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My prof supplied us powerpoints and while he didnt read them word for word, I underlined what he did talk about and made points on. With regard to studying, I studied what he covered on the ppts. Of course I read the whole chapter, and that is all you can do, but dont worry yourself with knowing it ALL because you wont remember everything. If there is a tougher element that you dont understand so much, give yourself a briefing and be done with it. Dont try to memorize every single thing. Once you have the first test, you will have more of a feel for the material and the way your prof gives tests. But my advice to you is learn everything that you can in those 3 chapters. Go to Khanacademy.com for a tutorial on BIO stuff. Use your book resources as well. Do your best and put in the time. Dont study for 7 hours at a time, you are wearing yourself ragged! Study for 3 hours, take a break, go for a walk with the dog, take a shower, clean the house, whatever, then after about an hour, review briefly the 3 hours and try some other topics. Talk to others in the class. They may have resources that you may not be aware of. If you private message me, I can send you some helpful links online as well. Good luck!