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KyBeagle has 27 years experience as a ASN and specializes in ED RN and Case Manager.

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  1. KyBeagle

    Release for secondary supervisor IPN

    Not sure how IPN operates but I can tell you about the KY BON KARE Program. Within 2-3 weeks of beginning a new job, the KARE case Manager did reach out & communicate with the supervisor of my department. My KARE Case Manager ensured that my supervisor had a copy of the KARE contract, was aware & it $ any stipulations that I may have had, & asked if the supervisor or hospital had any questions. My supervisor also had to sign a KARE form, verifying that my employer had a copy of my KARE contract on file. KARE also required that I sign one general release of info for any providers that I see (MD, dentists, specialists, therapist, etc.). However, when I actually see a provider, they must sign a form stating that they are aware that I’m in the KARE program & in recovery, & that they have a copy of the contract on file (this Form is one time signature from each provider that I see, the first time that I actually see them). If I receive any prescriptions, the provider must also sign a Prescription record form, and write the meds prescribed, —name, date, strength,, quantity, diagnosis, & number of refills. If I take any OTC meds that aren’t “approved” (Benadryl for allergies , DM cough syrup, if sick, etc.) they must also be written on the prescription record form & sent to the KARE program for my file. They do not routinely call the provider. However, I have read some of the public discipline cases. If the KARE Case Manager believes something is “fishy”, they will call & talk to staff & provider and get a copy of the medical records. Regarding the case that I read, the nurse was positive for a controlled medication & didn’t have a prescription on file. She had already had issues in the program. She said in this case, she had just seen the doctor & received the prescription but she was still waiting for the provider to complete her Prescription record form. She did did turn the form with a order date that was BEFORE the UDS. However, the CM was suspicious & called the office. Apparently, the office visit & RX was actually 2-3 days AFTER the UDS. The office staff had filled out the prescription record for the docto, & just had her sign it. However, the nurse had asked them to BACK DATE the form to the day before her UDS. So— she didn’t have a prescription ar the time of her UDS- CAUGHT!!
  2. KyBeagle

    AG’s office??

    I’m not sure when the AG is involved. I’ve seen a lot of posts on this site that reference the AG being involved with their cases. I self-reported & entered KY’s 5 year KARE program in 2014. The AG was not notified by the BON & (thankfully) wasn’t involved in my case. And yes, I had been terminated for diverting Dilaudid from the hospital Pyxis.
  3. KyBeagle

    Kentucky Board KARE

    Whenever you get the required # of posts (I think it’s 15), feel free to PM me! I would be happy to answer any questions! I look back & wish that I had a “seasoned” KY peer to talk to when I entered the program. Don’t look at it as 5 years...just one day at a time. You CAN do this, rnsam92!!!
  4. KyBeagle

    Kentucky Board KARE

    I was not. I self-reported to the board (after rightfully being terminated by my employer) & voluntarily enrolled in the confidential monitoring program. My employer offered to wait 1-2 days before reporting me to the KY BON so that I could self-report & avoid the (very public) disciplinary route. I took advantage of the offer so I wouldn’t have a permanent mark on my license.
  5. KyBeagle

    Kentucky Board KARE

    Yes. There was a 3 week lapse between meeting with the KARE director & signing my agreement 10/21/14) then meeting my assigned CM (11/17/14). Affinity selected me to test twice before I met my CM. In fact, I was “selected” to test within 1-2 days after activating my Affinity account! I’m sure that they wanted a “baseline” UDS upon entering the program.
  6. KyBeagle

    11 hours and 30 minutes til my final check in

    Whoo Hoo! Congrats! It must be a heck of a feeling to check in & have an inactive testing account!!! Now- what to do with all that extra money each month?!?!?!
  7. KyBeagle

    Scared.. but not guilty!

    Whew! Awesome! I have 90 days left. Holding my breath that nothing like this happens to me.
  8. KyBeagle

    Scared.. but not guilty!

    Could we get another update? I’m in KARE. Very curious about your outcome!
  9. KyBeagle

    11 hours and 30 minutes til my final check in

    Congrats! Wow! You certainly faced stressors but hung right in there! KUDOS! As of today....exactly 90 days left for me!
  10. KyBeagle

    Countdown roll call

    I’ve “enjoyed” this forum immensely since my inclusion in this select group in 2014 (KARE). By “enjoyed”, I simply mean by periodically going through the forum, reading posts about similar concerns, questions, frustrations, fears, etc. and knowing that I’M NOT ALONE. I’ve mainly read posts, occasionally responding & even asking questions (such as when I was midway thru my KARE contract & needed advice on approaching a dentist about my contract). I feel like I know so many of you- even though you haven’t really heard from me. I’ve still felt very supported & knew that others were just a few clicks away. I’m completing my 5 yr contact soon...95 days. Set a “countdown app” on my phone at 120 days. Became excited!!! And , then- Whew! Affinity does NOT want me to enjoy this! SIX tests in SEVEN weeks! What the heck! All negative. Compliant throughout the past 4 years 9months (w/one Dilute earlier in the whole period). So- instead of ENJOYING the countdown phase, I think my anxiety & paranoia has intensified! I’ve been SO cautious the past few years about inadvertent etg in food/aerosols, hidden poppy seeds, etc. Now my paranoia has intensified X 10 that something will happen in the last little stretch. (Like- Does Affinity have spyware on my phone & KNOW I set a countdown App, LOL! Such paranoia)! I almost feel like Affinity is on a witch hunt to find something if they do enough screens, so I can sign up for another 5 years of testing with them! I’m a pretty positive person. I’m one that needed KARE, was an appropriate candidate, appreciate it & have benefited from the structured program (my heart goes out to some of you that obviously shouldn’t have been in the standard program. I’ve read your stories). I’m sober & in a nursing position that I greatly enjoy. But DANG! This increase in testing, decrease in my bank account, is enough to change my happy personality into a paranoid, anxious, negative being! Congrats to everyone counting down!
  11. KyBeagle

    Scared.. but not guilty!

    Fergij, Please keep us updated! This is a scary situation that could happen to any of us. Best wishes to you!
  12. KyBeagle


    I’ve been in Kentucky’s KARE program since 2014 (127 days to go)! We use Affinity, too. Since I had one “Dilute” urine last year, I’m ALWAYS checking my results out of paranoia. When the urine had been received by the lab & results aren’t posted yet, I always see a “No-Result” message. I assume that this is the timeframe that the lab is processing it. In fact, I see this message every month because I check the Affinity site numerous times until I see my result! When the test is complete, it will change to Positive, Negative, Dilute, Invalid, etc. Although I’ve been doing this for over 4 1/2 years & KNOW that I’m clean, I still breath a sigh of relief when I see that Negative result posted. I still live in fear of a second “Dilute” or an inadvertent + etg of unknown origin...