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  1. VIMom

    Microbiology - Summer 2012

    I'm taking Micro along with Physiology and an online psychology class starting June 3. I'm really nervous about being able to do it all, if I can't maintain my current GPA...well, you know, lol. But since I have a few weeks before school starts back up, I'm trying to enjoy as much time with my husband and three kids as possible. Seriously, if I'm only going to have three weeks of summer, I'm gonna enjoy it! I'm sure I'm gonna be busy soon enough. I ordered my books last week and expect them tomorrow but that makes me nervous, too. I rented them this time, and saved $400. Not kidding. I just hope it was worth it! Has anyone ever rented textbooks? I used Barnes and Noble, so I'm assuming they're a reputable company and I shouldn't worry...but how awful would it be to get the wrong book, or something, lol.
  2. VIMom

    What to take in the summer

    I'm taking Physio and Micro, with Psych online this summer. The science classes meet the same two days so I'll be in class from 1-10p those days, plus an hour drive time there and then back. And I keep hearing something about APA format for Psych papers. But with my commute and my three kids it's better to take these classes now so all I'll have left is Socio and Philosophy online in the fall. Then done with gen ed! I'm planning on applying in early august for the spring nursing program.
  3. VIMom

    Helpful Websites

    I've been using mhhe.com/shier12. It doesn't have songs and animation but it's been a lifesaver for me.
  4. VIMom

    How to balance?

    Although I'm stressed, alot, I try to keep in mind that both my children's childhood and my time in school is going to be incredibly brief. I want to be able to enjoy both and frankly, I just play it by ear. Some days I need to study more than others, and some days it's clear that I need to spend more time with my family. I can't have a set-in-stone plan b/c the needs of my classes and my family changes from day to day. I have to be there for both, the family needs me now, but they also need me to do well for our future so although they don't always understand, sometimes they have to fend for themselves. My husband is wonderful about making daddy and kid time, which is also mommy study time. Like the previous poster said, it really is trial and error and what works one day may not work the next.
  5. VIMom

    Do you take your laptop to class?

    I take mine to Anatomy b/c the prof posts her slides and it's easier to download and take notes on the powerpoint directly rather than to print it out, plus it's super light to carry. I'm only one of three or four in my class to bring one, but I do know others bring in kindles and whatnot.
  6. VIMom

    A&P 1 Spring 2012 Check-in

    Ladylynn6, I totally feel you. I got a 97 on my first exam, and was actually upset until I realized how silly I was being. Did I really think I'd go through the entire program and NEVER miss a point? Well, actually, yes. Thats what I was hoping for. Seriously, for me, I'm a perfectionist. I put the most pressure on myself and frankly, a perfect score wouldn't be good enough. BUT...lab midterm is this monday, and oh boy. Bones. I'm kinda worried about this one, I haven't had a lot of time to study with everything going on in my other classes, and my family stuff. And everytime I try something pops up, like our fridge going out:( Midterm time, everything is getting hectic and all my classes are overlapping on exams and what not. Just a couple more years...
  7. VIMom

    Nutrition 160

    Thankfully, my nutrition class is fully online, so I can go at my own pace (sort of). Unfortunately, that also means that we're doing 2 plus chapters a week. I just finished the exam over carbs, lipids, proteins, and alcohol. Uck. I have noticed a correlation between my anatomy and nutrition class, what I'm learning in one, I eventually come upon in the other. I say go slow. I know that for me I have to see the whole chapter before it fully makes sense, so if you're not all the way thru yet, don't stress. I'm sure you'll do fine!
  8. VIMom

    A&P 1 Spring 2012 Check-in

    We just had our first major exam in my anatomy class last Monday, and b/c the prof was sick and hasn't posted the grade, and we only attend lecture/lab once a week, I have yet to see my score. I'm confident I did well, possibly even an A! I'm kinda anal about it, so I get bummed when it's not perfect. Because she was ill we didn't have lecture, we now have to cover bones, bone joints, and muscles all in the same week. Not fun for my poor brain! Plus lab, midterms coming up soon and I'm trying to memorize all the bones and parts of bones. Blech. Just trying to hang in there, I'm sure you know the feeling;) Does anyone have any tricks on how to force the brain to keep plugging away at it when you've been at it for hours at a time and it simply refuses to focus anymore? That's my issue:(
  9. VIMom

