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  1. HUGE step forward for NP's!!!

    Primary care is not easy and anyone who thinks it is is foolhardy to believe so.
  2. Work-life balance?

    I deal with petty nonsense from my np coworkers! ?
  3. New Grad NP salary Texas

    Everything about this is true. The more I am in this profession the more I agree with you on all your points. I’ve been in it for four years now. New NPs with no bedside experience are in for an incredibly rude awakening. And they need one because ...
  4. ER in different city?

    My thoughts about it are this: I am assuming you are going to do an extended stay between the times you have to go there or maybe you can pull ft and do like 7 in a row to meet your ft status. It would depend on the working conditions there, your su...
  5. Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Aside from what you've been through, do you actually LIKE what you do now?
  6. This patient was being verbally abusive and almost physically abusive. So no, he isn't going to die when he leaves. He's most likely a non compliant rude gigantic PITA. You aren't there to coddle patients on their every whim. This isn't a hotel. H...
  7. NPs in Japan or other foreign countries

    I know theres been threads about NPs in other countries and how the role translates there but I was wondering if there were any NPs that practice in Japan (or other countries) besides military bases. Thanks for the tips!
  8. Bullying while working as NP

    thats ridiculous. HR on the telly pronto
  9. Bullying while working as NP

    flattening your tires? what the heck!?
  10. ER NP Options

    American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners - Home Page There are programs listed on the website.
  11. CME for ER suggestions

    I did the EM bootcamp, just looking for other resources thanks for the tips!!!
  12. Dangerous to be psych NP

    I always thought psych NP paid loads more than FNP. Esp in my area. Plus look at the context for which you are talking about. Nurses are a going to be placed more at risk. They are the ones who are coming at psych patients (possible substance abu...
  13. CME for ER suggestions

    Hello, I recently started in the ER as an NP and was wondering if you guys could give me suggestions good conferences to go to or any good resources you used with your CME money? Thanks in advance! HB
  14. Travel NP to Australia and South Africa

    But what are the working conditions? hmmmm
  15. New Grad FNP job hunting

    What I have found, as I live in an oversaturated area, is that contacts are what gets you in... Who you know. Doesn't even depend on how much experience you have as a nurse and you don't even need to be that smart it all depends on WHO YOU KNOW. S...