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Hi guys. I am in pre-nursing right now and I've just had my first A&P class. I'm taking it once a week 2 1/2 lecture with a 2 1/2 lab followed.

My professor is a foreign man with a very thick accent, it's not easy to understand him and he practically reads directly from the book (I can do this on my own?) - Regardless he covered very little in our first lecture class and now I know we have a quiz next week on chapters 1 through 3. We only went over chapter 1 in class, somewhat and he told us to read chapters 2 and 3 ourselves for the quiz.

Well I do find this inappropriate to begin with, we shouldn't have to completely go over material by ourselves and expect a quiz on it - the thing I'm freaking out about is that Ch 1-3 is 112 pages. Our quiz is going to be between 15-25 points. So course I'm trying to learn every bold word, everything that seems important, memorize the pictures and charts and all and for a 15-20 point quiz? He refused to tell us anything more than that the quiz would be on chapters 1-3. So in the past 2 days I've been sitting here with my textbook for over 7 hours and I'm just going insane as of now.

Okay to get to the point of making this thread. Did your professors for this class give you a more direct heads up (Or more hints) as to what was on the quizzes/exams other than "Chapters XXX-XXX"? Myself and a few friends in the class feel like we're pretty much in the dark because we're trying to thoroughly understand and remember 100+ pages of information for what seems to be a very small quiz, not even knowing if the majority of the information we're shoving in our brains will be needed already.

And even though I am pretty sure this does change from campus to campus and professor to professor, how were your quizzes/exams (lecture) set up? Multiple Choice/Matching/True and False/Fill in the blank/etc? I know this is something I should've asked in class however I'm studying right now as if everything will be fill in the blank and I'm nearly killing myself it feels.

Thanks everyone who reads this, sorry for the short story!


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You have to basically work with what you got. If your teacher didn't cover chapters 2-3, then you'll have to find what is important in chapters 2-3 yourself. What are your chapters 2 & 3 about? Ours are about cells and chemistry and since we should already know that, it won't be covered in class but it also won't be tested on.

So the book probably has questions at the end of the chapter. If your professor is reading straight from the book, he probably takes questions straight from the book as well. Make sure you can answer the questions at the end of the chapter. In the book itself, it probably bolds key words and concepts. Know those.

Anything your teacher especially noted about Chapter 1, you should know that as well.


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Did your book come with an online learning site? Honestly, my A&P prof basically spoon fed us...but some people in the class were really struggling because they flat out did not read the book. Class was basically a reinforcement tool for me...I feel like I did most of my learning by myself, but I guess we all have our own learning styles. I read the chapters thoroughly...I took my time, because if I rush, I retain zero info. So I read it like I'm reading my favorite novel. Only it takes a long time...a chapter took me 2-3 hours to read. But I did it! And then I did all the online activities...the book came with a cd and such with access code. Nine times out of ten, the questions that were on the test were very similar to the items I went through online. Most teachers are too time consumed to make up their own tests every year. I got an A in A&P. I am following a similar process for microbiology...of course it is still stressful! But I bought the old version of the text for $13 and then purchased online learning access on the Pearson site for $30. That's a lot better than $200 new! We haven't had a test yet, but I'd say things are progressing about how A&P went...so I am hoping this pays off too. READ THE BOOK. Do not skimp on reading the book. It takes time to read 30-40 pages a chapter...but it can and must be done to make a decent grade.


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You are not learning the chapters for that little quiz. You are learning it so that your nursing classes will make sense (and/or so you don't have to learn it later - esp as nursing classes are also intense).

That you have to teach yourself is unfortunate but not the end of the world. Doing so has a some serious advantages when you do a good job of it.


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A&P is really intensive rich content. You really have to utilize retaining the information just as the poser above said. My professor couldn't stress enough just remembering the information isn't going to benefit you. You really have to use application. Try to utilize your lab time as much as possible. This allows you to have a hands on approach. I still had a hard time with diffusion, filtration and osmosis until our lab. Now it makes more sense to me. Try to think of real life examples that could apply to your studies. Another example is we discussed the liver and diabetes. This allows me process the terminology and functions alot better. As someone else stated too, make sure to read the content in the chapters, do not skim through them. Give yourself ample time to do so.

You can try looking up videos and games on the computer that will help you along the way. In this field many professors are only going to give you the format, it's really up the student/individual to put personal study habits and learning techiques to use.

My A&P professor also posts on our blackboard site what to study for on the quiz, and 9 times out of 10 it's the same thing that's on the quiz.

