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    So sorry this happened to you. I would definitely try to take a deep breath, get up and dust off your clothing as it was a little stumble. It was also an experience that you can use as ammunition for the next round. I would certainly consider registe...
  2. Job Search New FNP

    I would definitely start the process during middle or latter part in your last semester. Certainly evaluating job market for the area. See if the area also has an NP program, as it may make it tougher if competing in a new market with local candidate...
  3. Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    NP's in Texas are required to have a collaborating physician and a prescriptive authority to then be able to prescribe DMEs, dangerous drugs (formulary) and controlled substances Schedules 3-5. We are "given the authority" to do so by said collaborat...
  4. Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    Texas is also a 'restrictive' state, indeed frustrating. Thank you for the great article.
  5. FNP to ENP?

    That is correct. However, my FNP program does not provide formal training for care of emergency room patients, but does for Urgent care. In Texas, per the Board of Nurses, ER is outside the scope of practice for a FNP without formal ER training. Ther...
  6. FNP to ENP?

    The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston offers an Emergency/Trauma program as a Master's and Post Master's. I have included the page info link. https://nursing.uth.edu/prospstudent/msn-postmasters/emergency/
  7. Would you be willing to do this?

    I would NOT agree to a 2 month orientation without pay. This physician sounds like an inconsiderate jerk that only values his own time! He likely would not be a great mentor when one is needed (during those first years).
  8. Do you text your patients?

    I do not give my cell number to patients.
  9. AANP failed

    I am so sorry. I know this can be very upsetting, but also perhaps a learning experience. FIRST, take a small break and then gather your thoughts. Do you usually do well on exams? Did your school have you take HESI exam? During the testing, did you ...
  10. UT Houston interviews 2011

    Is anyone interviewing at UT Houston 2011/2012?
  11. is O.R. good experience for CRNA's?

    Duke will accept OR experience for admission into their Nurse Anesthesia program. They, however, are the only program that does.