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Is it possible to do the msn educator program in one term 6 months? In a way that's 2 quarters, so it would be 15 units per quarter. If the student is able to handle all the load, is it possible to do in terms of prerequisites of... Read More

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    Untrue, the mentor/professor has complete control with the Capstone process.

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    Capstone yes- all other courses (including all four research courses), mentor is not involved in the assessment process whatsoever.
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    Hi can u tell me how many credits you needed to complete bsn in 6mos?just curious...will be starting bsn in two mos....
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    Quote from Reyval04
    Hi can u tell me how many credits you needed to complete bsn in 6mos?just curious...will be starting bsn in two mos....
    I can only speak for myself as it differs for each person based on pre-reqs, but I did 35 credits in just under 6 months.
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    Yes I need 35 credits also. How much time did u put in each day to finish in that time frame?
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    Cayenne how many credits did u take to finish so quickly?very impressive.
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    I did 31 in six months - the way you can do that is that you are NOT held up my any type of course structure. Unlike a brick and mortar school, you don't spend 16 weeks getting through the content. If you bust your a@@ and have familiarity with the content already, you can do it as quickly as you can crank out the assessments. Because WGU measures competency not seat time.

    I completed my MSN in eleven months, five days - INCLUDING a capstone research project with full IRB approval.
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    Financially it would be great to finish in one term - I finished my BSN in one term from WGU but it meant doing course work on Christmas, so I have vowed to NOT put my studies before my family again.
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    That has not been my experience at all with brick and mortar. I have been talking to advisors at Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt and UCSF for their DNP programs for ACNP. All of them accept WGU's credits and so far everything will transfer. I just need to decide if I want to spend $57 or $100 or $125 on my DNP...ugh. But, your message was written well over a year ago, so maybe things have changed. I also have a friend who attended WGU nearly four years ago for her RN-BSN and then went on to Baylor for their MSN/ACNP program with no transfer credit issues. She's now a lung transplant ACNP at Baylor in Dallas.
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    Metroishka, I agree with you. I don't think McLennan is talking about the same program. This is not SUPER hard, but it is very time consuming, you need a good solid writing background, and the online proctored exams are NOT easy. I am pretty bright, but am finding this program to be fairly challenging, although I am enjoying it a lot, and you can't beat $3300 a six-month term for tuition, and the ability to accelerate classes from the next term at no additional charge. I just completed 11 courses (and it will be 12 if I pass my objected in healthcare statistics on Tuesday) in my six months. I will not be continuing this pace next term due to the time requirements for the practicum, but it's been a good six months.
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