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  1. Appeal process

    I do not, if I could get your email that would be great. I would love to discuss this with you!
  2. Finished Probation

    Hey DaisyRN2003, is there any possible way I could message or email you in regards to your situation? I am currently on probation and have tested positive, I’m so lost on what to do. Do they immediately take away your license? I was fired so I can’t ...
  3. Appeal process

    Hey Bianca0206, ADN. I wanted to ask if there was any way I could email you to discuss an issue similar to yours. I’ve been on probation since November of 2020. I finally found a job and they randomly said I was positive for marijuana in a random dru...
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone know what option 1 urine is for quest labs? It’s 32 dollars. So I’m assuming because of that cost it’s not testing for the kitchen sink. But just curious to know what it is.
  5. Affinity drug testing

    Thanks for the feedback guys! May I ask you both how much did drug screens cost on average? Just so I can prepare budget wise.
  6. Affinity drug testing

    I have entered a probation with monitoring agreement with the board of nursing. I am to have random drug testing for a year including possible hair testing. The board uses Affinity testing. Do they usually do hair tests first thing when you start? I ...
  7. Monitoring (voluntary) vs. probation

  8. Monitoring (voluntary) vs. probation

    Okay guys, thank you ALL again for your input and feedback, it is greatly appreciated. You guys didn't have to spend the time to do so. I just received an order from the board. They are recommending a 12 month probation. My license remains active, I ...
  9. Probation while in school

    Hello everyone, I am a nurse who was recently put on probation for a year with monitoring for failure to document narcotics appropriately. The BON is offering probation for one year with random drug screens, a fine, and some educational classes. My l...
  10. Monitoring (voluntary) vs. probation

    Thanks for your input!! May I ask what happened in your case? Did you just get probation? Am wondering what’ll happen to me..
  11. Hello, I am a fellow nurse who has been accused of drug abuse/diversion and failure to document controlled substances correctly. Diversion and abuse is not true at all, I have even taken drug tests on my behalf and they have been negative just to pro...
  12. WorriedNurseinAL, may I ask some more details from you if you don't mind, privately? I would message you on here, but for some reason it won't let me send messages. I could email you if you don't mind. 

  13. VDAP and Recommendations

    I totally understand your situation. I would hate to do a monitoring contract for that many years. However, I am in school and they require an unencumbered license. If I get a mark in my license and it becomes encumbered. I’m screwed. That is the onl...
  14. VDAP and Recommendations

    WorriedNurseinAL, Hello. I am on a similar path with you. I have been accused of diverting and misdocumeting. I was not always scanning PRN meds, which included narcotics. One shift I didn't scan at all. And theyre saying Im giving too many pain meds...
  15. TNPAP Monitoring Agreement

    I have tried inboxing people, it says I am not allowed to do messages yet. Could I email you?