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  1. AANP failed

    I retake the exam Thursday, so I will let you know how helpful Barkley was. I borrowed the CDs from a friend. I also bought the Leik review book on Amazon.... When I failed, I used Fitzgerald online review. Praying for better results this time! Good ...
  2. AANP failed

    Okay, great I'll try that those practice questions. I took it 3 months after I graduated; however, my program DID NOt prepare me at all. Classmates and I were talking about that... We basically had to prepare ourselves.
  3. AANP failed

    That makes great sense; thanks! I used ExamEdge practice tests. How do I access test banks?
  4. AANP failed

    I agree about Fitzgerald... I knew her entire book and everything in her lectures and still failed. I received Leik in the mail today and I've already seen some of my test content within a few minutes. Already love this book.
  5. AANP failed

    Thank you! I will try that approach. That makes great sense :) I appreciate your help! I've been looking through a textbook from school to review basics. I'm hoping if I have a solid foundation in the patho that I will have better results.
  6. AANP failed

    Okay, thanks! About to order all on Amazon right now!!
  7. AANP failed

    Troy University Montgomery campus
  8. AANP failed

    Thanks! I purchased the Fitzgerald online review, and I knew the book backwards and forwards. The school I attended didn't do Hesi or anything. I usually do great on exams. I've never had a problem on exams. I'm usually a great test taker with minima...
  9. AANP failed

    I will definitely do that. Thank you very much!
  10. AANP failed

    Okay, great. Thank you!! I've already started studying again. It's just such a horrible feelin.
  11. passing the AANP or ANCC exam

    Did you take ancc second time? If so, how was it? I failed aanp today. So depressed.
  12. passing the AANP or ANCC exam

    Have you been to retake the exam? I failed today after 3 months of studying. I'm very down.
  13. AANP failed

    Hello, Today I took the AANP FNP exam and failed after 3 months of intense studying. I completed the Fitzgerald review course. I'm very upset. Any tips?