My A&P instructor is AWESOME! She types up all of the lecture notes for lecture AND lab so we can review them before class. She provides study guides for the exams as well as practice exams so we can test ourselves beforehand. We rarely use our text book/lab book, other than for the diagrams, drawings, etc. I'm taking the class as part of the pre-nursing program at my school so she knows exactly what we will--and won't--need to know when we begin the nursing program. I am loving the class!


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Christi m consider yourself blessed!!! I'm surprised you haven't cracked open your book though. My book cost a pretty penny so I'm reading it. My horofessor allows us to record her lecture, she has tons of powerpoints online and study guides. However, she stresses the fact that we should read our texts. God be with us all!!


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as much as that sucks it will prepare you for nursing school. you teach yourself everything. idk how your nursing school will be, but at my school, faculty are there to "guide" you, and not much else. yet you are expected to make very high grades, otherwise you're kicked out. makes are program extremely tough, but well known for having students prepared for the real world.

what is covered in the first 3 chapters of your A&P 1 book?


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I am thankful my teacher wan not foreign, but I always make sure of that before I register. I have a fear of not being able to completely understand what is said. I am sorry you are having to teach yourself as well. My teacher was very good, we also never used the book except for the pictures. I never read 1 chapter I am embarrassed to say that. In my class we were provided the outline with everything we needed to know, I also recorded all lectures. I made A's in A&P I, II.

Good luck, personally I would have to drop a class if I couldn't understand the instructor.


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1.Read the slides

2.Read the Chapters ahead of the class. This will assist with deciphering what he's explaining. The material will sound a lot more foreign when you're unfamiliar with the course material prior to the class.

3.Make connections with proceeding material, as you move further through your course material.

4. Address your own body anatomically to learn the various cavities, bones, terms applied to the organs.

Anatomy can be lectured. But, the most important component in nursing is learning to think critically for yourself.

I am sure you have heard when entering college, spend 2 hours for every our spent in class studying..That means 4.5 hours a week minimum.


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Like you, I'm also doing the blocked schedule thing. I'm in Anatomy (ours are split) from 8a-noon30 one day a week. That includes lab time and lecture. I still have to know everything everyone else learns, but I have very limited time with my instructor and she cannot possibly cover everything in such a short time. I choose to teach myself ahead of class and use class time as a refresher and Q&A time. I take detailed notes from the book before class, as she does give us access to her powerpoints but they are skeletal at best (not very informative). This way I know what she's talking about before hand, and I'm not lost. I feel that if I'm not working ahead, I'll get behind. I'm studying hours upon hours a day for all my classes but I recognize its what I have to do to succeed. Go thru the book, pick out important info, summarize, make notes, study whenever you can. I review when doing various chores that require hands but not attention (laundry, dishes, making dinner, etc.). And as previous posters have said, you're not trying to memorize the info for this quiz, anyway. You're trying to understand it for your future (classes, profession, patients). You're gonna have to do it anyway. You're an adult and you will be treated as one, part of that is reliance on yourself. Can you do what needs to be done? sort of thing. Appropriate/innappropriate has nothing to do with it. You should go into every class expecting a quiz, instead of just doing what you think they expect.


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This may be a little harsh, but frankly, A&P is a hard class, is going to kick your butt no matter who your professor is, and will be literally impossible to learn by lecture alone anyway. There were chapters when I took it where the professor said straight out, "I'm not going over this in lecture, learn it on your own." There is such an insane amount of information covered in A&P 1 that is is impossible to go over it ALL in lecture. But you can be guaranteed it will appear on the exam whether it was covered in lecture or not. Your only job right now is to decide if you can handle that because it's only going to get worse from here. Understanding the body cavities, planes, and regions, the basic chemistry, and cell biology are NOTHING compared to what's next. A&P will teach you how to study. Most of your learning of A&P will not be done in lecture.

At this point, your choices are limited: drop it and find another section to take, or suck it up and move forward. Your learning is your responsibility, and when your nursing program of choice is reviewing your application, they're not going to care who your professor was.

Thankfully this quiz is worth so little, so make sure you're getting a good understanding of the major concepts. If you've taken chem 1 and biology, chances are the cell stuff and the chemistry stuff is just a review anyway. Get some good flash cards from the book store and learn your body planes, cavities and regions. You'll do just fine! But, STUDY STUDY STUDY, and take responsibility for your learning. Your next professors may be just as bad, and you'll still have to get through it.