    Chem 2 made me cry today

    This may be a little late, but what's really helping me in Chem is youtube. Watching the different videos is helping me to understand it, and they often have different ways to explain and tricks to remember that are incredibly helpful. I'm not sure I could have made it through this last chapter without it!
  10. I'm currently taking Anatomy (they're split at my program), Chem, and Nutrition. All three are labeled as science courses, and actually all three seem to be covering much of the same material. I'm doing fine so far, although whether that'll still be the case weeks from now I can't say. I'm also planning on taking Micro and Phys this summer. I have three kids three and under, so I have a pretty full plate anyway, but fortunately I don't work outside the home. I study ALOT, but so far it's all A's. Its alot of work, but I don't see how you can avoid taking more than one science course at a time, anyway. If you think it's do-able for you, then maybe you should try it. My advisor was thrilled with my schedule, but frankly I think he's paid to be thrilled about everything;)
  11. VIMom

    Waiting to hear from Cox College 2012

    hey, CONGRATS! I guess the 3.9 gpa was enough,
  12. VIMom

    How Do I Toughen Up At Work? Part 1

    Maybe you could go stay with your grandma? Fresh start, out of the drama for a while. If you can't control how your brothers make you act, you're going to end up becoming just like them. You obviously know that razing your bro about his grades is wrong, you have compassion for how your behavior makes him feel, and you seem to have a good moral basis. Perhaps in order to protect that while you're still young and developing you should leave the situation if possible. I know you probably won't want to leave your parents, but sometimes you have to help yourself first. They are adults and capable of taking care of themselves. It's not your responsibility. Good luck.
  13. VIMom

    Summer Classes a Good Idea?

    I'm in my first semester of pre-reqs, and with transfers, testing out, and what I'm taking this semester I'll have what I need to apply to the ASN program at my school. I hopefully will start next January. I've heard that you shouldn't try to take gen ed classes with nursing classes, but my gen ed advisor kinda made it sound almost necessary to keep up credit hours. All the nursing credit hours equal at least half time, so it's not necessary for financial aid? Right? If I can get gen ed out of the way and focus on just the nursing classes, I think that would be the best route. I've heard its hard to do anything and go through those classes. But I'll still be missing some gen eds, micro, physiology, philosophy, psychology, and socio. Some of my classmates are taking physio this summer and it got me thinking... is it a good idea? I hadn't planned on taking summer classes, but I can't possibly take all those in one semester... Ideas? Good idea and if so, which ones would you recommend? I've heard Physiology is hard already, but in a condensed form??? *shudder* Thanks!
  14. VIMom

    I was accepted!!

  15. VIMom

    Waiting to hear from Cox College 2012

    I'm not waiting, but I plan on applying for the ASN program at the end of this semester. Are you doing the guarenteed acceptance thing? I'm lacking some classes for that, but have the general admission reqs taken care of (hopefully!). Good luck to you!
  16. VIMom

    A&P 1

    Like you, I'm also doing the blocked schedule thing. I'm in Anatomy (ours are split) from 8a-noon30 one day a week. That includes lab time and lecture. I still have to know everything everyone else learns, but I have very limited time with my instructor and she cannot possibly cover everything in such a short time. I choose to teach myself ahead of class and use class time as a refresher and Q&A time. I take detailed notes from the book before class, as she does give us access to her powerpoints but they are skeletal at best (not very informative). This way I know what she's talking about before hand, and I'm not lost. I feel that if I'm not working ahead, I'll get behind. I'm studying hours upon hours a day for all my classes but I recognize its what I have to do to succeed. Go thru the book, pick out important info, summarize, make notes, study whenever you can. I review when doing various chores that require hands but not attention (laundry, dishes, making dinner, etc.). And as previous posters have said, you're not trying to memorize the info for this quiz, anyway. You're trying to understand it for your future (classes, profession, patients). You're gonna have to do it anyway. You're an adult and you will be treated as one, part of that is reliance on yourself. Can you do what needs to be done? sort of thing. Appropriate/innappropriate has nothing to do with it. You should go into every class expecting a quiz, instead of just doing what you think they expect.