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Today I took the AANP FNP exam and failed after 3 months of intense studying. I completed the Fitzgerald review course. I'm very upset. Any tips?

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One of our experienced NP's should come along shortly with advice.


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Okay, great. Thank you!! I've already started studying again. It's just such a horrible feelin.


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Although you took AANP, check out ANCC's review material. I used that (all online streaming, slides provided for you to print). The instructor would get to a point and say, "This makes an excellent board question." 75% of the ones he pointed out ended up on my exam. I took ANCC's exam, but I would imagine that you need the same information for either exam.


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I will definitely do that. Thank you very much!


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I am so sorry. I know this can be very upsetting, but also perhaps a learning experience. FIRST, take a small break and then gather your thoughts.

Do you usually do well on exams? Did your school have you take HESI exam? During the testing, did you see a pattern of areas of weakness? Perhaps material or concepts that you didn't remember, or had NEVER heard prior? Were you able to maybe narrow down to two answers? I would try to focus on the weak areas and not much on the stuff that you already know.

I used Fitzgerald online review and had been given a Barkley book with CD's. I had a long commute to NP school, so would listen to the Barkley CD's during my drive and found it very helpful.

I hope this is helpful.


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Thanks! I purchased the Fitzgerald online review, and I knew the book backwards and forwards. The school I attended didn't do Hesi or anything. I usually do great on exams. I've never had a problem on exams. I'm usually a great test taker with minimal if any test anxiety. I was able to recall about 60+ questions so I wrote them down and I've been reviewing things I didn't feel comfortable with. I had tons of drugs I never heard of before the exam. Since the test, I've been reading topics one of my textbooks from school such as SLE, mycoplasma pna, etc and taking notes. I thought about purchasing the APEA CDs on Amazon as well.


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Can I ask what school you attended for your graduate degree?


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I recommend the Maria Leik book. I did this with the APEA CDs and also the APEA workbook. It was really helpful and had very good tips in the didactic part. The questions were also helpful. Do as many as you can and read the rationales.

Good luck!


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Okay, thanks! About to order all on Amazon right now!!