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  1. FLboundBSN

    Saunders or Kaplan?

    Pass the NCLEX Guaranteed or Your Money Back | Kaplan Nursing I have attended a few of these free Kaplan online sessions. If it is one hour, there is 15 minutes of chatter in the beginning about the instructor and what not, then about 20 minutes of actual learning, and the learning really is a build up of "if you want to know more, purchase our products" then the last portion is all a marketing ploy to get you to buy their course and products.
  2. FLboundBSN

    Tri-C in Cleveland

    my friend recommended an enclosable like clipboard. Would you recommend that for first semester clinicals? or would that be to heavy/bulky to carry around? Can you give me more info regarding 1450 clinicals and its first few weeks of being in the hospital? Like will we be standing around and observing mostly, or will we be in the thick of things? Making beds, feeding patients, etc? Dont we have to "test out" in lab to make a bed or feed before doing it in the hospital?
  3. FLboundBSN

    Tri-C in Cleveland

    Where do you keep your backpack? What about a lunch break? Does it depend on the site? My friend said you get maybe 15 mins here or there and not to plan on eating. I have an eating schedule. Should I carry granola in my pocket? Scott - thank you so much for your detailed reply. I really appreciate that!
  4. FLboundBSN

    Tri-C in Cleveland

    With regard to first semester clinicals (1450), what do you need to bring to the hospital ? I know we will have a Clinical Orientation in September prior to Clinicals, but I would like to know in advance. I read somewhere to bring a lab book, drug guide, drug cards, IV drug guide and pocket dictionary. Seems like a whole lot that would require you to bring a backpack! Please help! Thank you!
  5. FLboundBSN

    Tri-C in Cleveland

    I knew you were the same guy! I have been looking forward to this for 2 years! I finished all my prereqs for Tri-C and all but 2 for CSU's BSN! I will be at East days and yes I am nervous. I just got the syllabus and have a lot of reading to do. There goes my summer break! I have a question for people that are in 23, 24 and 2500 -- when you started, did you feel like you wouldnt be able to do it or get through? I am SOOO nervous that I am going to flunk out. I am a straight A student, but I am having a lot of anxiety about testing. I have so many friends with little children, a job, AND they got A's, so I am thinking, if they can do it, so can I, but I still question my abilities. The last two years, I have spent a lot of time with NCLEX books and taking the NCLEX reading questions on Evolve through the Fundamentals book, but it's still scary. I am especially nervous for 1600 and all the acid/base and self teaching (from what I hear) (if I make it through first semester!). I just finished that chapter in AP2 and while I am in a 5 week, it was SOOO much information and seems like I will never get it. I got the F&E Made Incredibly Easy book. So ya, I am kind of nervous!
  6. FLboundBSN

    Tri-C in Cleveland

    are you the same scott that is on the adn group site with all of the knowledgeable information??? i guess i should clarify that i was asking for anyone starting 1300 & 1450!!
  7. FLboundBSN

    Accredited or not Accredited ?

    This really seems like a stupid question to me. :icon_roll Would you buy a car labeled as a LEMON from Joe Schmoe's car lot or a car from a reputable dealer? If you are looking to get a bogus degree, give me a few thousand dollars, and I can print up your very own diploma indicating you are a nurse. Did you REALLY ask this question?
  8. FLboundBSN

    Can you walk into the NCLEX-RN exam with gum in your mouth?

    i read somewhere that chewing the gum 5 minutes before the test helps you better recall as well. I like to chew gum too when I take tests, or study. whats up with the NO GUM law? no bracelets? earrings? what the heck? are we going to write the answers on our bracelets? I love the comment about taking the test naked. That one cracked me up, but I totally agree as well. That was funny!:rotfl:
  9. FLboundBSN

    Chem 1 vs Bio 1

    well lucky you!!
  10. with a reply like that, why even reply?? seriously??? Being a former smoker of 3 years now, I agree that in a workplace, we shouldnt have to deal with smokers, let alone being out in the general public. Holding a cigarette for a patient is not part of a nurses job description and I am glad you stood up for yourself by respectfully declining. I would have done the same.
  11. FLboundBSN

    Chem 1 vs Bio 1

    Chem I and sometimes II are required for a BSN. You should go for your BSN while you are at it. Most hospitals are leaning towards only hiring nurses with BSN's so it would be in your best interest.
  12. NOW is the best time to get an NCLEX book (preferably a 2012 version) and reviewing the med surg portion of it. you may not know the answers, but getting acclimated to the questions and how they are answered is a good bet. plus, you will learn about things in the process. They are changing the NCLEX format to also having "select all that apply" so getting familiar with those concepts as well is a benefit for you. also, brush up on your math, > look online for "nursing math" and study metrics, dosage calculations and general math. King Henry does BAKE delicious corn muffins. Make sure you know the conversions within that and where to move the decimal. see if you can get your hands on the book list and buy some books, get reading! > fundamentals, dosage calculations, lab books or Med surg. see if there are FB groups you can join that have groups that are in your nursing school. Dont waste these next two months doing NOTHING as everyone else said. NOW is the time to get ahead and be prepared.
  13. FLboundBSN

    RT to RN student @ Excelsior anyone else? Or advice?

  14. FLboundBSN

    Had my nursing school orientation yesterday!

    Wow, I thought our school was so behind!! Our orientation was last week and they are keeping the syllabus and book list as a secret until "sometime" in July. I know that from the previous semester, there is a math review and about 6 chapters to be read in fundamentals but you would THINK that they would give us the information at LEAST in June to give time to do all this reading and studying even before classes start on Aug 28. I dont like how programs keep everything a big secret for first semester Nursing. I think they do that on purpose. It's just not fair
  15. FLboundBSN

    A&P -fall

    Thank you for the site! I added it to my favorites :)
  16. FLboundBSN

    A rolling suitcase....really???

    I accept your apology :hug:

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