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  1. Paying off nursing school debt

    I guess my boys are lucky in that we paid for their college educations. I'm 50 and went to nursing school a couple of years ago. At one point all 3 of us were in college at the same time. We managed to pay cash for their schooling. Thanks to loan for...
  2. Paying off nursing school debt

    The hospital system has 2 schools associated with it; both schools offer loan forgiveness. They have multiple hospitals and doctors offices; most, if not all, graduates are hired before graduation or very so after.
  3. Paying off nursing school debt

    My school is part of a hospital system and offers a loan forgiveness program if you work for them after graduation. I graduated in Dec 2014. I'll have $10,000 forgiven in another couple of months and have about $3000 left on student loans. I paid abo...
  4. Carolinas College of Health Sciences

    I think those 2 classes were the most challenging intermediates. I ended up with a 91.2% in one and a 90.8% in the other -- which would have been fine on a 10 point scale but on an 8 point scale, those scores equalled Bs. I was devastated! I did all ...
  5. New Grad looking to get into endoscopy and operating Room

    My hospital hires at least 10-12 new grads for the OR twice a year. They get put through Peri Op 101 and have a very extensive orientation. I'm surprised you can't find hospitals that hire new grads.
  6. Carolinas College of Health Sciences

    Unless they've changed, all classes are during the day. The semesters are regular 16 week semesters. All of us in pre-nursing who earned our spot in the nursing program had to sit out that semester. I don't know of any way around that. Sorry!
  7. Carolinas College of Health Sciences

    Congratulations! As far as getting hired after graduation, if you want to work within the CHS system, you won't have a problem getting hired. Most of us had jobs lined up (including hard to get into departments like ED, STICU, MICU, NICU, L & D, ...
  8. In my 2 previous units, we did have some weekenders who only worked weekends. That being said, we had weekend requirements, depending on whether you worked days or nights. One unit required 6 weekend shifts every 6 weeks for night shifters - you coul...
  9. Worried about drug screen

    At my school, they did random ones all the time. You could be called out of class or out of clinical for it. It was purely luck of the draw who got called in. You only had a couple of hours to report to Employee Health to do it.
  10. GN permit for a new grad

    I graduated in Dec 2014. We started the interview process with HR (my school is affiliated with a large healthcare system) early on in our last semester. A large majority of my class had jobs lined up by early-mid November. I passed NCLEX in Jan 2015...
  11. Do women find male nurses attractive?

    In school, out of 65 people in my class, there were 8-10 guys. Only 1 was gay...but we also had 2 lesbians, so not sure how that fits into your equation. Do they cancel each other out? On my old unit, there were at least 15-18 male RNs -- and only 1...
  12. Healthcare jobs at 18?

    My ADN program was 2 years, start to finish -- no pre-reqs needed other than high school requirements. I had a couple of "fresh-out-of-high-school" classmates who graduated high school in June 2012, took a couple of classes in the fall of 2012, start...
  13. Healthcare jobs at 18?

    Patient representative (registering patients in the ED, taking their insurance information, etc), dietary aide, patient transport, unit secretary, environmental services.
  14. Carolinas College of Health Sciences

    I graduated from CCHS in 2014 so my experiences are still fairly current. Yes, the acceptance rate is low. That's because they get hundreds and hundreds of applications but only start 60-70 students in NUR 101 twice a year, and that's including those...
  15. Our L&D nurses ARE the OR nurses! If a patient needs a c-section, their L&D nurse goes to the OR with them, along with a surg tech. There'e never a time when the OR sends nurses to help with c-sections.