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Kpp1234 has 7 years experience and specializes in CCU.

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  1. Kpp1234

    Affinity drug testing

    I have entered a probation with monitoring agreement with the board of nursing. I am to have random drug testing for a year including possible hair testing. The board uses Affinity testing. Do they usually do hair tests first thing when you start? I would assume they wouldn’t because obviously I would have had meds/alcohol in my system. Would they require hair testing towards the end to ensure compliance? Not sure how ‘random’ these tests are.
  2. Hello, I am a fellow nurse who has been accused of drug abuse/diversion and failure to document controlled substances correctly. Diversion and abuse is not true at all, I have even taken drug tests on my behalf and they have been negative just to prove to my former employer and the board. However, I cannot rule out diversion. And I did not document and scan meds like I should have, especially PRN meds, which a lot of times were controlled. I was reported to the board. I have a board hearing with the nurse consultant in a few days. I wanted to get some feedback on some similar situations regarding this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I so badly want to join the monitoring program in my state, even though I do not have a problem with abuse, only because I would not be on probation and therefore have an encumbered license. I however went the investigative route, and am wondering if I can change course and self report/sign up to the monitoring program, or is it too late? PLEASE HELP!
  3. Kpp1234

    VDAP and Recommendations

    I totally understand your situation. I would hate to do a monitoring contract for that many years. However, I am in school and they require an unencumbered license. If I get a mark in my license and it becomes encumbered. I’m screwed. That is the only reason I’m even considering a monitoring program because at least then my license won’t be affected. Ughh
  4. Kpp1234

    MONITORING or CASE, please HELP!

    Hey guys. I am a RN of 10 years working in ICUs across the country. My last job was in med-telemetry. I was reported to HR for not scanning narcotics in the EMR as well as giving too many during a shift without documenting them correctly. I was accused of drug abuse, drug diversion, and not administering narcotics correctly and appropriately. I took a drug screen and was negative, but can't prove I did not divert them. I was ultimately fired and reported to the board. I did self report but now am trying to weigh my options. I know I didn't take anything or have abuse issues, but the program in my state would allow me to do the voluntary monitoring program where I would be monitored 3-5 years but I would have to admit to having a problem. However my license would be safe. Otherwise, I can fight for my innocence and go the investigative route, and have them discipline me accordingly. I just would hate to have my license suspended/or restricted, even encumbered. I would like to start school in the near year or so, and would hate for this to restrict me in any way. Im just trying to weigh my options. Please HELP!!
  5. Kpp1234

    Started my probation. Need help!

    Thank you so much, I have emailed you. I appreciate you guys so much for responding.
  6. Kpp1234

    Started my probation. Need help!

    Is there any way I could get an update on this? I am almost exactly in the same shoes you were in. Did they require a hair test? Did you just get probation? I have so many questions. Is there any way we could communicate via email? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you