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  1. In this situation I would tell the primary that the patients pain is still reported as 10/10 despite giving med as ordered and specifically ask for pain management. In my experience, they will put them on something oral q4 or q6 hours, and take all t...
  2. emcadams

    New RN - Should I take an unappealing Med-Surg offer?

    I have not posted on here in a while, but I am posting now to tell you that if the only reason behind taking the MedSurg is "for the experience", this is misleading advice. I took a PCU residency out of school, and I see all sorts of nurses go throug...
  3. I have to agree with bluebonnet...spend a summer as a nursing assistant. I got my CNA cert before going to nursing school, and worked in a nursing home. I thought that working as a CNA at a hospital would be different (thought it would be not as mu...
  4. emcadams

    Is this salary range realistic?

    I'm assuming your talking about the VA jobs? 90k would be at the top of the range...46k at the bottom. I would assume you would be starting at 46k, and there is a step-wise grade level (GS) associated both with number of years of employment, plus per...
  5. Use it as a learning opportunity...Dilauded + Neuro = bedside commode/bedpan. On my floor, I can't stay with everyone in the bathroom. It is unrealistic. But if they need that much watching/help...bedside commode. Bed alarm. Also, almost every fall I...
  6. emcadams

    advise needed

    In my area, the hospital system offers a preceptor program for both new grades and nurses coming back to the acute care setting after being out of it a while. I feel that as long as you have good recommendations, interview well etc, I don't see why y...
  7. emcadams

    ICU panel interview - Help!!

    My advice would be that panel interviews are about seeing how the interviewee interacted with the interviewers. So personality counts for a lot! I would try to be really outgoing and bubbly, and highlight your accomplishments in a way they'll remembe...
  8. I do it, but yes, I am part-time. No more than 24 hours a week or so. I have not found it possible to be full time. There are so many extra things in addition to class. Then there is you and your family to take care of. You could probably be a Cna pa...
  9. emcadams

    Anyone NOT feel like they got hit by a truck?

    This happens to me as well, and I work 8's!! I haven't found a cure-all yet, but stretching and ankle circles help. If it gets me by my lunch break, I take an advil. It actually does help to fit in some cardio, weights and yoga. The fitter you are th...
  10. Since you know your personality is like this, make sure you set aside time to break from the grind and anxiety of nursing school. Like, if you know you have a test coming up, study for a few days beforehand AND plan a night to spend with friends/love...
  11. emcadams

    When do you find time to work out?

    Short cardio workouts sound a lot more doable than 30-40 minutes sustained. I guess the intensity would be higher.
  12. Hey everyone. I am finishing up my intro semester of nursing school, and between full time school, part time job, homework, work asking me to come in for another shift ( im a prn), and finding time to eat or hang out with my husband...I really need t...
  13. emcadams

    Worried About Accreditation

    I think the big questions I would ask, is 1.) do employers hire graduates from this school, and 2.) do BSN programs around your vicinity take graduates from this school. If both questions are "yes" answers, then I would have no problem going to this ...
  14. emcadams

    Need advice about resignation

    Yeah I would keep it pretty short. Even if you "hand in your two weeks", they will most likely just escort you out or just tell you not to come in the next day. I would type up a letter with no frills..."Please accept this letter as my resignation. T...
  15. I just started as a CNA a few months back. Thanks for this! I was actually taught to reorient residents to the present, but that has Never worked! I go along with what the resident is talking about. I wonder what nursing school will teach me about th...
  16. emcadams

    Can I still take nclex-rn if I have student loan in default?

    I would recommend asking an attorney. If someone in your family is an attorney, or just pay the few hundred for some sound advice from a reputable one. If you check 'no' then it sounds like your future RN license could be on the table if it is found ...