crime” by the same licensing body? However, I just recently saw another post on this site about someone in a similar scenario. I think they were going from LPN to RN, as well. They were worried as they were waiting for their BON to get back with a decision. I thought they were just being over-anxious (as we ALL have been about every single aspect of these programs). I was shocked when they received another compliance contract! This makes little sense to me & I bet each state approaches this a little differently. If I were in your shoes, I would email your case manager for clarification (so you’ll have something in writing). And congrats on completing your agreement!
  11. KyBeagle

    Failed pre employment screen

    You need to call an attorney ASAP. Not a criminal attorney but one that has experience in front of the NYS BON. If you lived in Kentucky, you would definitely be subject to 5 years of the KARE monitoring contract. In regards to the BON, it’s irrelevant if you smoked pot once 6 weeks ago, used IV heroin daily for 6 months or been an alcoholic for 16 years. The contract would be the same. The ONLY differences would be the level/amount of rehab (as determined by a substance abuse evaluator... and you would get SOMETHING, even if IOP) and whether or not it’s confidential or public info. Regardless, you wouldn’t be able to administer narcotics for 6mos -1 year, would be required to attend AA/NA meetings 3x/week for 5 years and have random UDSs at least 2-3X/month x 5 years (yes, even if you smoked THC only one time). So- get an attorney, experienced in BON matters NOW. It’s essential to do this before the BON contacts you. With an attorney, you may be able to get a lesser “sentence” (perhaps 2 or 3 years instead of 5 years), & confidential orders instead of public. They may also be able to reduce or eliminate a civil financial penalty, if applicable. I was in a confidential program because I self-reported (which, in my case, was appropriate because I needed help with an addiction). I knew my employer was reporting me. If I had done “nothing”, and waited & gone before the disciplinary/investigative branch of the KBN, I would have received exactly the same stipulations but it would have been public info for lifetime. I would have also had a $500-$3000 civil fine instead of $0.00. Now that I’ve completed KARE, my license is completely clean in my home state (& the compact states), and my KARE contract info has been expunged. Your case is a little different than mine & you live in a more liberal state. Get an attorney BEFORE NY initiates their investigation. Again, an attorney may be able to reduce your length & keep everything confidential. Regarding confidentiality: You can ask some of the nurses on this site, or just read through the posts, about employment difficulties they have faced with public disciplinary actions, even after completing their 3 or 5 year program. A public action will follow you to every state & is listed on Nursys FOREVER. Employment applications may be nixed before being called for an interview. If not, then you’ll ALWAYS have to explain to prospective employers about the time you smoked or ate a little THC. (For that matter, patients, colleagues, acquaintances, friends & family can access & read your board orders). Employment isn’t impossible by any means... just more difficult. If there’s any chance of avoiding this scenario, the price of an attorney is well worth it! So if you don’t have an attorney now, do some research on Thanksgiving Day, find attorneys experienced with your BON & call Friday for an appointment. I’m not intending to scare you or to exaggerate. I’m just being perfectly honest. Good luck!
  12. KyBeagle

    Meltdown at work, does TPAPN need to know?

    I was in the KY KARE program. I missed 3 check-ins over my 5 year contract. The first 2 were within the first 7 months. Each time, I dutifully emailed my CM with an explanation, as stipulated in the KARE contract. Afterwards, I went on a 4 year stretch of not missing any. My 3rd (& last) missed check-in was in my final year. Right before I finished KARE in October of this year, I was looking over the Affinity/Spectrum app & just happened to come across it. The missed check-in occurred way back in May (on Mother’s Day - I was home SICK with a nasty GI bug). I didn’t email my CM at the time since I wasn’t even aware that I had missed. She never asked me about it. KARE’s check-in timeframe with Affinity is 5am-1pm. After the first miss, I did the same as Uncle-JoJo & set up early reminders (4:58am). After the 2nd miss, I added a last reminder at 12:50pm. That “last call” reminder saved my rear end several times over the years! I never saw my testing frequency increase directly afterwards. However, I believe that if I had failed to check-in on a test day or if I had a higher frequency of missed check-ins, there would have been repercussions. I totally “get” your worries about “TPAPN prison”! I was afraid of “KARE prison” the first time that I missed. However, I think the ATD programs will show tolerance of a missed check-in if 1) they’re very, very infrequent (rare); and 2) you’re compliant in all other aspects of your program. I think you’ll be absolutely fine!
  13. KyBeagle

    Not 4 sure

    God, I hope not! I couldn’t fathom the idea of being responsible for all you other nurses out there AND your life’s situations! Whew! I do well enough shouldering my OWN life situations/ mistakes! I might always be here to SUPPORT my fellow colleagues... but that’s where the buck stops! Sorry guys! Anyway, have you MET some of the people in the “public”? I see members of the “public” daily in the ED...and there are quite a few that I would NOT want to be responsible for me! They would screw up my life even more than I can possibly do on my own! So...no worries! As a nurse, I do NOT hold you, anyone on this site, or anyone in the public responsible for myself, my poor choices, and some of the ridiculous life situations that I’ve gotten myself into! I take complete & full responsibility. Btw...I realize that I’m probably responding to a scam post. I’m just bored at the moment 😋
  14. KyBeagle

    Ca board hearing for early termination - I'm in

    Best wishes! Rooting for you!!
  15. KyBeagle

    Patient Care Coordinator in ED

    It’s been such a learning experience. Understanding WHY the “little things” are SO important to document, from the perspective of payment instead of liability. We use InterQual guidelines. Applying O2 via NC. Did the COPDer have retractions? Did the Possible CVA pass or fail the dysphagia screen? Any improvement after the IV Lasix in ED? And WHY is the CP being admitted as Inpatient status instead of OBS with a neg EKG, neg enzymes, neg CXR, PE ruled out, etc? (Oh- because nobody documented that the pt has hx of pulmonary fibrosis AND that they desaturated to 85% when ambulating to the BR in ED). Yes. It’s been a real eye opener! I look at myself now & realize that I’ve become “that nurse”... the “desk nurse” that is reminding the staff ED nurses to chart. I know what they’re probably (definitely) thinking about me because I used to be in their shoes, 😂!
  16. KyBeagle

    False positive urine

    I’m very happy to hear that you got BOTH the hair test AND the polygraph. That will help. At least it’s much better that doing nothing. It sure won’t hurt to have added these to your arsenal. I was very fortunate to have had an awesome Case Manager that ALWAYS responded the same day to ANYTHING I needed. However, I’ve read many other horror stories on this forum, where nurses waited weeks for a response or received vague or conflicting advice/information. It sound like the same situation that you’re in. I know that you’re frustrated & probably pulling your hair out. You’re very smart to have an attorney because you may need him at some point. You’re being very proactive. Best of luck! Still thinking about you! Keep posting...

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